Panel Discussion | Social Media 201
Mark Fournier, Marketing Director, Brumark Total Flooring Solutions / Volunteer EDPA Foundation
Dave Walens, President, Brumark Total Flooring Solutions / Chair EDPA Foundation
Jim Obermeyer, President, Reveal Exhibits / Committee EDPA Foundation
Costas Varkarotas, VP Branding & Innovation, The Expo Group / Founder, Exhibit 4 Smiles
Before introducing social media into your overall marketing plan consider:
1. Objective: What it is you are actually trying to achieve
2. Strategy: How you are going to achieve it
3. Tactics: The things you do along the way to ensure you achieve your objective
4. Results: ROI
Objectives: Company Goals
Listen / Respond / Speak about what you do best
 ‘No sales pitches’
 Your expertise in your specialty/offering will promote you far beyond
 Credibility & Brand Awareness
 Relevancy and Quality Content = Great things said about your Brand
 Drive more traffic to website
Forge Partnerships
 Leverage current relationships to co-recognize
 Acquire leads for conversions
Strategy: Pre-Event Planning
Editorial Calendar EDPA FOUNDATION
Editorial Calendar Example By Hubspot
Tactics: Measure Co. Performance
The NPS Metric: The Net Promoter Score.
 Promoters
 Passives
 Detractors
 Accountability: How many people can you get to tell
others to buy from your company?
Tactics: Identify Key Influencers
Two Reasons that make people buy
The Brand
– What people feel about the company, and trust they will deliver on
brand promise
Referral from friends & family
 The customer experience is 180 degree turn from the past
 Where agent presents product – company hopes customer will buy
 Now traffic is ‘inbound’ – customers come to you
 Identify Influencers – who leads conversations and who responds
 Connect with these people
 Create opps for these connections to say great things about your brand
 Engage influencers regularly
Results: ROI Calculation
Calculate how you measure Social Media into overall marketing campaign:
 Drive X Thousands to website
 Generate $X millions by selling X thousands products
 Through online store / sales agents
 Consider other costs in addition to social
 Print/Pub Ads, PR, Direct Mail, E-marketing
 Social Media is simply a component to overall Marketing strategy
 Not stand alone but mechanism used to achieve marketing goals
 In the Exhibit and Tradeshow Industry Social Media makes sense
 You just have to decide to what extent
Case Study: EDPA Foundation
Facebook Presence
Randy Smith Golf Tourney
EDPA Chapter Events Cal & Pics
Fan Growth – Engagement
2. Twitter Notification
In advance / up to min / during event
Connect with partnering causes / E4S
3. LinkedIN Group Professional
Connect with other biz owners
Forge Partnerships
Compelling Statistics
One in every nine people on Earth is on Facebook (Number calculated by dividing the planets 6.94 billion people by Facebook’s 750 million users)
People spend 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
Each Facebook user spends on average 15 hours and 33 minutes a month on the site
More than 250 million people access Facebook through their mobile devices
More than 2.5 million websites have integrated with Facebook
30 billion pieces of content is shared on Facebook each month
300,000 users helped translate Facebook into 70 languages
People on Facebook install 20 million “Apps” every day
YouTube has 490 million unique users who visit every month (as of February 2011)
YouTube generates 92 billion page views per month (Not including videos viewed on phones and embedded in websites)
Users on YouTube spend a total of 2.9 billion hours per month (326,294 years)
Wikipedia hosts 17 million articles
Wikipedia authors total over 91,000 contributors
People upload 3,000 images to Flickr (the photo sharing social media site) every minute
Flickr hosts over 5 billion images
190 million average Tweets per day occur on Twitter (May 2011)
Twitter is handling 1.6 billion queries per day
Twitter is adding nearly 500,000 users a day
Google+ has more than 25 million users
Google+ was the fastest social network to reach 10 million users at 16 days (Twitter took 780 days and Facebook 852 days)
Statics provided by and
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Mod: Questions for Panelists
Have you set a figure on ROI conversions – a specific benchmark in terms of minimum profit?
How do you feel social media has helped you (Exposure, Brand Awareness, New Clients)?
Would you have any recommendations to those just getting started with their social presence?
What new opportunities do you believe you are open to after having incorporated SM into plan?
How internally have your employees gotten involved with your current social media plan?
How do you believe social media has impacted the exhibit/tradeshow industry?
How has social media helped with the EDPA Foundation?
How has the use of social media worked in the acquisition of sponsors for E4S?
What area would you like to start getting into more?

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