Why are we here?
The Air Force has Software Assurance
Training Vouchers (as part of your Microsoft License Agreement)
Approx 3,500 Vouchers remain! (as of today).
Average Retail value $525.00 each = $1.8Million.
The Vouchers expire June 30, 2010 unless
Assigned to trainees by AF SABs.
Microsoft and United Training have created an
Air Force Voucher Portal for your Trainees.
Let’s get started so you don’t lose your
valuable training benefits!
Review Software Assurance (SA)
What are the SA Training Vouchers?
Review ‘how to’ Create a Voucher
Preview the Air Force Voucher Portal
Next Actions?
What is Software Assurance (SA)?
Software Assurance (SA) provides Microsoft’s Volume
Licensing customers a way to keep current with Microsoft
Under SA, customers can install new releases of products
covered in the Agreement during the term of coverage.
Customers can acquire tomorrow’s technology at today’s
prices and spread payments annually instead of upfront.
Visit www.microsoft.com/licensing to learn more about
Microsoft’s licensing program.
Training Through Software Assurance
 Training Vouchers are a key benefit of Software Assurance.
Training Vouchers can be utilized for ITPro or Developer eligible classes:
Microsoft Exchange, Windows Server, SQL, SharePoint, .Net, Unified
Communications, or deploying Office or Windows 7 (for example)
Realize your Microsoft Software Assurance Benefit and increase your
organizations productivity by taking advantage of your Vouchers!
Training vouchers are available electronically, and can be Redeemed at
participating Microsoft Certified Partners for Learning Solutions (CPLS)
How the Process Works…
Software Assurance Benefits Administrator –
The individual at a company with an SA Agreement
who Assigns Vouchers to Trainee using the
Microsoft Licensing online tool.
Trainee – An employee of the Air Force who uses a
Training Voucher to take a selected class at a
participating Microsoft CPLS.
United Training– Is a Microsoft Certified Partner in
Learning Solutions who can manage Vouchers and
partners with CPLSs worldwide to provide the Air
Force with training solutions and, ensure their
Vouchers benefits are utilized and realized.
Flow Diagram of SATV Program
• Air Force assigns a Benefit
Administrator (SAB)
•SAB Activates SA benefits for SATV in
Microsoft Licensing online tool.
• The SAB selects Trainees for training and
Creates/Assigns vouchers to the Trainee AF
e-mail account via the Microsoft Licensing
online tool (creating a “Voucher #”)
• Trainee has 180 days to select a
CPLS, class and utilize the Voucher
with the Voucher #.
• If not utilized in 180 days, the
Voucher returns to the AF “pot”
unless the Agreement expires first.
• Trainee attends class (in
classroom or virtual…) within 180
days from the Voucher being
Created and Assigned.
• The CPLS must receive the Voucher #
and schedule the Trainee in the course
with the Trainee e-mail address.
Training Administrator Facts
AF SAB Creates/Assigns Vouchers based on a pool of
eligible training days (approximately 3,500 days remain).
AF SAB enters Trainee information to Create/Assign a
Voucher (Trainee last name, Email address, # of Voucher days)
Vouchers Expire 180 days after they are Created/Assigned
by the AF SAB.
Trainees receive Voucher information for training via email.
Training Voucher Facts
Once Created/Assigned, a Voucher represents a specific
number of training days.
Vouchers are not limited to a specific geography, and can
be used by a Trainee anywhere in the world where there is
a participating CPLS (including Virtual/Remote training).
Vouchers can be used once, for a single course (1, 2, 3 4
or 5 days in length), and are redeemed electronically.
Training vouchers can not be transferred to another
individual once Created/Assigned (they can be Revoked
but only if Agreement hasn’t Expired)
Microsoft Approved ITPro or Developer courses must be
used to Redeem Vouchers (SQL, SharePoint, OCS etc)
Go to af.unitedtraining.com to redeem this voucher. You can choose a public
open enrollment course and attend in person OR you can attend the course from
your home or office.
After Creating/Assigning the Vouchers….
The Trainee may utilize the Air Force Voucher Portal to
select their CPLS and class:
From the Air Force Voucher Portal, the Air Force can:
Search and select a class, sort by US locations or time zone, and register
with their Voucher #.
Select a public open enrollment course to attend in person, or…
Request a private on-base event (13 student minimum, hardware provided,
1 voucher per student per day), or….
Search for a Virtual, or Distance Learning Network (DLN) class.
