Anti-Racism and
Anti-Discrimination Activities:
What Works ?
Dr. Smita Joshi
Director – Multiculturalism
Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism
Presentation Outline
• Context.
• Rationale for our approach given our context
& goals.
• Focus on our successes: Sharing sample
projects that work.
Our Context
Being small can be a blessing and a
Demographics - Diversity
represented in the province
• Small numbers of Immigrants; a little over
8500; Around 1.5% of the total population.
• Yet, over 100 countries / 70 languages
• Home to 2000 people with French heritage.
• 19,000 people with aboriginal ancestry.
• 10,000 who also speak “non-official”
(Source Census, 2006)
Building Social Capital Networks
• Works best in smaller setting
• Actions at Macro level
• Actions at Micro level
Public Consultations
1. Implementation of the provincial Policy on
Multiculturalism. A total of 13 focus group
meetings held in 10 locations across the province ;
included 217 participants.
• Newfoundland and Labrador’s Youth Retention
and Attraction Strategy. The Canadian Policy
Research Networks (CPRN) facilitated 13
sessions of 11 deliberative dialogue sessions with
484 youths aged 18 to 30 attended in September
and October 2008.
How is diversity viewed in our province?
Results of our consultations
• Diversity & Multiculturalism viewed positively.
• Recognize importance of Education; that fear of
the unknown/ lack of exposure can cause people
to be less open to immigrants.
• Conversely, in rural NL, immigrants are more
likely to be welcomed with open arms as they are
often the precious and valued health care
providers, entrepreneurs that fulfill major need in
the community.
• Close-knit communities and cultures can result in
isolation of newcomers from other parts of the
province as well as from other parts of the world.
Rationale for our Approach
• Our Challenge: To be proactive and change
where necessary, what we think, how we feel
and act.
• Approach: Through government and
community partnerships, take a holistic
approach, support the local champions to
build welcoming communities.
Policy &
Programs &
based on
Actions Undertaken
Assistant Deputy Ministers Committee
• Interdepartmental Working group
• Public Service Commission : Provincial Diversity committee
• Coordinating Committee on Newcomer Integration-Federal,
provincial, municipal, community partners
• International Student Labour Market Integration Project
• The employers’ guide to hiring international students and
• Strategic partnerships with Municipalities, Teachers Association,
School Board Association, Eastern Health, Royal Constabulary
• Smaller Centre Strategies – “Toolbox of Ideas for Smaller
Centres” - pilot has been conducted in selected areas of the
Our 26 Partners during
March Celebrations!
Economic Development Boards
• Labrador Straits Development Corporation
• Mariner Resource Opportunities Network
• Capital Coast Development Alliance
Community Groups
Association for New Canadians
Sharing Our Cultures
Multicultural Women’s Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
African Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
Friends of India
Japanese Association of Newfoundland and Labrador
Multicultural Women in Corner Brook
Media as “partners”
• Education
• Innovation, Trade and Rural Development
• Justice
• Women’s Policy Office
• Tourism, Culture and Recreation
• Human Rights Commission
• Royal Newfoundland Constabulary
• City of St. John’s
• Citizenship and Immigration Canada
• Eastern health Care
Educational Institutions
• Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association
• Eastern School Board
• Conseil Scolaire Francophone School Board
• College of the North Atlantic-St. John’s and Stephenville Campus
• Memorial University of Newfoundland
Since 2007, our office has funded 54
community partnerships projects to enhance
settlement, inclusion and integration services.
Multiculturalism Milestone
Celebrating Successes!
Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism
June 24, 2009
Since the launch
of the Policy in
June 2008…
We conducted 13
Focus Group Meetings in 10 locations
support for
the policy across
the Province
Citizens highlighted the
importance of public education
to strengthen diversity.
…and the need for
culturally sensitive services too!
With supporting partners…
In March 2009, together we
lit up our Province
Thanks to the provincial
We light up our homes, our hearts our
community with multicolored lights as a
symbol of being a welcoming community
Supported by a proclamation from
the City too!
Together We Rocked !
Welcoming newcomers!
Organizing culturally sensitive
Public Seminars in French on Islam.
We worked with our students
with specialized
developed by
department of
Students learned about each
others cultures
And International students learned
about life in rural communities
They celebrated World Day…
Bell Island Style!
And learned about the importance
of different languages.
Teachers promoted respect for all.
With service partners
working to meet family needs…
importance of Inclusive citizenship for all…
….The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary helped
to provide culturally sensitive services
We celebrated
Sharing Our Cultures…
Everybody has a purpose here….
Memorial University International Students Bazaar
Multicultural Women’s Food and Craft Fair…
a win -win for all!
Thank you to all our
partners for
celebrating diversity
as our strength!
So let us continue to build on our
And recognize the
outstanding achievements
Remzi Cej!
Province’s newest
Rhodes scholar
who originally came
war-torn Kosovo!
Continue to promote
our rich heritage
Listen to the children!
…..and build on our strengths.
Together we can
provide safe harbours
Airport 9/11
Maximize all potential
Promote collaborations
Let’s find the way
We’ll find a way
There is a Way!
Thank- you!
For additional information contact our
office at (709) 729-6607
• Policy & Implementation report
• Making Newfoundland & Labrador a province of Choice,
Synthesis Report
• Making Newfoundland & Labrador a province of Choice,
Summit Report
• Employers Guide to Hiring Immigrants

Multicultural policy and Programs: Immigration Strategy