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Solutions for Wholesale Distribution
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Industry challenges and trends
How technology can help
Solution benefits
Customer evidence
Partnering for success
Industry Challenges
• Tight margins
• Inventory management
Eliminating excess and dead stock
Balancing carrying costs against order fill rates
Streamlining warehouse operations
Reducing shrink and waste
Capitalizing on just-in-time (JIT), cross-docking, and
drop-ship opportunities
Industry Challenges continued
• Competition for customers
– The need to innovate and add value to earn customer
– Managing service, warranties, and maintenance
– Online and self-serve options
• Cost control
Industry Trends
• Increasing customer demands
– Service and speed
– Electronic data interchange (EDI) and vendor-managed
inventory (VMI)
– Regulatory and compliance initiatives
• Increased globalization
– Lead times
– Language and currency issues
– Global competition
How Technology Can Help
Manage inventory based on data
Streamline processes and workflows
Link people, products, and information
Enhance operational and management insight
Empower your workforce for productivity
IT Challenges
• Connectivity
– Operations, financial, shipping, and labeling
– Traceability, automated data collection system/radio
frequency (ADCS/RF) and compliance initiatives
– Inventory management across multiple sites
IT Challenges continued
• Legacy technology
– Integrating fragmented systems
– “Tech fatigue” from broken promises
• Cost-efficiency
– Scalable systems to support growth
– Long-term flexibility
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Solutions for Wholesale Distribution
• Boost inventory control and replenishment
• Integrate shipping and labeling into order
fulfillment and invoicing
• Increase timely visibility into product and
customer profitability
• Empower employees for productivity
• Free management to focus on business
improvement and growth
Increase Efficiency
Office Employees
Collaboration, labor tracking,
human resources management
e-commerce, supply chain
integration, logistics
CRM, e-commerce,
Profit visibility,
improvement insight,
strategic decision-making
Warehouse coordination and
optimization, directed put-away,
inventory management, order picking
and processing, integrated shipping,
data and regulatory compliance
Sales and Customer Service
Account histories, pricing,
available-to-promise, order entry,
warranties, service/support
Maximize Inventory Value
• Improve replenishment
– Create reliable forecasts based on past sales
– Handle long lead-time items
– Gain leverage with suppliers
• Better balance inventory cost and value
• Safeguard customer expectations
– Track inventory more accurately
– Look up available-to-promise quantities
Maximize Inventory Value continued
• Gain product insight
Manage margins, profitability, turns
Eliminate slow-moving and dead stock
Identify non-stock candidates
Anticipate seasonality and trends
• Ease inventory tracking
– Maintain more accurate records
– Support cycle counting and ADCS/RF
Optimize Your Warehouse
• Map inventory records to warehouse locations
– Automatically direct put-away
– Streamline picking processes
• Integrate ADCS/RF technology or automate
over time
• Capture cross-docking and drop-ship
Streamline Order Fulfillment
• Save time
– Reduce or automate manual processes
– Automatically generate compliant manifests
– Enable electronic ASNs and invoicing
• Integrate label creation and shipping
• Avoid compliance penalties
• Gain insight to eliminate bottlenecks and improve
process flows
Empower Employees and Partners
• Provide 24-hour access to data
– Put up-to-date information at their fingertips
– Easily drill down to details
• Give partners self-service
– Empower customers to enter orders
– Provide status information conveniently
• Enable global exchange
– Work with partners in their own languages
– Easily convert currencies
Gain Insight for Growth
• Simplify reporting
– Monitor key indicators and trends
– Streamline analysis with easy-to-use tools
– Use an intuitive Microsoft Office Outlook® interface
• Take control of your data
– Capture data for regulatory or compliance needs
– Simplify charts of accounts by assigning dimensions
– Maintain audit trails
The Westye Group—Midwest
Improved visibility and lower costs
“Microsoft Navision [now known as Microsoft Dynamics NAV] has gained us enough time
that we can now maintain the warehouse with military precision. As a result, our
operational costs are down.”
John Petrucha, Director of IT, The Westye Group—Midwest, USA
• The Westye Group wanted
to replace its enterprise
resource planning system,
designed for manufacturers,
with a more flexible solution
that would support its
dynamic reporting and
business analysis
• The company rolled out
Microsoft® Business
Solutions–Navision®, now
known as Microsoft
Dynamics NAV
• The solution provided
quick insight and
prevented the need to hire
four more informa-tion
workers—to pay for itself
in a year from that cost
savings alone
• Data accuracy improved
90 percent
• Tailored warehouse
processes reducing
operational costs
• Increased profitability
insight driving better
customer relationships and
higher sales volume
• Sharper competitive edge
DLI Portugal
Order processing time cut 80 percent
“We have streamlined the entire [order processing] process, which resulted in DLI Portugal
saving a considerable amount of time chasing orders or managing margins.”
Luís Gonçalves, Marketing Administrator, DLI Portugal
• DLI needed to replace a
former parent company’s
cumbersome legacy
system with an
autonomous, completely
integrated business
management solution
• The company rolled out
Microsoft Navision, now
known as Microsoft
Dynamics NAV
• Since the rollout, DLI
Portugal has completely
integrated its supply chain
and improved control over
all aspects of its business
• Order processing time cut
by more than
80 percent
• Integration of the supply
chain boosted the bottom
• Increased control over
margins bolstered
revenue in the first year
• Greater data visibility for
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• Enjoy tools and support to build success
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