◦ Jeanne Linda, CASC
◦ Jeannette Massari
◦ Shawndra Simpson, RN, CASC
Jeannette Massari
The simple, patient-friendly, cost effective way
Traditional Pre-op Process
Today, you make phone calls, pull files, conduct pre-op interviews, get
patients to sign off on documentation and get appropriate information to
your staff. It’s a very time consuming, manual and costly process:
Phone screens are usually attempted during
the day when patients are busiest
Patients may not have access to their
medications and other resources
Multiple phone calls may be required
Entire process repeated for each procedure
One There are
web-based medical information system that
streamlines the pre-admissions process and improves the flow of vital
information between patients, facilities and doctors’ offices.
The result? A modern, more user-friendly, pre-admissions process that
improves patient satisfaction, decreases costs, and improves
quality of care.
How it Works: Patient
1. Patient is instructed to visit the facility’s website and register online
2. Patient is guided through an easy to use online questionnaire that
collects all of their relevant demographic, insurance and health information
3. Patient automatically receives pre-op instructions and directions online
4. When a patient is done, the information is securely stored and is
immediately available to the facility
How it Works: Medical Facility
1. An easy-to-use portal allows staff to select patients by name or date of
2. Rather than having to enter a patient’s entire medical history, staff simply
verify the information each patient has submitted with the patient
3. Verified information is then available to admissions, nursing, anesthesia
and surgeon’s office
4. Screening tools help to identify high-risk patients,
standardize pre-op testing and enable patient care
Benefits of Web-based Medical Information
For Your Patients
 Enter data when it is convenient – start and stop when you like
 No need to repeat information to multiple staff members
 Reminder phone calls, emails, and text messages with instructions
 Patient education and pre-op forms delivered automatically
 Complete medication and medical terminology dictionaries
 Over 94% of patients prefer to enter data online
 Patients over 60 go online, 80% US adults daily*
 Simply edit data to reuse
 Supports multiple languages
Financial Impact
 Staff hours per case are reduced significantly leading to an
immediate ROI
 Case delays and cancellations are minimized
 Streamlined registration process encourages patient and
surgeon loyalty maximizing case volume at your facility
Shawndra Simpson, RN, CASC
An ASC Clinical Workflow Solution (CWS)
Improves Communication in and out of the center
Optimizes Safety and Quality of Care
Improves Staffing Management and Productivity
Provides real time Efficiency and Quality Reports
Results in a Lower Cost, Smoother Running Facility
Confidential and Proprietary
Improved Communication
Patient Tracking
Smart phone calendar syncs
Digital Whiteboards
Anywhere access
Everyone on the same
Front Desk
page, all the time
Confidential and Proprietary
Optimized Safety
Wrong Site Surgery ~ 7 times per day in the US
Human error will happen – technology can help
Registration Process – alerts to incorrectly scheduled
CMS mandated Checklists
Alerts / Flashing screens
Confidential and Proprietary
Stress-free Staff Management
Match your staff assignments to the computergenerated predicted patient flow patterns
Send staff their assignments by email and SMS
No need to call everyone individually
Get accurate Patient to staff ratios
Confidential and Proprietary
Reporting tools
Real Time Reports
Quality of care data and analytics
Efficiency data and analytics
CMS mandated reports
Confidential and Proprietary
Improved Efficiency, Lower Costs
Better Efficiency
Improved Quality of Care
Decrease manual data entry
Accurate staff productivity
Results in…
A Lower Cost,
Smoother Running ASC
Confidential and Proprietary
Jeanne Linda, CASC
….. Regulatory standards require constant
management and updating of policies and
procedures, monitoring of sterilization and
temperature records, exit lighting test
results, credential document tracking,
emergency drills, employee training records,
so on and so forth…..
Programs For Compliance Tracking
No more binders or clipboards
Policies and Procedures
Credentialing Data
Employee Records – OSHA Compliance – Education tracking
Engineering Controls
Documents stored in electronic format
◦ Web-based / Stored on a Cloud
 Protected and backed up
◦ Know where you stand in meeting regulatory compliance
◦ You decide who has access and access to what
 Management/Employees
 Surveyors
Work-flow is mapped
◦ Tasks are assigned and tracked
 Color-coded alerts
◦ Access to your facility’s policies, documents and the
status of all assignments onsite or remotely
Identify missing items
◦ Use of charts and graphs
◦ Use of Messaging /emails for communication and
◦ Retrieval of deleted documents
Standards and Regulations are available within the
◦ Search engine capabilities to find documents, files and
◦ Mock Survey capability built-in with overall monitoring
Simplify and automate compliance-related tasks
Fits both free-standing and corporate models
 The program provides regional managers and / or
administrators with an organized and cost-efficient control
of their compliance documents and tasks without the
element of “surprise.”
Control and dashboard monitoring for
regulatory compliance using electronic
cloud-based programs