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Mathematical project
for children
of 3 -6 years
Project Team
 Poland Ewa Kurzak & pedagogical staff PP5
 Malta: Marianne Schembri
 Spain: Maria Piedad Avello Fernandez
 Scotland: George Glass, Margaret Hay
 Lithuania: Jurate Stakeliuniene
 Iceland: Fjola Thorvaldsdottir
 Romania: Mihaela Nita
 England: Tricia Pitcher, Owain Richards
New Participants:
 Italy : Patricia Cau
 Scotland: Dorothy Ostacchini
 Italy : Anna Maria Campo
 Canada: Linda Lapointe
• Together we made plan of work and it was accepted by
all partners.
• Each month a common topic would be carried out by all
• Lesson plans were discussed and results of work were
exchanged at the end of each month.
• Videoconferences: the children participated in common
online lessons about colours, numbers, shapes.
• We created Wiki-webpage and Moodle platform to
publish and share the outcomes.
• The pupil created content presented online for all the
European school communities
Children will master pre-math skills
Children will foster essential skills like critical
thinking, observation, problem-solving, and
Children from partner schools will motivate
each other.
Logical thinking skills will be encouraged
Good mathematical experiences will be provided
Pedagogical issues will be exchanged
Children will develop their skills in ICT
Children will become aware of different
European cultures and languages.
Children will have fun!
Enumeration – Counting
Comparing and ordering numbers
Adding and subtraction
Shapes and patterns - 2d and 3d shapes
Sharing our cultures
We publish on:
• Wikispace, Moodle, Twin Space,
Comunication :
• e-mail, You Send It,
• video-conferencing, Flash Meeting, Skype,
Interactive Whiteboard
We prepare the matherials:
• PowerPoint, Stop Motion Animation, video
editing, Hot Potatoes, JClic, eXe-1.03.0, Virtual
Dub, GIMP, Inkskape, computer, digital
camera, scanner, etc.
The children use
They enjoy it
very much 
We have Digital Resources
on the Moodle
The national clothes of different countries
we sharing cultures
Stop motion animation
"Oink- Oink" story from Malta
by Trovor zahra
BACICIN TRIBORDO the green seaweed man
Genovese fable
Maths and our toys (October)
Maths in the Shops (November)
Maths at Christmas time ( December)
Maths in the streets (January)
Maths in the kitchen (February)
Maths in the garden (March)
Maths in the school yard or gym (April)
Maths and Water (May)
• The teachers presented their recent practices of
each topic, above all with the possibility of being
used by the other partners.
• Pupil and teacher created content shared across
schools has provided interesting and effective
learning resources for all participants.
• Publication of the project on the web has
increased parental involvement in their child's
education and community interest and support
for the school.
• The teachers developed the own potential as
well as they improved the skill and levels of the
children's skill.
• We discovered, that many free software can be used
at kindergarten: JClic, Hot Potatoes, eXe1.03.0,
Flash.Page.Flip.com Web Photo Gallery,
iSpringFree3, PhotoStory3, Moodle platform’ , etc.
• We showed, that at kindergarten it was possible to
connect the traditional methods of teaching of
mathematics with new technologies. Both
methodologies strengthen efficiency of the teacher's
• We know, that subjects and activities which we used
can be applied in all the European kindergartens.
• Besides European partners a teacher from Canada,
USA has joined us by iEARN net.
Thank You!
1,2 Buckle my Shoe…
Project Team
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