XTRA Corporate Localization
Strategy Seminar
August 30, 2001
Airport Conference Center Frankfurt
Update Your Localization
Strategy Now!
Prevent the Nightmare
As companies target foreign markets, they
discover that local markets demand products
that are localized.
While many companies have long tolerated
inefficient and costly localization efforts, this
is likely to change. With the rapid increase of
evolving markets, the number of languages
to be managed concurrently is likely to
become a nightmare for global companies.
Why Is There a Need for a
“Corporate” Strategy?
Today, localization is often considered an
afterthought and is often left up to local
subsidiaries to take care of.
Having no unified corporate approach
leads to many inefficiencies and costly
errors multiplying the overall cost of
localization with every target language.
Update Your Localization
Is there a better, less costly and less time
consuming way to produce high quality
software for a global audience?
There may be as many variations to facing
this challenge as there are organizational
structures. This must-attend seminar is
about finding the best methods to fit your
entire organizational strategy.
Why Did XTRA Decide to
Host this Seminar?
When working with clients, we notice very
often that there is an immense waste of
time and resources due to lack of
communication, planning errors, bad
preparation or inefficient processes. The
goal of our seminar is to answer the
HOW‘s and WHY‘s of successful corporate
localization strategies and processes.
Who Should Attend?
If your company develops software products for
target users in multiple languages and can claim
the following, you may be wasting your time at
this seminar…
 Simultaneous shipment of all language
 No difficulties with corporate funding or
 Optimal balance of outsourced and in-house
language support, translation tools, and
terminology management
 The perfect method for assuring quality
How Do I Benefit from the
You will have the opportunity to examine
the challenges associated with various
localization models presented by
representatives of successful global
companies (see agenda). All participants
will discuss the aspects of each model to
share insight and promote new ideas.
What Is the Style of the
The presentations of the seminar speakers
will be highly valuable contributions. More
importantly, we believe the discussions
following the presentations will provide the
greatest benefit to participants. We do not
simply want to present “success stories”,
rather we want participants to examine issues
that hinder successful localization and work
toward solutions.
How Can the Seminar Help
Improve My Company’s
Localization Processes?
The goal of the seminar is to help
attendees improve localization in their
companies by way of the following:
 Reducing time-to-market
 Increasing product quality
 Reducing localization costs
What Is the Agenda for
the Seminar?
9:00 - 9:30
Welcome and Introduction
9:30 - 10:15 Hewlett-Packard [to be replaced]
10:30 - 11:15 JDA International
11:30 - 12:15 Propack Data
13:15 - 14:00 SchlumbergerSema
14:15 - 15:00 Participants give short overview
of their company’s localization strategy
15:15 - 17:30 Workshop Session
19:00 - 22:00 Dinner (optional)
Contents of Presentation
by Propack Data
Organization and Department Structure
Localization Tasks
Release Procedure
Multilingual Customer Projects
External Translation
Tools Used
Lessons Learned
Contents of Presentation
by SchlumbergerSema
Roles and Responsibilities of the
Localization Team
Internal System Processes
Internationalization Efforts
Don’t miss this opportunity to
optimize your corporate
localization strategy.
For further information see:
If you would like to
participate, please contact the
Seminar Coordinator Carolyn
Kollstedt at:
Phone +49-7031-213 66 55
Stefan Lampert
Managing Director
XTRA Translation Services

Call for Presenters for XTRA‘s Corporate Localization