Louisiana Young Readers’ Choice Award
Grades 3 - 5
Have you ever wondered what it
takes to make a legandary sports
star? Talent? Determination?
Teamwork? You're right, but it takes
more than that. Using everyday
items like toy airplanes, Coke
bottles, and pencil sharpeners, and
with fun and fascinating tales of
each player's life -- on and off the
field. See what 23 pro-athletes of
the past and present are really
made of.
Hanoch Piven
When Ming arrives in San
Francisco after the long boat
journey from China, his older
brothers waste no time warning
him: "Chinese should not go
outside Chinatown." But Ming
risks doing just that, and when
he meets Patrick, he knows the
young Irish boy has a kind
heart. They begin a remarkable
friendship that brings their two
very different communities
Why Do Dogs
Have Wet Noses?
Did you know that dogs can outrun an
Olympic sprinter and "speak" three
languages? Or that they can tell when
storms are coming and even predict
earthquakes before they happen? These
are just a few of the doggone fascinating
facts to discover in this book for young
dog owners and admirers.
Stanley Coren
The World’s Greatest Elephant
Born on the same day in the same
small, German circus town, young
Bram and his elephant, Modoc, had
a lifelong friendship. From the
breakup of the circus to the
shipwreck in the Indian Ocean that
nearly cost them their lives. This
true story of their adventures
together, and eventual rise to circus
stardom in the Ringling Brothers
Circus, will be a treasure for animal
lovers everywhere.
Ralph Helfer
The Diary of a Killer Cat
Poor Ellie is horrified when her cat,
Tuffy, drags a dead bird into the
house. Then a mouse. Before long,
another apparent victim arrives
though the cat-door. Can softhearted
Ellie get her beloved pet to change
his wild, wild ways before he ends up
in even deeper trouble? Especially
when Tuffy can't understand what all
the fuss is about?
Anne Fine
The Last Brother
A Civil War Tale
In July 1863 the bloodiest battle of
the Civil War was fought outside the
sleepy Pennsylvania town of
Gettysburg. Eleven year old Gabe is
a bugler in the Army. Two of his
brothers have died in the war and
another is a foot soldier. As the
cannons fire and the battle rages on,
Gabe must do his duty while
searching for a way to honor all that
he holds dear.
Trinka Hakes Noble
Maggie’s Amerikay
It’s 1898, and Maggie McCrary and
her family have just crossed
the ocean to settle in New Orleans.
America is the answer to
her father’s dream of books and
proper learning. For her
mother, it offers the chance to buy
land. But living in a
crowded tenement watching her
neighbors work hard all day,
Maggie isn’t sure she likes Amerikay.
Barbara Timberlake Russell
Night Boat to Freedom
Granny Judith, a slave who dyes
thread and weaves cloth, asks 12year-old Christmas John, to row a
young slave across the river to
freedom in Ohio. Christmas John
is scared, but he helps the slave
and many others escape. Finally, it
becomes too dangerous for him to
stay on the plantation. Granny
Judith wants him to leave, but how
can he leave her behind?
Margot Theis Raven
The Prophecy
Prince Perryndon's scholarly research
pays off when he finds a prophecy
hidden in the castle library: the dragon
ravaging his father's kingdom can be
slain by a true bard, one who is
accompanied by a unicorn and wields
the mythic Sword of Samhain. So,
despite his bitter father's scorn and a
master of arms who plans to kill him,
Perryn sets out to assemble the
elements of the prophecy and prove
himself worthy to rule.
Hilari Bell
Room One
A Mystery Or Two
Sixth-grader Ted Hammond, who loves a
good mystery, finds one in real life when
he sees a face in the window of an
abandoned farmhouse while on his
paper route. Befriending the homeless
family of a fallen Iraq War soldier he
discovers hiding there has surprising
consequences, including helping his
one-room school stay open.
Andrew Clements
Rotten Richie and the
Ultimate Dare
Seems like Richie’s entire goal in life
is to make Trisha’s impossible.
Especially when he takes to teasing
her about her beloved ballet class.
Trisha knows how much work it takes
to be good at ballet—much more than
the stupid hockey Richie plays! So she
challenges Richie to perform in her
ballet recital, and Richie agrees, under
one condition: Trisha has to join his
hockey team for the big game!
Patricia Polacco
Roxie and the Hooligans
If Roxie's ever lost in the desert, or
buried in an avalanche, or caught in
a dust storm, she knows just what
to do.
Then Roxie finds herself stranded
on a deserted island with not only
the meanest band of bullies in
school but also a pair of crooks on
the lam. Her survival skills may just
save the day -- and turn the
Hooligans into surprising allies.
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Safe At Home
Ten-year-old Elijah Breeze, aka Jumper,
is having the hardest summer of his life.
His father has just died; his mother has
moved them from the suburbs to New
York City's Harlem area; and he has to
spend the summer at baseball camp.
He doesn't know anything about
baseball, or city life, or how to keep
going without his dad. He finds out it is
possible to start over in a new place
with new people . . . and still hold on to
what's important from his past.
Sharon Robinson
My Name is Sally Little Song
Sally Harrison and her family are slaves
on a plantation in Georgia. But when
Master decides to sell Sally and her
brother, the family escapes to seek
shelter with a tribe of Seminoles who are
rumored to adopt runaway slaves. After
a perilous journey, Sally’s family finds
and joins the tribe. But while her father
and brother easily adjust to Indian ways,
Sally can’t seem to find her place.
Brenda Woods
The Winner’s Walk
Case Callahan isn’t a star swimmer
like his sister, Quinn. He’s not a
champion horse trainer like his father,
or a popular stage actor like his
mother. Still, Case is determined to
make his mark. But one effort after
another – talent show, science fair,
junior horse show – is a terrible
failure. It isn’t until Case comes upon
a lost dog that he finds his path to
Nancy Ruth Patterson

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