Culture in a box
A Spring Day Project
Your Flag?
The flag of Spain symbolizes the
nation. It is the sovereingnty sign
for independence, unit and
integrity of the country and it
represents the superior values
expressed in the constitution.
The flag of Spain is formed by
three horizontal stripes the top and
bottom ones being red. The
middles stripe is yellow, of double
A symbol of your country
One of the symbols of
Spain is the bull.
For generations bullfights
have symbolized the
bullfighter’s victory over
the noble beast. It is also
an art, where the
bullfighters seek to obtain
the ear and the tail of the
killed bull as a prize for a
beautiful killing.
Where are you?
My city is Barcelona that is by the
Mediterranean sea, on the northeast of Spain.
In Barcelona there are
approximately 1.819.135
Spain is situated under France and
above the Gibraltar strait.
In Spain there are some 39.188.000
inhabitants. Its extensions is of
approximately 505.954 square
How’s the climate?
The Mediterranean climate is humid,
but it doesn’t rain much, except for
heavy rains which last very little.
They are common during the
autumn. In the summer its most
extreme temperature can reach
Winters are milder than in other
parts of Spain. .
Capital / population
The capital of my country
is Madrid
In Madrid there are four
million inhabitants
Greetings in your language
Good morning = Buenos días
 Good afternoon = Buenas tardes
 Good night = Buenas noches
 How are you? = ¿Cómo estás?
A landscape that you love
An aspect of the Doñana
marshes, one of the first
biological reserves in
Europe. It was Created in
1964. It is situated in the
province of Huelva, in the
municipal term of
Almonte, north of the
mouth of river
A favourite poem of yours
And maybe then I’ll leam
What is inside my heart
Mysteries of passed times
And of Spain a larger part
Orange trees whisper in the sun,
Which happily shines upon them,
As they drink it’s golden waters.
And taste it’s sweet warm lips.
We like these poems because they express deep feelings that makes us to
feel good
A product of your country
Typical food: paella, cured ham
and red wine
The paella is typical in Valencia
it is also eaten in the rest of
There are different types of
paellas, as for example of
shellfish, meat, vegetables, etc.
A recipe from your country
Milk rice
_Put three cups of milk, one cup of
sugar a bit of lemon peel and two cups
of rice in the oven for two hours.
_Add cinnamon and refrigerate.
A proverb that you like
Your are only defeated when you stop
fighting (solo está derrotado aquel que deja
de luchar)
When you are given horse for free you should
not examine its teeth (A caballo regalado no
le mires el diente)
A famous person
Birth date: August 10, 1960.
Birthplace: Malaga, Spain.
Siblings: A brother, Francisco
Wives: Ana Leza (Anita)(1988 –
1996), Melanie Griffith (1996 –
When he was young, Antonio
wanted to play soccer professionally,
but he broke his foot at 14. He
turned to the theatre, studying at the
school of Dramatic Art and working
for an independent theatre company
in Malaga.
He moved to Madrid and became an
member of the prestigious National
theatre of Spain.
Mª Cruz Ávila
Helen Castillo
Rebeca Hernández

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