– Remote instruction/delivery “attend a class from your home, office or base”
View course outlines/syllabi.
Download this PPT that outlines the SATV process.
Get answers to Microsoft training and Voucher questions.
You can
select a
location OR
choose a
then the
course of
Next steps for Voucher Usage: Individual
Individual training vouchers
SAB: Create Trainee Voucher for # of days
in the selected class.
Go to: http://af.unitedtraining.com
Select class, date, location desired
Enter Voucher # as “payment” in the
registration process.
Receive a confirmation email from United
Training within 48 hours.
Next steps for Voucher Usage: Private
Private On-Base Training:
SAB selects class, date, base location desired
Email request to:
SAB: Create Trainee Vouchers for # of days
in the selected class x # of Trainees.
13 student minimum, classroom with projector
required, screen, tables, chairs.
Receive a confirmation email from United
Training within 48 hours.
What are the SA Offering?
Suite of value-added benefits designed to increase
customer satisfaction with Microsoft software licensing
Includes tools, training, and support options which meet the
needs of a wide range of customer segments
The Training Voucher Benefit is one of seventeen benefits
offered in the SA Offering
24x7 Problem Resolution Support
Enhances existing Premier Support agreements
by providing around-the-clock incident support
"Cold" Backups for Disaster Recovery
Helps maintain IT operating efficiency and protect Maintain
mission-critical solutions
Offers self-paced interactive training designed for Deploy, Use
end-users and IT Professionals
Contributes to employee satisfaction by providing Deploy, Use
reduced rates on Microsoft products
Employee Purchase Program
Deploy, Maintain
Enterprise Source Licensing Program
Provides access to Microsoft Windows source
code for internal development and support
Extended Hotfix Support
Reduces support costs and makes it easier for
Maintain, Transition
customers to get the support needed
Increases productivity by giving employees
Deploy, Use
licensed copies of Microsoft Office programs for
their home computer
Increases desktop manageability, reduces total
Deploy, Maintain
cost of ownership, and enables delivery of
applications as services
Enables IT to deploy a single Office 2007 image Deploy, Use
with support for 37 languages
Provides new software version releases so you
Plan, Deploy
can have access to the latest technology
Delivers structured engagements to assist with
Plan, Deploy
planning and deployment including Desktop,
SharePoint, Exchange, and Business Value
Planning Services
Helps reduce initial costs and forecast annual
software budget requirements
Enables you to migrate your software from a
Plan, Deploy, Use
lower-level software edition to a higher-level
edition of certain products
Gives IT staff easy access to experts and technical Deploy, Maintain
Provides in-depth technical classroom training for Deploy, Use, Maintain
IT professionals and developers
Reduces the costs of owning legacy PCs, while
Deploy, Transition
improving their management and security
Home Use Program
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP)
Microsoft Office Multi-Language Pack
New Version Rights
Packaged Services
Spread Payments
Step-Up License Availability
TechNet Benefits Through Software Assurance
Training Vouchers
Windows Fundamentals for Legacy PCs
Windows 7 Enterprise
Deploy, Maintain
Helps organizations lower costs, reduce risks, and Deploy, Use, Maintain
stay connected
Maximize Value and Empower People to
New Version Rights
Spread Payments
Desktop Deployment
Planning Services
Information Work
Solution Services
Windows Pre-Installation
Extended Hotfix
Security and
Manageability of XP
SP2 on Legacy PCs
24x7 Problem Resolution
TechNet Plus
Cold Backups for
Disaster Recovery
Corporate Error
Windows Vista Enterprise
Virtual PC Express
Training – Enterprise
Customers Receive
Extended Vouchers
Home Use Program
Employee Purchase
Enterprise Source License
Training Benefit
Voucher Redemption Process
Assigns Voucher
to Trainee
Trainee contacts MS
CPLS and presents
Voucher ID, receiving
confirmation and
Trainee receives email
with Voucher ID and
MS CPLS contact list
MS CPLS validates and reserves
voucher in the VVR, changes
benefit status from assigned to
Upon receipt and validation
of invoice, RSC marks
voucher as paid in the VVR
Trainee takes
MS CPLS marks voucher
as “redeemed” in the VVR,
invoices RSC monthly
RSC pays MS
Use Tools To Calculate Your Benefits
Microsoft Product License Advisor
How to Activate the Benefits
https://licensing.microsoft.com and click on the
Robo-demo help link
Visit http://www.microsoft.com/licensing

Software Assurance