Facts and Figures
• London is the biggest city in Britain
and in Europe.
• London is in the southeast of England.
• London has a population of just over 7
• Some of the most important people
from countries all over the world visit
the Queen at Buckingham Palace.
• London is a major
centre for
shopping and dining.
There are thousands
of shops and many
markets in London.
• The best places to go
shopping in London, are
Oxford Street and
Regent Street.
Typical food and drink
• London is famous for
fish and chips, beans
on toast, chip butties.
• Its most famous food
is pie and mash.
• In London you can eat
food from over 60
different countries.
Pie and Mash
Typical Music
• In London you can go
to different concerts
of all types of music.
• There is also a lot of
opera houses as well as
classical music.
• One of the most
famous performances
in London is the
Phantom of the Opera.
• The Beatles recorded
a lot of their music in
London Police Force
• There are two types
of Police in London,
the Metropolitan
Police and the City
• Two nicknames for
British police,
'bobbies' and
'Peelers', come from
the founder of the
'Met' Police, Sir
Robert Peel.
• Policemen sometimes
ride horses in London.
Monuments and Places to
• There are a lot of
different things to
do and see in
London including:
• The changing of the
guard ceremony
• The Tower Bridge
• The Tower of
• Buckingham Palace
• St Paul´s Cathedral
• There are many
different museums in
London, some are free
to enter but some you
have to pay for. The
most famous of these
• Science Museum
• Shakespeare´s Globe
• British Museum
• Madame Tussauds
The British
Language and Cockney
Rhyming Slang
• Over 250 languages are spoken in London.
• People living in London are called Londoners
and sometimes Cockneys.
• Cockney Rhyming slang is a coded language
invented in the nineteenth century by
Cockneys so they could speak in front of
the police without being understood.
• For example:
• Bread and Honey = Money
• I wish I had loads of Bread.
Famous People
• Charles Darwin
• Isaac Newton
• John Lennon –
Member of the
• David Beckham –
English Football
• Sir Francis Drake
• Robbie Williams
Made for you by:
• Sonia
• Pablo
• Rebeca

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