Report of the
Fusion Technology Committee Chair
M. S. Tillack, UCSD
25 July 2009
– Presented by Albe Larsen –
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Apologies from the chair
Lucas Tillack
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
FTC Membership
New members have been appointed to the committee
– Brad Nelson, ORNL (replaces Stan Milora)
– Dennis Youchison, SNLA (replaces Mike Ulrickson)
International members have been added
– First time (to my knowledge) in the 46-yr history of SOFE
– Asia: Satoshi Konishi, Kyoto University
– EU: Hans-Stephan Bosch, Max-Planck-Institut, Griefswald
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Fusion Technology Awards
2008-09 Fusion Technology Award
– $3000, plaque, travel expenses,
plenary talk at SOFE in 2011
– Winner: A. René Raffray (UCSD), “for his
internationally recognized expertise in fusion
engineering and his outstanding contributions to
fusion technology, especially in the area of high heat
flux components for both magnetic and inertial fusion energy.”
2009 Best Student Paper Award
– $500 and a plaque
– Mai Ichinose (Kyoto University), “Preliminary Design of High
Temperature Lithium-Lead Blanket with SiC Cooling Panel ”
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Joint 23rd SOFE and 36th ICOPS
1. SOFE-specific topics
– SOFE technical program, SOFE mini-course
– SOFE proceedings and TPS special issue
– Planning for future SOFE’s
2. Common topics
– Registration, Budget
– Social Program
– IEEE software and hardware
3. ICOPS topics to be presented by John Luginsland
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
272 SOFE abstracts from 20 countries
Czech Rep.
South Korea
318 abstracts submitted originally
Swine flu was blamed for most of the attrition
More than 50% international abstracts
18 student abstracts
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
After some late changes the technical
program unfolded smoothly
12 oral sessions planned by 24 session organizers (70 speakers)
12 poster session topics in 3 afternoon sessions
4 plenary sessions (2 speakers each)
3 joint plenary talks combined with ICOPS
• Last-minute scrambling to rearrange oral program after many
invited speakers cancelled “due to swine flu”
Required printing an entirely new program 5 days before the start
For some reason, ICOPS was not hit so hard
• Anecdotal evidence of cross fertilization between ICOPS & SOFE
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
SOFE Mini-Course on the Basics of
Fusion Engineering and Design
One-day short course following SOFE
Attended by 11 students, mostly professionals
Surprised that no ITER vendors (the target audience) attended
Repeat performance under consideration in 2011
Introduction and Overview
D. Steiner
Professor Emeritus, RPI
Basics of Plasma and Fusion
D. Steiner
ITER Overview
D. Rassmussen
US ITER Project Office
Fusion Power Plants
F. Najmabadi
Director, UCSD Center for Energy Research
In-Vessel Components
N. Morley
Associate Director, UCLA Center for Energy
Science and Technology Advanced Research
Fusion Safety and Tritium
L. Cadwallader
Fusion Safety Program, Idaho National Lab
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
SOFE Proceedings
• 171 manuscripts accepted
• 7 rejected due to non-attendance
• 2 weeks grace period to accommodate
late submissions and copyright forms
• ITER disallowed their authors to sign
standard IEEE form, IEEE agreed to
accept a Crown-like agreement
• Used Omnipress for production of CD’s
• Schedule:
• July 8 – data sent to Omnipress
• July 20 – CD in production
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
A special issue of TPS is in preparation
First time ever for SOFE, both proceedings and peer review
All authors were invited (after submitting to proceedings)
Guest Editor: David Ruzic (U. Illinois)
June 29, 2009
Sept. 1, 2009
Dec. 1, 2009
Feb. 2010
journal submission deadline
peer reviews due
revised manuscripts due
journal publication
• Some confusion due to newness,
differences between ICOPS and SOFE
• ~60 papers submitted
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
24th SOFE (w/ 38th ICOPS)
• 25-30 June 2011, Jointly organized with ICOPS
• General Chair: Charles Neumeyer (PPPL)
Program Chair: Brad Nelson (ORNL)
Other positions currently being filled
• Budget and planning schedule under development
• Proposal received from IEEE Conference Management Services;
a visit to IEEE by the chairs is planned
Hyatt Regency
McCormick Place Hotel
Chicago, Illinois
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
25th SOFE
Still seeking a chair for a standalone SOFE:
Fall 2013 time-frame
An alternative to collocate with PPPS
(San Francisco) is being pursued
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
ICOPS/SOFE 2009 Common Topics
The joint conference was a great success!
– Many positive comments from attendees
– Over 15% budget surplus
– 121 new IEEE members recruited
(80 US, 39 foreign, 2 NPSS-only)
– 14-booth exhibition
– Full social program
– 20 student travel grants, plus 3 Phelps grants
– Use of Bo Yu software and NPSS Network Shop
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Registration statistics
• 436 ICOPS, 249 SOFE, 685 total
• 266 members and students members, 90 students total.
121 new members were signed up on site.
Participants from 31 countries
Mix of participants undoubtedly affected by A(H1N1)
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Participants enjoyed a full social program
Sunday evening (May 31)
Welcome Reception
Monday (June 1)
AM companion’s reception (with a speaker
from the San Diego Tourism Bureau)
PM reception for IEEE members and
women in science & engineering,
with flamenco performance
Tuesday evening (June 2)
Padres vs. Phillies baseball game
Wednesday evening (June 3)
Cocktail hour, ICOPS/SOFE 2009
Awards Banquet, followed by musical
entertainment by the Mar Dels
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
The exhibition was very successful
14 paid exhibitors: TechX Corporation, Russtech Language
Services, Inc., Axsys Technologies and Brush Wellman, Hiden
Analytical, Ktech Corporation, Arland Tool & Manufacturing, Inc.,
Major Tool & Machine Inc., Physics of Plasmas (AIP), General Atomics,
Everson Tesla Incorporated, ITER-NL, Stangenes Industries, Inc., U.S.
ITER, International Plasma Research Center (IPRC), South Korea
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Fundraising from 9 sponsors
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
NPSS conference management software
Used for abstract & manuscript submission, registration
– Required significant interactions with Bo Yu to manage
– Several new features were added on request
– Excellent functionality. Lack of user guide caused some confusion.
• Comments from Bo Yu:
– The software is not “one-size fits all”;
different software needed for different conferences.
– Plan to limit support to ICOPS, SOFE, PPC, RTC, NSS/MIC
– Conference organizers need to provide administrative support;
Bo will provide only maintenance “in the background”
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society
Lessons learned
Large staff of competent volunteers helped immensely
Sharing of expertise was very valuable
– Help from prior and future registration chairs
– Network shop personnel, Yu software support
– Support from IEEE conference services (Lisa Boyd)
highly recommended
Early planning prevented last-minute chaos
Combining of ICOPS and SOFE worked very well, but
requires tight cooperation and teamwork
Aggressive fund raising provided a buffer to the budget
Hotel contract negotiations would have been smoother if
we had professional help from the start
Nuclear and Plasma Science Society

Annual Report of the Fusion Technology Committee