Welcome to the presentation of
the project
A project by:
LAG ”Mittlere Altmark”,
In cooperation with
LAG “Pays de Beauce Dunois”,
Purpose of the project
•creation and installation of a LandArt- Festival in two
european rural regions
•Annual and alternate organisation
Main purpose
nature, art and culture can increase the quality
of life and work in the rural regions
Develop new visions by making people with
different generations and lifestyles meet
Help agriculture and micro-economy to
demonstrate strengh and self-confidence.
Context and history of the project
First contact
In January 2004 on the French partnership conference
First meetings
In July 2004 in France and Germany
presentation of the idea to the main actors of
the project in both regions
common elaboration of the project
presentation of each region to its partner
organization of the festival
Main Phases and expected results
2005 : LAG Beauce Dunois organizes the first
EURO LAND ART Festival’s edition in France
With participation of German artists
Exhibitions, concerts, gastronomy present
France and Germany in both regions
Invitation of 60 Germans
for the official inauguration
of the festival in June 2005.
2005-2006: Organization of meetings between artists,
students, culture organizations and farmers.
2006: LAG “Mittlere Altmark” organizes the second
EURO LAND ART – Festival in 2006
With the participation of French artists.
Financial beneficiaries of the actions
craft and restaurant trade
small enterprises
culture associations
private persons.
Process of implementation
From 01.10. 2004/France + 15.04.2005/Germany
to 31.12. 2006
Partnership between (since April 27th/29th, 2005)
the LAG Beauce Dunois and the association
Altmärkisches Aufbauwerk Apenburg e.V. (leadership)
The cooperation agreement is open to integrate new
Each partner is responsible for concept, coordination and
evaluation of the annual festival in the own region.
They choose the artists and the locations, finance the
communication strategy.
Added value:
Common logo and marketing strategy
Continuous evaluation
Exchange of experiences
Improvement of the publicity by international resonance
Increasing self-confidence through success and judgement
coming from outside.
Different languages and different priorities by planning and
different ways of life in the own region (farmers/artists;
…and solutions
continuous information
many small steps
introduce exercises to learn tolerance and respect for the
life/work of the other partner/groups
regular meetings to learn language and habitudes.
Planned future developments
Find more partners to introduce Festival EURO
LAND ART as a possibility to get more notice of rural
regions and to contribute to share the costs after
project time.
Project budget: 646.580 €
Total budget of the action 2 project by financial sources:
Public Contribution 21%
Private contribution 17%
Total budget of the action 2 project by partner:
Lead partner
297 480 eur
349 100 eur
Peter Warlich, AAA e.V.
Anne-Marie Guignard Kessler, AAA e.V.
Verena Schlüsselburg, LAG “Mittlere Altmark”
Complete Address
AAA e.V.
Badeler Straße 5,
d – 38486 Apenburg
E-Mail: aaaev@t-online.de
Website: aaaev.de
Languages spoken: German, French
Thank you for your attention

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