Unit 8A
page 45
C Learn by doing: Writing stories (page 12)
Write a 3 sentence story for pictures 1, 2 and
4 using vocabulary words provided.
Picture 3 is provided as an example below.
Picture 3- They are sitting at the table.
They are looking at the woman.
The woman is pointing at the whiteboard.
Possible answers:
Picture 1
Two men are sitting at a table with documents in front
of them.
One man is telling the other man something.
The man taking notes has to prepare a presentation.
Picture 2
They are looking at the computer.
One woman is pointing at the screen.
She is saying something important.
Picture 4
Two men are looking at something.
One man is sitting down.
They are thinking about a problem.
1 Language building
page 45
Look at the list of verbs and make
possible sentences about each of the
Use the present continuous or present
study- They are studying in the library.
read – They’ re all reading books.
sit – The students are sitting down in the library.
stand- Nobody is standing up.
revise- They are revising before an exam.
run – The highway runs under the overpass
run – The overpass runs over the highway.
be (a sign) – There is a sign above the highway.
be (cars) – There are lots of cars on the highway.
divide (guardrail) – A guardrail divides the two
carriageways (sides) of the highway.
**[one of the two sides of a motorway where traffic travels in one
B Listen to four correct sentences describing
the pictures in A then choose the picture
the sentence refers to.
1. The students are sitting on the table. (picture 1)
2. A guardrail divides the highway. (picture 2)
3. They are preparing for an examination. (picture 1)
4. The overpass casts a shadow on the road. (picture 1)
2 Test tactic: Select an answer quickly
Listen to three sentences describing the
pictures. After listening to all the
sentences, choose an answer quickly.
1. B
2. A
B Now write sentences to describe the
following pictures. (page 46)
Possible answers:
Picture 1
The woman is talking on the phone
The woman is reading a newspaper.
Picture 2
The woman is looking at her schedule book.
The woman is checking something on her computer.
C You will hear four sentences describing
each picture.
1 (A) is walking –Wrong
(B) is folding –Wrong
(C) is standing –Correct
(D) is making -Wrong
2 (A) is picking up -Wrong
(B) is sitting on -Correct
(C) is working on the computer -Wrong
(D) is sitting at -Correct
3 Test tactic: page 46
Look at the pictures 1-3.
A) Brainstorm vocabulary
B) Predict possible statements
Picture 1
The woman is paying for something
The woman is buying some candy.
The woman is giving the shop assistant some money.
Picture 2
The workers are sitting at their computers.
There are looking at a lot of monitors on the wall
above them.
Picture 3
They are having a picnic.
They are sitting on the grass, next to the tent.
b) Listen and echo silently the answer choices and
tick whether you think it is correct, maybe
correct or wrong.
Picture 1 (D) A woman is being served.
Picture 2 (B) The monitors are covering the wall.
Picture 3 (A) Some people are sitting on a rug.
Understanding natural English (page 47)
She’s folding the newspaper.
The man’s riding his horse by the sea.
B Mini test (page 47)
1. A
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. A
6. D
7. A
8. F

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