Mr. Azar Ahmadov
Head of Sector on the International exchange of information
and data supply
Statistical Information Department
The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Creation of the Millennium Development
Goals database for Azerbaijan
Beginning from November of 2004 by State Statistical
Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan has started
preparatory works on collection MDG indicators and creation
MDG database. For implementation this work by initiative of
the UNICEF have been organized several trainings on using
and administration of the UN software “Devinfo 4.0”. Trainings
have been conducted for participants from National Statistical
Office, Ministry of Health, PRSP of Azerbaijan and line
As result of common project in August of 2006 on the base of the
new 5-th version of Devinfo, “Devinfo 5.0” has been customized
and was created “AzerbaijanInfo 1.0”, which can be using on
English and Azerbaijani languages.
Enhanced view
Classic view
Role of the National Statistical Office
The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
has been appointed as focal point on implementation of
For this purpose from the staff of Statistical Committee was
organized a working team, which consist from one database
administrator, three database assistants and one person
appointed from statistical department of the Ministry of Health.
Technical aspects:
Structure of the MDG database has been created by 3 national
Level 1. National – information, which cover the whole of
Level2. First sub national – information by economic regions of
the country (10 economic regions)
Level 3. Second sub-national – information by all regions of the
Data sources:
For data collection we tried to use all available sources, such as
Census, Administrative records and Surveys. On this stage from
all available sources we could collected indicators, which
described below:
Data sources
Census data
Goal 1
Population below national poverty line
Goal 2
Literacy rate of 15-24 year-old.
Net enrolment ratio in primary education
Primary completion rate
Proportion of pupils starting grade 1 who reach grade 5
Goal 3
Seats held by women in national parliament
Women to men parity index, as ratio of literacy rates, 15-24
years old
Goal 4
Children 1 year-old immunized against measles
Infant mortality rate
Under-five mortality rate
Survey data
Survey data
Goal 5
Births attended by skilled health personnel
Maternal mortality ratio
Goal 6
Death rate associated with malaria
Death rate associated with tuberculosis
Prevalence of malaria
Prevalence of tuberculosis
Goal 7
Carbon dioxide emissions per capita
Land area covered by forest
Protected area to total surface area
Goal 8
Internet users
Personal computers users
Telephone lines and cellular subscribers
Ratio of youth unemployment rate to adult unemployment rate
Share of unemployed youth to total unemployed
Share of unemployed youth to youth population
Youth unemployment rate
Additional data sources:
For obtaining additional reliable data sources The State
Statistical Committee of Azerbaijan together with UNICEF
country team at end of 2006 has been conducted “Demographic
Health Survey”.
At this moment we have just preliminary results of mentioned
survey and after obtaining final results we expect to fill data
gaps of MDG database, which related to the “DHS”
MDG database gaps:
Goal 1
Population below $1 (PPP) per day
Calculation PPP
Purchasing power parities (PPP) conversion factor
Calculation PPP
Poverty gap ratio
Prevalence of underweight (moderate and severe)
Prevalence of underweight (severe)
Undernourished population
problems with
calculation specific
Goal 2
AIDS deaths
Children orphaned by AIDS
Children under 5 sleeping under insecticide-treated
bed nets
Condom use at last high-risk sex
Condom use rate of the contraceptive prevalence rate
Contraceptive prevalence rate - any method
Contraceptive prevalence rate - condom
Contraceptive prevalence rate - modern methods
HIV prevalence rate
HIV prevalence rate among pregnant women,
attending antenatal care in clinics in capital cities
Reliable sources
is not available
People living with HIV
Reliable sources
is not available
Population 15-24 year-olds who have comprehensive
correct knowledge of HIV/AIDS
Population 15-24 year-olds who know a healthylooking person can transmit HIV
Population 15-24 year-olds who know condom can
prevent HIV
Ratio of school attendance of orphans to school
attendance of non-orphans
Source is not
Tuberculosis detection rate under DOTS
Source is not
Tuberculosis treatment success rate under DOTS
Goal 7
Calculation PPP
Energy use, Kg oil equivalent per $1000 GDP (PPP)
source is not available
Population using solid fuels
Proportion of the population using improved drinking
water sources
Proportion of the population using improved sanitation
Source is not available
Slum population in urban areas
Goal 8
Population with access to essential drugs
Database gaps in sub-national levels:
As well as in some countries Azerbaijan also has specific
obstacles in data collection from sub regional levels.
In spite of all technical problems and problem with funding
Azerbaijan has unsolved conflicts in nine regions. Therefore,
most important problem in Azerbaijan is data collection from
conflict regions.
In mostly cases all of collecting indicators in these regions
are missing, because populations of mentioned conflict
regions are refugees and displaced persons.
Future plans for 2007
According to the work plan between UNICEF and State
Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
1. Inclusion final results of DHS into “AzerbaijanInfo”
2. Web-enabling the database
3. Launch of database by NSO and UNICEF
4. Organization of training for 25 persons from
government and 25 members from NSO and UNICEF
Thank you !

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