Euroopa kevadpäev 2004
Märts 2004
Spring Day in Europe 2003
Challenges: Debate the future of Europe on
March 21, mobilise schools around the works of
the European Convention
Results: 5501 schools, 240 politicians, 1157
selected resources, 8 webquests, 22 quizzes, 178
constitutions, 2731 reports, Spring Day manifesto,
9 competition winners, etc, etc!
Euroopa kevadpäev 2004
Euroopa Liidu viienda laienemisega
seotud üritused koolides (tähistamine,
ühisprojektid,arutelud jne)
A pedagogical backbone
• 29 teachers for the selection of
resources, animation of activities
and online help in 23 languages
• Pedagogical coordinator
Brigitte Parry
Institutional support
• European Schoolnet steering network:
26 ministries of education
• European institutions
• Regions and educational districts
• European associations
The Spring day web site
Registration form
News (schools and young reporters)
Online events (chats and forums)
Advice (tips for a good Spring Day)
Country relay (fact files and discussions)
Activities ( Spotlight, Values, Together in Europe)
Resources (selected trusted modules and sites on the EU
and the enlargement)
• Contacts (Spring Day team and teachers)
• What’s happening in schools
• News about the enlargement process
• Young reporters: A European team of pupils
writing for other pupils about Spring Day
Country relay
• Fact files about 28 European countries
• Discussion forum
What is my country famous for?
National festivals
Discoveries and inventions
Dos and don’ts for foreigners
Water tales
Local Treasures
Rediscovering Europe
A symbol for Europe
• –
Peace (Europe-world-safety)
• –
Democracy (participation-institutional
representative ness)
• –
Tolerance (races-disease-immigration)
• –
Solidarity (poor/rich-Europe-world)
• –
Freedom (speech-faith-mobility)
• –
Equality (genders-educationprofessional opportunities)
Put values into action
Choose a value to work on - either with or without a
partner (Spring Day Partner Finding Forum)
Work on a definition of the chosen value
Find examples in your town/country/Europe where the
value is respected and where it is not and share them
through the Ideas Exchange forum
Put your value into action on Spring Day 2004 (take a
concrete action to make your value a reality in your
Together in Europe
Twin up, learn and tell about the other
• Twin up with a partner in a new/ old/
candidate country
• Consider a suggested topic or choose your own
• Collect information for your partner
• Exchange information and pictures
• Select, refine, check with partner and edit
• Publish an article about your twin on the web
Together in Europe
Art, culture, traditions
Eating habits, recipes
Green initiatives
Historical events
Buildings and architecture
Unusual geographical features
An idea of my own
Spring Day site
Pedagogical coordinator for Estonia: Maidu Varik
• General project manager: Ulf W. Lundin
• Institutional coordinator: Guus Wijngaards
• Pedagogical coordinator: Brigitte Parry
• Resources, online events and activities: Petru Dumitru
• Young reporters and values: Valentina De Mari
• News: Chris Coakley
• Web site: Chui Hsia Yong

Spring Day in Europe