Celebrating our 22 nd year ……….. Since 1993
Elite Sales & Technology, Ltd.
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Elite Sales & Technology, Ltd. was incorporated as a North Carolina company in June of 1993. Key factors in the
decision to form Elite Sales as a North American “front panel component” marketing company were specific product
knowledge, US account knowledge and, in particular, a close and personal association with its manufacturing partners.
In 2003 Elite Sales & Technology, Ltd. founded Top Bound USA. Due to being the North American exclusive sales and
engineering agent of Top Bound Asia, this move was made to further elevate the Top Bound brand name as a true global
Recently, due to the changing business climate in China and Taiwan, Top Bound Asia decided it would be in their best
interest to concentrate its efforts on high quantity accounts only. With this move in mind, Elite Sales has reverted back to
marketing its complete product lines under its corporate name, Elite Sales & Technology, Ltd. Top Bound Asia remains
a manufacturing partner of Elite Sales.
Elite’s main goal is to continue its 22+ year tradition of providing high end front panel product lines and unparalleled
service to major OEMs worldwide.
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An American company
22 + years of industry experience
Close relationships with manufacturing partners
Time zone friendly
Available engineering staff
Toll Free phone numbers (1 888-772-7042)
*Available “Application Notes” for review (request via e-mail)
Available “State of the Art” product lines
Quality Customer Service
Competitive pricing
Informative internet website
*Keypad “Engineering Check Sheet” (new applications) (request via e-mail)
If involved from the beginning Elite can save valuable engineering time as well as assisting with the sometimes language
barrier. Received files/drawings are reviewed for troublesome issues prior to submission and factory feed-back is
communicated quickly. Elite becomes your remote location working on your behalf at all times. Late night factory phone
conversations can be eliminated. If a factory visit is called for, Elite can arrange and accompany your personnel on such a
* Available upon request
Plastic Injection Molding
Touch Screens
Silicone Rubber Keypads
Plastic ( IMF ) Keypads
Membrane Switches
Elastomeric Connectors
• Light Guide Film
• Metal-Dome Arrays
• Poly-Dome Arrays
All of our product lines are custom manufactured to customer specifications.
We take great pride in
assisting engineering and purchasing departments with their current requirements.
We can assist
engineering with designs to find the best manufacturability.
We believe our “Customer Support” is second to none. This support has been developed over our 22+ year
history and it shows by the many nationally known customers that continue to count us as a valued
supplier year after year.
Elite Sales & Technology, Ltd.
is proud of our industry “customer” associations:
Medical, Automotive, Instrumentation, Audio,
Military, Appliance, Avionics, Point of Sale,
Inventory Control Management, Cell Phones/
Telecommunications, Security Systems,
Remote Controls
Many sub-industries
Contact us for specific information
Keypad Technologies
 PC Film + Plastic Backfill
Keypad (IMD)
 Plastic Cap + Rubber
Keypads (P+R )
 Ultra-Thin Rubber Base
w/Hard Keytops
 Injection Molded Keytops
 Chrome Electroplated
 Aluminum Keytops
 Laser Etched Graphics
 Metal Domes
Connector Technologies
T – Type
T 2 – Type
TS – Type
TS-1 Type
TS-D Type
TG – Type
TG-1 Type
IR Type ( Dummy
Connector )
Touch Screen Technology
Touch Lens
Chip on Board
Membrane Technologies
 Flat Type w/ Flex Circuit
 Metal Dome Type
 Embossed Dome Type w/
Flex Circuit
 Flex Circuits w/ or w/o
Embedded LED’s
 Digital Printing
Plastic Injection Technology
Double Injection Molding
Micro Molding
Insert Molding
Complex & Precision Molding
Note: Acceptable CAD Files:
2D in .pdf
3D in .igs or .stp
( .dxf and .dwg also accepted )
Vacuum Metalizing (VM) Keypad
*Metalized Look w/o Plating
*Nickel Free
*Hard Coated for Abrasion
Chemical Resistance
PVD, VM, & NCVM on Rubber
*Hard Coating Chrome Finish
*Utilizes flexible Silicone Rubber Keypads
*High Abrasion and Chemical Resistance
*Blemish free Production Quantities
Sheet Metal Keypads (SMK)
*Sleek, Strong, Yet Light Weight
*Short Strokes
*No Abrasion of Graphics
Thermoplastic PU Keypad (TPU)
*Superior Abrasion Resistance
*Resistant to Chemicals & UV Light
*Excellent for Vacuum Forming
*Thin Film Typically Co-Molded with Silicone
Our Newest and most exciting Keypad Technology
Light Guide Film (LGF) ( on right )
*Even Distribution of Available Light
*Fewer required LED’s Equals Less Cost
to Build and Operate
*Thinnest Light Piping Available
Ultra Thin
( Built-In )
Back lighted
*Only the graphics are back lit
*IMD characteristics of reverse or second
surface graphic printing.
*Embossed Key tops (if required)
*Thin contact layer or tactile feedback with
metal dome arrays
*Ultra-Thin keypad technology provides an
excellent option in limited space conditions
High-Density Contacts
Low Profile
Low Cost Option
Vibration Dampening
Gas-Tight Protection from Corrosion
Custom-Sized to any Length & Size
Solderless Connection
Mobile Phones, Calculators, Audio/Video
Equipment, Security Systems, Fire Alarms,
Medical Equipment, LCD Watches,
Handheld Games, Navigation Equipment,
Panel Meters, Copiers, Fax Machines and
The Most Common Types Of Connectors:
Uses rubber conductors and insulators in alternating layers. The conductive
rubber is impregnated with carbon to allow the current to flow through the
layer. This design ensures more than one conductor is always contacting the
electrode surface. A T Type connector is generally used when an application
calls for limited space (width). T Type has no side insulation.
Uses a T Type connector supported on both sides by soft rubber, nonconductive insulating materials. This self-supporting connector has soft outside
insulators that aid in stability and protect the conductive layers from the
environment. These connector types are suitable for large LCD displays.
Uses a T Type connector supported on both sides by a sponge layer. This
special sponge layer has closed-cell air pockets that allow the connector to
absorb more deformation than other similar connectors. These connectors
are also suitable for use with large LCD displays.
Need Plastic Parts?
…….. No Problem!
Single and two shot capabilities.
Two shot/over molding with TPR. (TPR=thermoplastic rubber)
Insert molding capabilities.
Horizontal and Rotary machines.
Plating capabilities include shiny and matte chrome plating.
Laser Etching for excellent backlighting
On site mold repair facility.
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For Sales or Technical Assistance Please Contact:
Mr. Chris Ferrell
Vice-President, Sales
Garner, North Carolina USA
888 772-7042
( cferrell@topboundusa.com )
( cferrell@elitesales.com ) *
Mr. Johnny Springer
Technical Sales Manager
Garner, North Carolina USA
888 772-7042
( jspringer@topboundusa.com )
( jspringer@elitesales.com ) *
Ms. Candice H. Cutler
Key Account Specialist
Garner, North Carolina USA
888 772-7042
( ccutler@topboundusa.com )
( ccutler@elitesales.com ) *
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