My favourite book
Author : Ola Kłosowska
The book I am describing is entitled ‘In Desert and Wilderness’
and was written by Henryk Sienkiewicz. The story takes place
at the end of the 19th century in Northeast Africa. The main
characters are a Polish boy, Staś Tarkowski, and his English
friend, Nel Rawlison.
(1846 – 1916)
When Sienkiewicz started writing ‘In Desert
and Wilderness’ he had already 40 years of
experience in literary writing. At the beginning
of the 20th century he was considered one of
the most popular writers worldwide, and his
novels were translated into almost 30
languages and published in a record-breaking
number of copies. However, the author felt
expressly exhausted and worn out. A young
adult novel, as it turned out, closed his literary
carrier. Therefore, it was the last ascent of the
exceptional epic talent.
‘With Fire and Sword’ (1884)
‘The Deluge’ (1886)
‘Fire in the Steppe’ (1888)
‘Without Dogma’ (1891)
‘Children of the Soil’ (1894)
‘Quo Vadis’ (1896)
‘The Teutonic Knights’ (1900)
‘On the Field of Glory’ (1906)
‘Vortices’ (1910)
Main characters:
· Nel Rawlison
· Stanisław Tarkowski
- Staś i Nel
Other characters
- Kali – children’s companion
- Mea – an African servant
- Chamis –helped in Staś and Nel’s kidnapping
- Mahdi – the leader of the Sudanese revolt
- Doctor Clary – Nel’s relative
- Mr Tarkowski –Staś’s father
- Mr Rawlison – Nel’s father
- Kali
- Mea
- King – an elephant saved by Staś and Nel,
- Saba – a dog accompanying the children,
- giraffes,
- snakes,
- scorpions,
- hyenas,
- horses,
- tsetse flies,
- lions,
- buffalos,
- termites,
- and many, many more…
- King i Nel
- Saba
Chapter 25
In the morning, after a terrible storm, Staś is
able to catch the horses that survived. Saba,
which managed to escape from lions, also
returns. Staś gives the last portion of quinine
to soaked Nel because he worries that after
such a rough night the illness might recur.
While walking along the ravine they come
across a huge boulder which blocks the
passage. There is an elephant in this ravine. It
is going to die from starvation since it cannot
get out. It is already very weakened. Nel feeds
it with melons and convinces Staś to save the
Thanks to this book:
- we discover new cultures and
- we can learn a lot about Africa,
- we learn about numerous animals
and plants.
In my opinion, this book:
- is very interesting and
- teaches ingenuity and
- shows real friendship between
Staś and Nel.
I hope that the presentation of my favourite
book interested you and that those of you who
did not have an opportunity to read this
masterpiece of Henryk Sienkiewicz will reach
for it from your bookshelf or borrow it from a
library. Enjoy the reading and the thrill!

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