Dolores Gilmore, Elections Manager
Vote By Mail
A County Perspective
Kitsap County
145,500 voters
Data Information Management Software – DIMS
Dominion (formerly Sequoia) ballot counting system
Mail Voting – Step by Step
 1991
 2003
 2005
District requested special elections
Ongoing absentee voter requests
Nonpartisan Primaries
All mail with County legislative
 2011 - All counties in Washington State
Perfect Elections
• Document and demonstrate accuracy
• Hundreds of poll workers and
temporary staff make no errors
 You can’t put a price on Elections
 Voters want to stand in line at poll sites
to place the ballot in a box
 Voters won’t like the change
Elections are more complex
• Electronic, provisional, audio,
languages, etc.
 Trust and transparency is maintained
 Shrinking budgets
 Vote centers and Ballot Drop sites
 50% of California voters have already
made the change
Will CA Laws Change?
When mail ballots reach 88% of the vote?
 When it is too costly to open poll sites &
conduct a mail election simultaneously?
 When legislators say the time is right?
 When some states west of the Mississippi
vote by mail?
Start Now
We looked at our election program
• Are all poll sites easily accessible?
• Sites with parking or size limitations?
• Low voter turnout
• Close to another poll site?
Should poll sites decrease by 50% if
poll votes decreased by 50%?
Consolidated several precincts to our
best poll sites
Timing is everything
 Built in flexibility
• Added workers for larger elections
• Have a plan B
 Precinct consolidation logic
• Grouped by district
• What works for your county?
Vote Centers - Divide the Line
Consolidated precinct poll book
A to L
M to Z
B box
B box
Mail Ballot Processing
Counting ballots by batch is more
• From 189 precinct sorts to 11
• A full batch has 200 ballots
 Consolidated precincts by district to
ensure easy access for recounts
Mail Voting = More Options
Political Party Observers
• Our biggest fans
• Have helped us improve the process
 Voters now have more choices
• Mail Box
• Ballot drop site
• Vote Center
The Benefits
More efficient processes
• Less workers to hire and train
• Fewer worker discrepancies
 Cost savings
 Flexible for small or large elections
 Election night at 8:30 p.m.
What about all our Poll
We will always need good workers
• Mail ballot processing
• Voting Centers
 Political Party Observers
 Retirement Party
Online Registration
From Data Entry to
Data Verification
Online Registration
Implementation, timing and testing
 Bi-weekly conference calls at the
technical level
• State, county and vendor key contacts
 We let go of the paper, but
 Kept control of voter record accuracy
 From single record to report verification
What Took us so Long?
Huge benefit prior to elections
• Gone are the boxes of applications
 Currently 80% of our transactions are
received online
 Record processing is 3 – 4 times faster
 Drastically reduced temporary staffing
Dolores Gilmore, Elections Manager

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