Liberal & Fine Arts
March 20, 2008
Bruno Bornet, Ph.D.
Interim Dean of Liberal & Fine
Who Are We?
19 regular status faculty
 10 Female/9 Male
 48% M.A.,M.S.;52% M.F.A.; Ph.D.
 72% White, 28% Hispanic
 15 full-time
 4 half-time
 1 lab tech
4 administrative assistants
111+ Adjunct faculty
14:86 FT:PT ratio
Who Are We? Continued
Department of Communications (English & Speech): 3200+ SCH
Department of World Languages (American Sign Language, Arabic,
Chinese, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Interpreting, Spanish):
3300+ SCH
Department of Mathematics: 3000+ SCH
Department of Social/Behavioral Sciences & Humanities
(Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Human Services,
Political Science; Film, History, Philosophy, Humanities): 5000+ SCH
Department of Fine Arts: Two-Dimensional Studies (Painting,
Drawing, Book Arts, Printmaking, Photography): 2800+ SCH
Department of Fine Arts: Three-Dimensional Studies (Sculpture,
Ceramics, Jewelry, Art History): 3000+ SCH
Department of Fine Arts: Performing Arts (Music, Dance, Drama):
1000+- SCH
Department of Fine Arts: Gallery Studies
Art on Campus
What Is Our Mission?
The Division of Liberal & Fine Arts provides academic programs that
prepare our students to be knowledgeable citizens of the 21st
century and empower them to meet the challenges of a rapidly
changing world.
We provide the general education component of all college degree
programs, offers degree programs to its own students, and extends
the boundaries of scholarship in all of the varied disciplines
associated with the humanities, communications arts, mathematics,
fine arts, and social sciences.
In all courses and programs, we place emphasis on ethics, integrity,
citizenship and awareness of global issues. Students learn to
assume personal responsibility for their actions, while they develop
habits of self-reliance and a passion for lifelong learning.
We transform students' lives by fostering creativity, willingness to
take prudent risks, leadership, and service to community and nation.
Lastly, we encourage and support faculty excellence in teaching,
scholarly activity, creative production, and service.
What Do We Offer?
Associate of Arts Degrees
American Sign Language Interpreting
 Human Services (Articulated with NM Highlands)
 General Studies
Social/Behavioral Sciences (new Concentration)
 Humanities (new Concentration)
 Creative Writing (new Concentration – articulated with IAIA)
 Culture and Gender Studies (new Concentration)
Spanish Language
 Psychology (Articulated with UNM)
 Fine Arts (Articulated with UNM)
What We Offer - Continued
 Associate
 Gallery
of Applied Arts Degrees
(Articulated with IAIA)
 Certificates
 Sign
Language Interpreting
 Substance Abuse Prevention
 Substance Abuse Treatment
 Creative Writing (new!)
What do We Produce?
2006-2007 Student Credit Hours
22314, 33%
44464, 67%
Liberal & Fine Arts
All other Divisions
New and Noteworthy (1)
Department of World Languages
 Strong
Arabic and Chinese enrollments
 Plan to offer classes in Navajo and Tewa
 The death of Ralph Sedano and AMSL/INTR
program struggles
 The bright future of the AMSL/INTR program
 New
Director for June 2008
 AA required for all certified interpreters 2009
 Spanish
in Zacatecas
New and Noteworthy (2)
Department of Social/Behavioral Sciences &
AA Psychology in its second year. 7 graduates in first year!
Substance Abuse and Prevention classes going strong –
important service to the community
New AA General interdisciplinary concentration in Culture and
Gender Studies – reflecting SFCC core value of diversity
Film Studies Certificate (under consideration) in collaboration
with Division of Business and Technologies Media Arts
First Honors class (Spring 2007): Crossing Borders; next class
scheduled for Spring 2009 – moving toward an Honors Program
History of the Islamic Middle East ; Ecopsychology – two
examples of revitalizing the curriculum.
Travel Abroad in future: Archetypal Psychology study in Greece!
New and Noteworthy (3)
Department of Communications
Stephen Fadden moving on
 New Certificate in Creative Writing
 New AA General concentration in Creative Writing in
collaboration with IAIA – (thank you Miriam Sagan,
Ron Liss, and Sheila Ortego!)
 New course: English 111S in collaboration with
Developmental Studies – purpose: assist in bridging
the large gap between English 109 and English 111
 The Santa Fe Literary Review – bigger and bigger and
better! Thank you Miriam Sagan!
New and Noteworthy (4)
Department of Fine Arts
UNM BFA program – a first.
2D Area Studies: New Specialized Art Certificates in Painting, Drawing,
Book Arts/Printmaking, and Photography (under consideration)
Ongoing collaboration with Media Arts on AAA in Commercial
3D Area Studies: New Specialized Art Certificates in Sculpture,
Ceramics, and Jewelry (under consideration)
Spotlight on Micaceous Pottery studies (50+ students)
Ongoing collaboration with B&T on AAA in Crafts (Jewelry, Ceramics,
and Fine Wood Working)
Gallery Management: Articulation agreement with IAIA Museum Studies
(thank you Clark Baughan, Siegfried Halus, and Ron Liss)!
Performing Arts: Currently: no theatre, no dance studio, no sound
room, no program. Dream: A performing arts center. Collaboration with
IAIA coming soon.
College-Wide Leadership Activities
AQIP Application – thank you Denise
White (oh… Al Reed and Jackie Virgint
thank you also)
 General Education Assessment – NM
Assessment Task Force & Common Core
 On-line and hybrid course options
 Faculty Evaluation Activities

Liberal & Fine Arts March 2008 Showcase