A Sample of Life in
New Jersey
Saint Peters Preparatory School,
Jersey City, New Jersey
• As of 2000, the population
of Bayonne was 61,842.
• Ethnicity:
Italian- 18.2%
Irish- 17%
Polish- 16.2%
German- 5.5%
Egyptian- 2.8%
American- 2.2%
Russian- 1.3%
Slovakian- 1.2%
Ukrainian- 1.1%
French- .65%
Lithuanian- .6%
Hungarian- .54%
Scottish- .48%
Czechoslovakian- .34%
Arab- .23%
French-Canadian- .19%
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Housing and Income
• 26,826 Houses in Bayonne (25,545 occupied:
10,228 owner occupied, 15,317 renter occupied)
• The median household income is $53,288.
• The median value of a home is $454,000.
• The median rent per month is $858.
• 8,952 married couples with children.
• 3,685 single-parent households (641 men, 3,044
• Median Household Income: $51,876
• Jersey City is noted for its diverse population,
the 2000 Census documented 81,554 foreign
born residents living in Jersey City.
• In Jersey City’s Public Schools, more than
130 languages are spoken as a testament to
this diversity.
• Even in our own personal group, we speak
different languages. One student speaks
Urdu, and another speaks Polish.
Jersey City
• Jersey City was settled by the Dutch in 1660 but
officially founded in 1838.
• It is 14.9 square miles (23.97 kilometers).
• The first ever population count of Jersey City was a
mere 3,072 but it is now 242,389.
• The median family income of a typical family in
Jersey City is $41,639
• The median value of a typical house in Jersey City is
• The median amount that each person makes is
around $19,410.
The population of Westfield is about
29,644 people.
28.4% of the population is under the age of
13.5% are over 65.
The median age of Westfield is 39 years of
Median income of a household is
The median income of a family is
About 1.7% of the families and
about 2.7% of the population is
below the poverty line.
-Large, thriving business sector
-Average household income over
-Low population in apartments or
-Average house price >$1,000,000
-2.9% of families below poverty line
-6.8% of senior population living under
poverty line
Typical Summit Street
• As of the latest census (2000) there were 21,131 people
residing in Summit
• The ethnic layout of Summit is as follows: Caucasion87%, Black- 4%, Asian- 4%, Latino- 4%, Other- 1%
• The median income for a family in Summit was 117,053$
• 2.5% of the families in Summit were below the national
poverty line
• Because of its proximity and accessibility to New York,
the majority of Summit’s inhabitants have an affiliation
with finance and Wall Street.
• Information from: http://www.ci.summit.nj.us/,
http://www.suburbanchambers.org/, and
Bloomfield Lifestyle
• Bloomfield has various points of interests such as Holsten’s. This ice
cream parlor became famous last year for being the location of the last
scene of the last episode of The Soprano’s.
• Bloomfield also has many diners/restaurants and other places where you
can eat out. On one street in particular called Broad Street there are three
Chinese places, a Thai restaurant, a Greek tavern, an Italian restaurant, a
McDonalds, four pizzerias, and many others.
• Bloomfield is said to have some city aspects, where crowded public
transportation and busy streets are common, however some areas are
more rural such as the many large and beautiful parks.
•The population of Bloomfield is 46,699. The male to female ratio is
approximately 1:1 1
•Bloomfield is relatively diverse with a population consisting of 63% White
Non-Hispanic reisdents, and the remaining 37% consisting of Hispanic,
Black, Filipino, Asian Indian, Chinese, American Indian residents. 1
Fun Facts about Caldwell
• The population of Caldwell is 7,427 - (55% Male, 45% Female) 1
• 88% of Caldwell residents are White Non-Hispanic. The other 12%
include Hispanic, Black, Asian Indian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean. 1
• Caldwell has a park named Grover Cleveland Park. Many residents of
Caldwell go to a place called Camp Wyanokie. They share it with a few
of the towns that surround Caldwell.
• Caldwell has an NJ Transit train station that provides access to New
York City.
• There are a variety of houses of worship: Baptist, Catholic, Jewish,
Presbyterian, and Methodist. All of these different religions reside
within one community.
• There are 5 schools in Caldwell, ranging from grades K-12 1
• The Downtown Caldwell area is a very lively hangout area for young
people in town. On weekends (Friday – Sunday in the New Jersey
School System) many middle and high schools students congregate in
downtown Caldwell.
South Orange
- The population of South Orange is 16,964. 1
- The male to female ratio is approximately 1:1 1
- The school system is very diverse: from grades 1-12 the student body consists of
White, Black, Hispanic, Mixed Race, Chinese, Asian Indian, Filipino, and American
Indian students. 1
- There is a town square known as “The Village”. This is where young people
from South Orange and surrounding towns meet to hang out and have fun.
- A brand new movie theater called SOPAC (South Orange Performing Arts
Center) was built in 2006. It has multiple theaters that show the latest Hollywood
movies. It also has a specialized theater for upcoming artists and theater
performers. Many residents of South Orange congregate at this theater on the
weekends to go see movies.
- South Orange has a local pool which is open in the summertime to all
residents of the town. It has 3 different pools: The child sized pool, the medium
sized pool, and the adult sized pool.
Basic Facts about Verona
The population of Verona is 13,253
The male to female ratio is
approximately 1:1 1
Non-Hispanic White people make
up 90% of Verona's population.
The remaining 10% 1
Verona is generally known as a
normal suburb, however it does
have factories and commercial
Verona Park is a large part of the
towns features. It spans an area of
54 acres. To the left there are
pictures of our famous park
Verona is often considered one of
New Jersey's best towns to live in
Verona has a public school system
that runs from grades K-12 1

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