‘Awareness & Communication’
Importance and Strategies
“Without communication there is no
relationship, without relationship there is not
trust and without trust there is no reason to
continue” – Anonymous
Technology is Changing Everything
• Economy
• Social Patterns
• Organizations
and Information
• Political Systems
• Technology
Defining Awareness & Communication
1. COMMUNICATION is the process of imparting or exchanging
information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium.
2. All successful communication results from one person
understanding the meaning and intention of what another person
has said.
3. AWARENESS is the ability to perceive a certain notion or idea.
4. Communication plays an important role in creating and spreading
5. Therefore “Awareness and Communication” is about designing and
implementing the plans and strategies of Communication so to reach out
to citizens and stakeholders
Need for A&C Strategy
•Identify stakeholders for various services and projects
• Understand and define the requirements of various stakeholders
•Inform citizens about various e services
• Increase the demand for various e services
•Receive information from citizens to identify scope of improvement
Principles of Effective Communication
• Be Simple and Precise
• Choose the right communication channel
• Be at the right time
• Communicate in local languages
• Complete the loop
• Stay connected.
Content strategy
Know yourself
Know your users
Know your content –less jargons
Be innovative and unexpected
• Listen well
Objectives of A&C for e Governance
• To build distinctive brand of NeGP
• To motivate stakeholders as well as beneficiaries to participate and
benefit from the various services being offered by the government
under NeGP
• To make the citizen aware that the government is sensitive to his/her
requirements and is working towards making services available in
his/her locality.
• To emphasise and drive home the point that NeGP is not alone about
computerisation or technology but making interaction with
government easier, transparent and efficient.
• To create a demand driven atmosphere this would ensure an effective
and efficient reengineering of the processes of government actively
involving the government functionaries.
A&C 2.0
Awareness, Communication
• Total Expenditure is Rs 98.15 crore to be spend from 2014-17
• Mass Media – Commercials, Ads, Panel Discussions TV Soap
etc, dedicated PR Agency
• Outreach – Rural Outreach
• Workshops –Annual MMP Leader Retreat, University
Workshops, National and International events participation
• Collaterals – New Logo, iconic collateral
• Strong focus on New Media
• Others - e Governance Day, Republic Day Tableau, Impact
Assessment, e-Governance Impact Index.
• NeGD is the implementing agency
A &C 2.0 – New Approach
Integration– all components of A&C to work with each other
Proactive – understand the value to target user
Extensive focus on new Media – Social Media and Web 2.0
Work with experts – knowledge partners
Close the loop – feedback is essential
Continuous and purposeful engagement with stakeholders
and resource persons
• Youth Connect – NSS,NYK, Youth Ki Awaj, Teach Me etc
NeGD A&C Activities – Social Media
• A dedicated team of 5 members manages social media at
NeGD since July, 2014
• Various services, schemes, policies and news related to Digital
India are updated regularly
• Various online competitions like “Caption The Image”,
“Crossword” and online quizzes etc. were organised on NeGP
social media to engage citizens.
• Citizens were also invited to submit “Innovative Proposals”
which garnered a massive response
• These activities helped in the growth of NeGP social media
and also in engaging users
NeGD Social Media At A Glance
• On July 31st, 2014, NeGP’s social media presence was limited
to Facebook (5,371) & LinkedIn (111 connections)
• On August 15th, 2014, NeGP Twitter handle was launched
• By 30th November, 2014, NeGP had 1,00,000 followers on
• As on 7th May, 2015 the status of NeGP Social Media channels
is as follows
– Facebook: 2,28,007 likes
– Twitter: 12,580 followers
– LinkedIn: 1,294 connections
– YouTube: 592 subscribers
NeGD A&C Activities – GG Day
NeGD A&C team was entrusted with the duty of organising the Good Governance
Day on 25th December, 2014
The event was held at Manekshaw Auditorium and it was OPEN to general public
Citizens were allowed to register for the event through NeGP website. The same
was promoted through social media
To reach more audience, the event was webcast “live”
To engage youth and to encourage talent, a logo competition was organized on
All the posters designed for the event were made “in-house”
Digital India Week
Rationale behind Digital India Week
Digital India is a massive attempt by government to transform the
society and economy and to empower citizens through Digital
Infrastructure as a Utility to Every Citizen, Governance & Services
on Demand, Digital Empowerment of Citizens
• Digital India is a transformative program and its success requires
– Supply side - Government at all levels is fully aware and equipped to
understand and implement the program
– Demand Side- Citizens are aware of its services and benefits
– All stakeholders including industry, academia and media work together
for the success of the program
• Digital India to be kick started though a large scale Awareness and
Communication event like Digital India Week (DIW)
Objectives of DIW-“ Inform, Educate & Engage”
• Inform citizens about the vision, services and benefits of Digital
• Organize events at large number of Digital Point of Presence ( CSCs,
Post Office, Schools, GPs etc)
• Connect netizens through Social Media campaigns and events
• Popularize and expanding the reach of existing e services
• Plan and launch new services for citizens during the week
• Educate citizens on functional digital literacy, cyber security, cyber
• Incentivize, motivate and connect citizens with Digital India
• Communication in vernacular languages as far as possible
Summary of Schedule of Events
• Pre-event Media Launch- social media, TV, radio etc.
• Mailers and Broadcast of PM’s message to eService users across
various Digital platforms
• Launch of DIW with Mann ki Baat by Hon’ble PM
• Organizing events at village level- Citizen Service Centres (CSCs),
Post Offices etc.
• Organizing events at all District HQs
• Organizing event at all State HQs
• Organizing National Event
Other initiatives
• Rapid Assessment System
• Citizen Engagement Project
• Volunteer Management System
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