Chapter 6
Selecting Employees and
Placing Them in Jobs
Process organizations use to decide who
will be invited to join
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Criteria for Evaluating Selection
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
– Consistency between test items and job
– Predictive validation
• Relationship between applicant scores and
future performance
– Concurrent validation
• Compares scores current employees to current
job performance
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Criterion-Related Validity
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Legal Standards for Selection
CRA 1991
– If disparate impact must be a valid
predictor of job performance
– Race norming is illegal
EEO laws prohibit gathering information on
protected status, even indirectly
 ADA requires employers to make
“reasonable accommodation”
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Permissibility of Questions
Not permissible
What is your full name?
Have you ever worked under a different
What is your maiden name?
What is the nationality of your
Are you at least 18 years old?
How old are you?
Are you able to perform this job with or
without reasonable accommodations?
What is your height/weight?
Do you have any disabilities?
What languages do you speak?
(Employment eligibility statement)
What I your ancestry?
Are you a US citizen?
What schools have you attended?
When did you attend high school?
Are you related to anyone who works at
this company?
What is your marital status?
Do you have any children
Have you ever been convicted of a
Have you ever been arrested?
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Applications and Resumes
Applications gather:
– Contact information
– Work experience, background
– Applicant’s signature
Resumes are most valid when the
content is compared to a job description
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
References & Background
Providing References
– Defamation
– Invasion of privacy
– Negligent referrals
Obtaining References
– Employers must exercise “due diligence” in
investigating an applicant’s background
– May be held liable for negligent hiring
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Types of Employment Tests
 Achievement
 Physical ability
 Cognitive ability
 Job performance and work samples
 Personality inventories
 Honesty tests
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
– Nondirective interview
– Structured interview
– Situational
– Behavior description
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Interviewing Effectively
Decide what you’re looking for
 Plan the interview
 Put the applicant at ease
 Work from a list
 Listen and follow up
 Take notes
 Close the interview gracefully
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6
Using Tests to Select Employees
Multiple Hurdles
– Minimum score for each employment test
is required
– Candidate must pass all tests
Compensatory approach
– Scores on all predictors are added together
– Minimum total score required
MGMT 422 - Chapter 6