Maureen Couacaud
Acting Faculty Librarian: Faculty of Business & Law
What’s being covered
ECU Library Collections & Special Collections
ECU Library databases
Resources held by other libraries
Document Delivery & inter-library loans
Special Collections
• ABS collection [print] JOO pre-dating online collection
• ERIC Documents (ED’s) [microfiche ] MTL pre-dating online collection
• May O'Brien Collection [print] MTL -aboriginal education in WA
• (WATCC) WATeaching and Curriculum Collection [print] MTL -items used in WAeducation
• OPIE Collection of Children’s Literature [microfiche] MTL- 20,000 items
• History of Nursing [microfiche] JOO - education and profession 15th century - early 20th century
• Western Books on Asia: Japan [microfiche] MTL - 3000 volumes, 16th century &-W War II
• Goodall Collection [print] JOO -collection of ecology and botany research
ECU Library’s books, multimedia collection etc.
• >450,000 titles
• >650,000 volumes
• Books
– Print collection
– e-books
Emerald books
Safari business
others …Books @Ovid etc
• Multi-media
DVDs, music, sheet music
Journals Collection
• 83,951 journal titles (mainly online)
• Types of Subscriptions
- Individual titles
- Publisher packages
Emerald, Cambridge journals online, Sage journals, ScienceDirect, SpringerLink ,
Oxford journals, Lawbooks journals online
- Non-publisher (aggregated service)
ProQuest, MEDlline, Project Muse, JSTOR arts and sciences collection,
HeinOnline & Westlaw journals & law reviews
Finding information on a topic, author , publication, etc.
Peer-reviewed / refereed?
Subject specialist databases
Must use resources
Find recommended databases
through the SUBJECT GUIDES & A-Z
Make and appointment with your
subject librarian for a refresher!
• Bibliographic e.g. Medline, PsycInfo
• Data e.g. FinAnalysis, Mergent, ABS
• Media files e.g. TV news, Naxos
Library One Search
– Quick overview of the what’s held in FT @ECU
– Finds individual journal articles, books & ebooks
– Coverage
• participating publishers
compatibility issues with databases
Complex searches
accounting AND standards AND (Australian OR ifrs)
RESEARCH oriented databases
• Citation indexes
– e.g. ISI Web of Science & Scopus
• Journal Citation Reports
ISI Web of Science
•Citation index
•10,000 titles
• JCR Science & Technology >7,300 titles
• JCR Social Sciences >2,300 titles
• Citation index
• Nearly 18,000 titles from more than 5,000 international publishers,
16,500 peer-reviewed journals (inc > 1,200 Open Access journals)
600 trade publications
350 book series
Extensive conference coverage (3.6 million conference papers)
• Factiva
– >28,000 sources from more than 157 countries in 23 languages,
• TV News (Australian)
• ProQuest
– NY Times, Wall Street Journal
• E-Library Australasia
• Standards Australia
• IEEE Standards (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers )
– consolidated edition of the International Financial Reporting Standards
– International Accounting Standards and Interpretations
– accompanying documents
Law Collection
Law Dictionaries & encyclopaedias
Australian Legislation
Case Law
Journal articles
– HeinOnline
– Westlaw
Australian content
– A+ Education
++ many more
Country data/statistics
ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics)
GMID (Global market information database)
Data catalogue (World Bank)
CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online
– Ciao atlas of country data (EIU)
• ECU Library catalogue
• ProQuest Digital Dissertations view
– Doctoral dissertations & Masters theses
– International coverage of 2.4 million
– Searchable by author, title, topic
• ADT (Australian Digital Theses) view
– Superseded by Australian Research Online by the end
September 2010 ECU is already in the process of doing this.
– At ECU, all existing ADT content to Research Online
– The National Library’s new search engine Trove will be the new thesis portal. Additional
information is available at The Future of the ADT
• Others
e.g.NDLT (Networked Digital Library of Theses & Dissertations) view
Other resources
• Other WA universities
• Libraries Austr
– Joint catalogue of Australian libraries
– Links:
Through About Us button .g OCLC WorldCat, Library of Congress, British Library
• Trove or
Digital collections including Music, Pictures, Oral history, Maps, Manuscripts
• Google & Google Scholar Set preferences to search ECU Library’s collection
Document Delivery
- no need to limit yourself to what’s held at ECU Library
- service is free of charge and is designed to support University teaching, learning and research. It
operates according to our document delivery policies
Items not held at ECU
(through the catalogue)
Inter-campus loans
through the catalogue
– External students are also able to request a copy of a chapter
(online form available through the External Library page)
ECU Library Collections & Special Collections
ECU Library databases
Resources held by other libraries
Document Delivery & inter-library loans

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