Milestone Systems
Open Platform Video Management Software
Reinier Tuinzing
Strategic Alliance Manager, Americas
Milestone Systems, Inc. Confidential
Milestone Leadership
 Established in 1998
 350 employees
 Worldwide market leader*
 Over 100,000+ installations
 Compatibility 1,600+ IP cameras
 100+ camera partners
 7,000+ channel partners worldwide
 150+ 3rd party video applications
* IMS report:The EMEA Market for CCTV andVideo Surveillance Equipment - 2010 Edition
Milestone Systems, Inc. Confidential
XProtect® Product Family
Milestone Systems, Inc. Confidential
XProtect® Smart Client
 Intuitive client easy to
control and manage
installations of any size
 Same look & feel across
the entire product family
 Included with each
XProtect product
XProtect® Single Server Solution
Single server, small business installations
• XProtect Essential $49/channel
• Supports up to 26 cameras,
• XProtect Express $99/channel
• Supports up to 48 cameras
• Supports 5 users
• Auto device discovery
• Software wizards for quick
• Dynamic dark or light user
XProtect® Multi-Server Solutions
Single site multi-building installations
• XProtect Professional
$140/ channel
• Supports up to 5 servers and
up to 64 cameras per server
• XProtect Enterprise
• Multi-site, multi-servers
• Unlimited user clients
• Auto discovery of devices
• 3rd party application
integration Access Control,
Analytics, POS…more
XProtect® Multi-Site Nationwide Solutions
Multi-Site nationwide/global installations
XProtect Corporate $329/Channel
Supports an unlimited number of cameras, users and servers
Centralized management for all cameras, devices, storage & users
Edge storage support in the event of network failure
Redundant recording servers ensure video is never lost
Milestone Federated Architecture™ interconnects individual systems
Milestone - Embrace the Future
Phase 1 : Migration to IP
Migration From Analog to IP – it is happening
Milestone supports 1600+ IP Cameras
Physical Security merges with IT systems
Phase 2: Inflection Point
Integrate Video Enabled Solutions from multiple
Milestone supports 150+ Solutions Applications
Phase 3: Beyond Surveillance
Intelligent Open Platform Video Enabled Solutions
Milestone Is Leading and Prepared:
Extensive and evolving roadmap
Extensive and innovative ecosystem development
Milestone Systems, Inc. Confidential
The Milestone Open Platform
Open Platform
Milestone Systems, Inc. Confidential