The author
Kimnatnaya Mariya
school № 1
The topic:
Lexical distinctions of
British and American
variants of English.
Scientists who studied this problem:
Washington Irving
Fennimore Cupper
Walt Whitman
Mark Twain
Jack London.
The object of the research:
the vocabulary of English
The subject of the research:
lexical distinction of British
and American variants of
The tasks:
 to study scientific literature on the
 to show the difference between variants
of English using the examples from
 to make up the collection of words
used in two variants of English.
The hypothesis:
American English is not a
separate language but only a
local variant of it.
General distinctions:
phonetic distinctions;
lexical distinctions;
grammar distinctions.
Words entered American English:
 live- oak – виргинский дуб
 backwoods – лесная глушь
 corndodger – кукурузная лепешка
 medicine-man – шаман
индейского племени
 lot – участок земли
Americanisma word entered English language
in the USA which doesn’t have
an equivalent in British variant.
(John Wiserspoon).
The layers of English vocabulary
Lexico- semantic divergences:
 acclimatize-acclimate-акклиматизировать;
 centre- center- центр;
 metre- meter- метр;
 yours sincerely- sincerely yours- с
 pretence- pretense- притворство.
Word which don’t have
equivalents in British English:
 be from Missouri- быть скептиком;
 drop the ball- совершить глупую ошибку;
 feel like two cents- плохо себя чувствовать;
 johnny-on-the-spot- мальчик на
 live high off hog- жить в роскоши.
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