Do Now
► On
a sheet of paper, draw a web diagram.
► In the center bubble, write “Parts of My
► Draw additional bubbles and, inside each
one, write something you think is a part of
Minutes…Silence during Do Now
Essential Question
Essential Question:
“What are the 8 Elements of Culture and how
can we use them to describe people?”
Today’s Topic:
The Elements of Culture…because culture makes
a place unique.
What is Culture?
► Culture
- Beliefs, customs, laws and way of
living that a group of people share.
► Cultural
Hearth – Where your culture
comes from – the place is spreads from.
Culture Activity
Write down a belief, custom, and law that
we follow in the United States
Write down where you think the “Bill of
Rights” comes from (what country did we
model it from)
1. Social Organizations
► The
ways that a society meets the people’s
► Family-A
group of people that are related by
blood or adoption
► Nuclear-Father,
mother, and their children
► Extended-Father,
other relatives
mother, children and
Family Activity
3. Provide a example of a nuclear and
extended family
► Dominance-who
makes the final decisions in
a family
► Patriarchal-the oldest male
► Matriarchal-the oldest female
Dominance Activity
4. Write a scenario (mini story) that depicts
patriarchal and matriarchal dominance.
► Marriage-the
► Monogamy-1
legal joining of 2 or more
husband, 1 wife
► Polygamy-1 husband, 2 or more wives
► Polyandry-1 wife, 2 or more husbands
Marriage Activity
5. Write 2 different sentences EACH for the
following words; monogamy, polygamy,
2. Education
► The
teaching of the young those skills which
are necessary for adult survival
► Two
► 1. Informal – taught skills to survive
► 2. Formal – The young are sent to school
Education Activity
6. Write a list of things that would include
formal education
7. Write a list of things that would include
informal education
3. Customs and Traditions
Rules, beliefs, laws, and values given by
the culture
► Example:
Freedom of Speech is an
American custom/tradition.
4. Language
Passes on cultures history and is a source
of national pride and identification.
► - Also used for communication
Language Activity
8. Why do you think language is important to
a culture? Give at least 3 reasons
5. Arts and Literature
► Music,
art, literature, culinary arts
► Some cultures identify with a famous artist
or writer.
Art and Literature Activity
9. What are some famous artist and writers
from the American culture (you may research
it with your ipads [no musicians please])
6. Religion
► Belief
in a superior being(s) that help to
explain our lives.
► Helps provides moral order.
► Monotheism = 1 god
► Polytheism = 2 or more gods
Religion Activity
10. Write 2 religions that are monotheist
11. Write 2 religions that are polytheistic
7. Types of Government
Direct Democracy – every citizen has a
say on every issue
Indirect Democracy – elected
representatives make decisions
Authoritarian – One person has
complete control (dictatorship)
Oligarchy – A few elite people rule the
Types of Government Activity
12 Write a scenario (mini story) depicting a
direct democracy
13. Write the name of a country that is a
Indirect Democracy and explain why it is a
indirect democracy (provide specific
Government Activity continue
14. Write the name of a country that is a
Authoritarian government and explain what
makes it a authoritarian type of government
(provide specific examples)
15. Write the name of a country that is a
Oligarchy government and explain what
makes it a Oligarchy type of government
(provide specific examples)
Major Types
► 1.
Market – People make their own
economic choices.
► 2. Command – The government makes all
the economic choices.
► The U.S. is a market system.
Economic Systems Activity
16. Write a scenario (mini story) depicting a
market economy
17. Write a scenario (mini story) depicting a
command economy
Ticket Out the Door
► $2
Summary…Each word you use to answer
this question is worth 10 cents…that means
you get 20 words (or less) to answer this
► “What
is your culture?”

Essential Elements of Culture