Welcome to the NEW
This guided tour will show how a new
interface, new functionality, and a
host of new features allows students
and patrons to easily search for
—and find—
works of poetry, short fiction, essays,
drama and speeches from throughout
time and all over the globe.
Sit back and relax—or scroll through
these pages at your own speed.
LitFinder is Gale’s premier resource
for full-text works of classic and
contemporary literary works,
 Poetry
 Short Fiction
 Classic Novels
 Essays
 Dramas/Plays
 Speeches
This major interface update increases
the flexibility, functionality and
precision of LitFinder and LitFinder
for Schools
In addition to this wide array of
literary forms, Litfinder also includes
a number of secondary materials,
 Biographical Essays
 Topic Overviews
 Work Overviews
 Images
These materials provide a deeper
level of detail and understanding to
the nearly 150,000 full-text works
found throughout LitFinder
There are 4 main search paths in the
new LitFinder including:
 Basic
 Advanced
 Person
 Works
In Basic Search, you can limit by
content type, publication dates,
publication century, full-text, and
In Advanced Search, you can expand
your criteria by combining any
number of 25 unique indexes within
LitFinder to narrow your search
Person Search allows you to search
using any number of criteria to locate
large groups of writers or individual
authors. There are over 80,000
authors included in LitFinder,
 30,000 female authors
 Hundreds of nationalities
 6 unique ethnicities
Works Search allows users to focus
on specific kinds of literature or
works from larger groups, like literary
schools or movements:
 The Beat Generation
 Black Mountain Poets
 Children’s Literature
 Harlem Renaissance
 Humor and Satire
 Inaugural Addresses
 Light Verse
 Long Island (NY) Poets
 New York School
 Novels and Novellas
 Regional American Stories
 Sermons and Prayers
 And more…
Works in LitFinder come from over
80,000 authors, ensuring broad
coverage of canonical, contemporary,
award-winning and emerging authors.
Let’s take a look at a simple search
path in the new LitFinder. Finding
information by and about individual
authors is easy—in this case, we’re
going to search for Walt Whitman.
Once I’ve searched on my chosen
term, title or name, a result list will
show related matches, as well as
author information to help you hone
in on your result. You can also sort
by name, year of birth, year of death
and nationality.
In this case, Whitman’s entries are
easily found and selected.
Once I click on the author name I’m
looking for, a four-tab display will
appear. These tabs include primary
and secondary sources related—in
this case—to Walt Whitman. The
first tab is Biographies, and will
include commissioned essays
outlining a given authors life and
As I mouse over each tab, a brief
description of that content set will
LitFinder also includes Topic and
Work Overviews, providing an indepth look at individual works of
poetry, literary movements or topics
at large.
These essays are found unique
documents through Works Search
and Advanced Search.
There are over 150,000 full-text works
in LitFinder, along with over 800,000
citations of poetic works.
You can sort by pub date, document
type and author name. In addition,
you can narrow your results by
Subject, Publication Title, and more!
To further refine results, you can
search within results or execute an
entirely new search from a result list.
There are over 150,000 full-text works
in LitFinder, along with over 800,000
citations of poetic works.
At the results view, a tool kit allows
users to print, email, or download a
given work as well as generate a
citation in MLA or APA format.
Full-text works can also be translated
into one of 9 different languages.
Litfinder includes thousands of
author portraits, photographs and
illustrations, all found under the
multimedia tab. In the future, you’ll
also find author readings, interviews
and links to author and author society
Indispensable as a literary tool,
LitFinder’s applications span across
disciplines like the humanities,
social sciences, and history.
The database also includes
thousands of essays covering
centuries of thought and a wide
range of topics.
LitFinder’s multidisciplinary
coverage is furthered with the
inclusion of thousands of speeches
throughout time, including all
presidential addresses, major
orations concerning politics, race,
religion and other touch points that
reflect changes in society at large or
in a particular region of the world or
point in history.
In addition to the 6,000+ works of
short fiction in LitFinder, major
novels and works of drama are also
We hope you enjoyed this
tour of Gale’s NEW
You can also find LitFinder as a
cross-searchable element in Gale’s
Literature Resources platform,
allowing integrated results with
Literature Resource Center, the MLA
International Bibliography, the Gale
Virtual Reference Library, and other
Gale Literature databases.
Thank you!

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