The Story of
the Three
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Once upon a time there were three dinosaurs who lived
beside a river. They were good friends.
The smallest of the dinosaurs was Minmi. She was an
ankylosaur and had lots of spikes poking out all over her
back to protect her.
The middle sized
dinosaur was a
called Mutt for short.
He was very heavy and
had lots of flat teeth
for grinding spiky
He could stand on his back legs to make himself
look even bigger!
George was the largest of the three friends. He
was an enormous titanosaur with a very long neck.
He could reach leaves at the very tops of trees.
plants are
All three dinosaurs were herbivores, so they
would spend the day munching plants.
One day, there was a bush
fire and lots of the plants
on their side of the river
were burnt. The dinosaurs
were hungry and scared.
They needed to cross over the river but it was very
deep and fast flowing. There was only one spot where
some rocks made a bridge.
But they couldn’t cross there either!
A very large and very mean carnivorous dinosaur had
decided the rocky bridge belonged to him. This dinosaur
… other dinosaurs!!!
His name was Banjo.
After a while, the smallest dinosaur was so hungry
he had to find some plants to eat. He saw Banjo
run off to catch another dinosaur.
“ I am so hungry that I
will have to try and cross
the rocky bridge”.
Come back Minmi!
Please don’t
His friends begged him not to go but he set off over
the rocky bridge.
When he was half way across, Banjo noticed the little dinosaur
and called out in his big booming voice…
Who’s that
crunching over
my bridge!
Little Minmi was shaking in his spikes!
“It’s me, little Minmi. I’m very little. I’m not even a mouthful for
you so please may I cross the river?” Minmi begged
Oh okay. I’ve had
my breakfast today.
But watch out
because I will need
So Minmi hurried across the bridge.
The next day Mutt had really bad pains in his tummy.
“I am so hungry. I will have to be brave like Minmi and
cross the bridge” he said to George.
Mutt saw that Banjo was having a nap. “Now is my
chance,” he thought.
He started to cross the bridge
Banjo heard the crunching and jumped up!
Who’s that
over my
Mutt stood up as tall
as he could and puffed
out his chest so he
looked VERY big. He
made a loud sound.
Banjo stopped. He looked at Mutt’s size.
Well you are
lucky I’ve had
breakfast and
can’t be bothered
fighting you. But
watch out
because I will
find you for my
He was actually a
bully and wasn’t really
that brave!
George was lonely AND hungry. He decided to cross the
bridge to join his friends.
He started to cross the bridge.
Banjo was in a bad mood. This time he was not
going to let anyone cross his bridge!
Who’s that
crunching over
MY bridge!!!
George could not run fast. George did not have
spikes on his back. But George was enormous. He
had a very long and very heavy tail. And he had a
big booming voice.
George looked Banjo straight in the eyes and
You are a bully and
we are tired of you
bullying us!!!
And with that George swung his enormous tail around
and knocked Banjo off his feet and into the fast
flowing river.
The three friends were so happy to be
together again. There was lots to eat
and Banjo never bullied them again.
Australian Dinosaurs
We know about dinosaurs because of the fossilised bones and
teeth that have been found. The dinosaurs in this story are
based on ones that have been discovered in Australia.
Minmi paravertebra is a small armoured dinosaur
(ankylosaur) which would have been about the size of
a yearling cow. Minmi is named after Minmi Crossing,
where the first fossil was discovered in the 1960s.
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George and another titanosaur sauropod called
Cooper represent the largest dinosaurs to have
ever been found in Australia. Based on the lengths
of their leg bones compared with sauropods found
overseas, the total body length of these dinosaurs to
is thought to be 24 to 26m.
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Australian Dinosaurs
Muttaburrasaurus was named after the town of
Muttaburra in central Queensland. The first fossil
bone was discovered by a grazier. Mutt was about 7m
long, and probably ate plants such as ferns, cycads
and conifers.
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Banjo or Australovenator is the most complete meateating dinosaur skeleton yet found in Australia. This
dinosaur was about 5 metres long, 1.5 metres high at
the hip and was many times bigger than Velociraptor.
Some theropods, such as T. rex, had small
forelegs but Banjo had strong forelegs each with
three large slashing claws. Banjo is
named after the famous Australian poet Banjo
Patterson who wrote Waltzing Matilda in Winton, the
place where Banjo was found.
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The Story of the Three Dinosaurs