Employment Based Initial Teacher
• GCSE English and Maths (Secondary)
• GCSE English, Maths and Science (Primary)
• Or Equivalent Qualification – NARIC approved
or Equivalency Test
• A UK approved relevant degree. (Degrees may
need relevant Booster Course Qualifications)
Organisation of training
• PGCE Courses
• Employment Based Routes
• Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)
• Salford Stockport Tameside Trafford
Oldham Rochdale Manchester
• Manchester Metropolitan University
The Training Process
School based
Lead School
Second School Placement
MMU Sessions
Tutor Visits
Written Assignments
Evidence Files
Final Assessment
• www.sttormm.co.uk
• Primary
• Priority Secondary (Design & Technology,
ICT, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages,
Music, Science, Religious Education)
• Non-priority Secondary (All other Subjects)
Recruitment (2)
• September 2009 :- Primary 34 places;
Priority Secondary 29 places (This may
increase); Non-priority Secondary 26 places
• Primary and Non-priority Secondary places
for September 2009 are all taken
• Supported Places (all three categories)
• Unsupported Places
• A few Supported Places available for
September 2009
• September 2010 – quota to be determined
January 2010 Application Deadline
Competitive Interviews
Written and Spoken English
Offer of places
Selection 2
• Later Application Deadlines
• Mid-March (Unsupported Priority Secondary)
• Mid May (Supported Secondary)
Post Selection
Partnership between trainee and school
Developing unique Training Plan
Audit of Subject Knowledge
Preparation for School Experience
Familiarisation with the QTS Standards
Useful Steps
• Check Qualifications
• NARIC (www.naric.org.uk).
• GCSE equivalent English and Maths for
Secondary teaching
• GCSE equivalent English, Maths and Science
for Primary teaching
• Equivalency Tests are available
Useful Steps 2
Gain School Experience
Are UK Schools for you?
Local Authority Representatives
Support available through STTORMM
• [email protected][email protected]
Useful Steps 3
Audit yourself against the Standards
Develop Subject Knowledge
Booster Courses
Past Papers
National Curriculum Awareness
Familiarisation with Schemes of Work
Familiarisation with Examination Syllabus
Overseas Trained Teachers
Employment in a STTORMM area school
Overseas Teaching Qualification
A UK equivalent Degree (NARIC)
GCSE English and Maths (Secondary) or
equivalent (Equivalency Test)
• GCSE English, Maths and Science (Primary) or
equivalent (Equivalency Test)
Useful Websites
• www.sttormm.co.uk STTORMM
• www.tda.gov.uk
Training and Development
Agency for Schools
• www.gtce.org.uk
General Teaching Council
for England

Employment Based Initial Teacher Training