How many of you are under
“Always remember, everyone is hungry
for praise and starving for honest
David Brandt Berg
The 5 Love Languages
How to fill your “love tank” as well as others’.
Presented by: Shannon Phillips
With the help of:
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
The 5 Love Languages
1.Words of Affirmation
2.Quality Time
3.Receiving Gifts
4.Acts of Service
5.Physical Touch
Words of Affirmation
“I can live for two months on a good
Mark Twain
• Encouraging Words
• Kind Words
• Humble Words
Quality Time
“One of the by-products of quality
activities is that they provide a memory
bank from which to draw in the years
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
• Togetherness
• Quality Conversation
• Quality Activities
Receiving Gifts
“ . . . one of the easiest love
languages to learn.”
• Gifts and Money
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
– gifts need not be expensive
• The Gift of Self
– Physical presence in the time of crisis is the most
powerful gift you can give if your [spouse’s]
primary love language is receiving gifts
Acts of Service
• “Requests give direction to love, but
demands stop the flow of love.”
• Require thought, planning, time,
effort, and energy.
• “Serve one another in love.”
• Simple? YES!
• Easy?
Physical Touch
“Physical touch can make or brake a
relationship. It can communicate hate or
Gary Chapman, Ph.D.
Infant research and physical contact
Body sensitivity
The Body Is for Touching
Crisis and Physical Touch
What is your Primary Love Language?
• Think about it
• What have you
requested most of
your partner?
• In what way do you
regularly express love
to your partner?
What are you doing for others?
What can you do for others?
•Carry out
•Fill your
“Love Tank”
AND others’!

The 5 Love Languages