Teaching Pashto by Distance
November 11, 2008
San Diego, California
Indiana University Received Funding for SLCP in Spring
Paul Foster – PI
Henry Cooper – PI
LTC Eric D. Arnold, CM USA ROTC
LTC John D. Golden, CM AF ROTC
Blake Puckett, Director IU SLCP
• IU SLCP Program Outline
– Summer Intensive: Bloomington, Indiana
– Academic Year: 10 months follow on study at
cadet’s home institution
Summer Intensive – 8-9 Weeks
Summer Workshop on Slavic, East European and Central
Asian Languages
9 Strategic Languages Offered Regularly
Academic Year
Cadets return to their home institution for intermediate or
advanced language studies
If home university does not offer required language, then…
• Distance Education – Language Study
– CeLCAR has 5+ years teaching Central Asian/Afghan
languages by DE (NSEP grants)
– Partners
• Department of Central Eurasian Studies at IU
• College of Arts and Sciences/Indiana University
• Committee on Institutional Cooperation (CIC)
– Big Ten + Chicago – CourseShare
Key Components
Unified Administration – Registration, Tuition and
Credit Transfer
Technology -- Polycom videoconference, but
many other affordable technologies
Pedagogy – mixed classes – multiple remote sites
Materials – CeLCAR has developed multimedia
and web-based resources
Assessment – Proficiency Standards and Exams
for Pashto
Success Story: 2 ROTC Cadets at IU in the
Advanced Pashto Course
1st Cohort of SLCP in 2007/2008
Juniors in 2008/2009
What next for these two cadets?
SWOT Analysis
Strengths: extends opportunities nationwide;
unlimited future use of technology and DE; Pashto
interest continues to grow.
Weaknesses: DE can never replace “bricks and
mortars” especially for an undergraduate
experience in a communicative classroom; drop
out rate higher than expected.
Opportunities: build partnerships, extend to other
Threats: beyond 3rd year? Summer programs?
Question 1: what would the militaries need to do to make
distance learning sustainable?
Question 2: how to get a significant overseas Pashto language
program experience for our cadets? PRTs, Pakistan?
Question 3: how to better integrate our programs?
Question 4: how to tie into other NSLI programs (STARTALK,
Flagship, Title VI,etc.)?