The Killer App Isn’t an App:
Quality of Key Mobile Features
Sean Coleman, Pascale Pierre, Karin Berghoefer
• Introductions
• Overview
• Key Components
• Language/Linguistic Style
• Mobile Voice Commands
• Virtual Keyboard
• Discussion
Sean Coleman
• 14 years in Localization
• Corel and Research in Motion
• Localization Engineering
• Project Management
• Mobile
• Lead the Localization/Internationalization effort for
BlackBerry PlayBook
• Internationalization lead for BB10 (next generation)
• Virtual Keyboard (VKB)
• Facilitates the Product Management-Research and
Development project expectations and interaction
Pascale Pierre
Based in Canada
but localizing
throughout the world!
Research in Motion
Karin Berghoefer
• Providing language technology solutions and linguistic expertise to
customers who need….
• to transition language technology from research into production
mode or from one language into multiple languages
• linguistic expertise for algorithm and language model development
• large language specific data sets for training, tuning and testing
• QA of their output
• 12 years with Appen Butler Hill as Business Unit head for Custom
Linguistic Consulting
• Client account manager for large corporations, such as Microsoft,
Nuance, RIM
Three Key Components
Linguistic style/design and support
Mobile voice command
Virtual keyboard
My mobile
How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways...
... with my eyes
... with my voice
... with my touch
Love my mobile
Let me count the ways…
With my eyes…
…it interacts with me
…it evolves
…it shares its heart
Linguistic style/design and support
Love my mobile
Let me count the ways…
With my voice…
…it listens to me
…it speaks and responds to me
…it becomes a polyglot
Mobile Voice Command
Love my mobile
Let me count the ways…
With my touch…
…it knows my language
…it frees me to write
…it is smart and it learns
Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Keyboard

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