Doing Business In Greece
Greek Entrepreneur Consulting
Organization (G.E.C.O.)
Brief History
• Greece has been part of many different empires
including the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires.
• Independence was gained from Ottoman Empire in
• Offshore islands became part of the mainland during
the 19th and 20th centuries.
• Democratic elections in 1974 did away with the
monarchy and the previous dictatorship creating a
parliamentary republic.
• Greece became part of the European Union in 1981.
• 98% or 10.6 million people speak Greek which is
the official language.
• The largest minority language is Macedonian spoken
by 1.8% of the population.
• Other minority languages include Albanian, Turkish,
Arumanian and Bulgarian.
• English is typically spoken for business purposes.
-Take a taxi or use other means
of public transportation since
traffic is intense and the streets
are very difficult to figure out.
-Attend a long lunch, dinner, or
coffee with a possible business
partner since business is usually
mixed in with socializing.
-Give a small gift to a business
associate since it is considered as
good manners.
-Tips and taxes are usually
included in purchases but a small
tip in acceptable.
-Discuss politics and religion if
you are informed since many
Greeks enjoy these topics.
-Use a first name until a
relationship has been established
-Be more then 15 minutes late to
a meeting since 15 minute delays
are considered acceptable.
-Smoking is very common in
Greece so do not expect many
smoke-free areas.
-Choose a business partner on his
boasting of local connections”
but rather his/her record and
Why Greece?
• Greece is in close proximity to other countries
in Southeast Europe, and with a open
relationship with neighboring countries, there
is an abundance of opportunities available for
starting a new business.
• Major Business Sectors that are thriving in
Greece include the following
Defense, Telecommunications, Energy, Building
Products and Construction Equipment, Medical
Equipment, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental
Engineering Services, Franchising, Security
Services, Pet Food and Supplies, and Tourism
• The internet age in Greece is just now coming into
its own, and will grow considerably when the GOG
implements its plans to expand Internet connectivity.
This opportunity for E-Business in Greece is one
many should take seriously and look forward to.
• 55 out of every 100 inhabitants have a fixed access
• The government is helping create more access for
broadband connections.
Post Olympics
• Following the 2004 summer Olympic games,
U.S. companies have an opportunity to
transform the Olympic structures into
commercial structures.
Government & Business
• National Economy
• European Union
• Privatization
• Deregulation
• Joint Public Ventures
• Railways
• Highways
• Waterways and Ports
• Pipelines
• Airports
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