producing open online learning systems
 Project
 Core Products
 Impact
 Lessons learned
 Valorisation
Project Rationale
We targeted the LdV objective and priority:
“To improve the skills and competences of people"
"Continuous training of teachers and trainers”
We had found that LWUTL teachers had little
access to ICT based materials and needed
training in how to employ and develop such
materials. We therefore wanted to:
Promote CALL - computer assisted
language learning
 Show teachers how to develop and use
 Promote development of materials
 Promote sharing of materials – copyleft
Pools core products
Digital pools with copyleft online
resources 360+ videos
Sample language teaching units based
on the video materials in 9 languages
Teacher course modules on pedagogical
ICT methodologies
Teacher course modules on
development of ICT based teaching
Course book on CALL
A “do it yourself” DVD on courseware
Project clusters
A web portal
Digital pools - online resources
Video recordings in Basque,
Danish, Dutch, English, Gaelic,
German, Lithuanian, Romanian,
and Spanish
 Content covers general youth
culture as well as vocational
areas: Electronics, Catering and
tourism, Healthcare, ICT and
Media studies.
Course modules on ICT methodologies
& ICT content development
 In-service
 Distance learning courses
 Blended courses
 Flexible courses
Course book on CALL
 Based
on the results from a
previous project BP-BLTM
 Updated content (e.g. blogs)
 Translated and adapted
versions in Lithuanian,
Romanian, English, German,
and Spanish
A “do it yourself” DVD on
courseware development
Shows how to use “Hot
Potatoes” and “the Web
Page Text Blender”.
 Step by step instruction
and demonstration
 English soundtrack
 Subtitles in the project
Challenges met and policy making?
The POOLS product suite
enables LWUTL teachers to
develop and make proper use
of CALL materials. Indicators
are based on feedback from
end users across the world
Policy makers have been
addressed in Romania where
the courses are now being
accredited and implemented in
teacher training
Lessons learned
Central management was replaced by peerreviewed distributed management
 Dissemination was the responsibility of all
partners BUT with central management / control
 Transparent and tangible partner tasks and
deliveries are extremely important
 Ensure that opted extras do not negatively
influence promised outputs
Valorisation after the project deadline
Project website: 50.000+
annual visitors
Digital pools: Still growing
Course modules delivered by
Partnership: Is now an open
and growing network
Newsletters: Now bi-annual
POOLS-T a project (add on)

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