MLA Style
academic credibility/honesty
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
What is MLA Style
Specifications for essays
 Layout
 Citing resources
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Why Cite
Academic honesty
 Give credit to those who earned it
 Give credibility to your paper
 If you don’t cite, you are plagiarising
 Plagiarising is cheating
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Statement of Plagiarism
See page 30 of your agenda
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
A Typical Paper
1"/2.5cm margins
double spaced
12 point font
Times New Roman
every paragraph is
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
1st Step for Citing
• Entry for every
resource used in
the essay
• Double spaced
• Title is "Works
• New page
• Hanging indent
used so second
and subsequent
lines are pushed in
• Very specific rules
for each resource
• Alphabetical order
by first item in the
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
2nd Step for Citing
Place embedded
throughout your
essay wherever
you use someone
else's work
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
The Tricky Part
Formatting the citations
Citations are different for every type of
Follow the formats and examples for the
types of materials you are using
Use the Source It print guide
Use Source It online (site at school only) under Library,
then click on Research Tools
Also try or
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Works Cited: Guiding Principles
Give as much information as possible
 Make sure your teacher can acquire
the resource
 If something is missing, leave it out
 Cite every resource you use
 DO NOT cite wikis
 Use reliable sources only
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Works Cited Basic Rules
Steinbicker, Earl. Day Trips New York. Fern
Park: Hastings House, 2002. Google
Books. 12 Jan. 2007
Anderson, Chalon E., Amy T. Carrell, and
Jimmy L. Widdifield, Jr. APA and MLA
Writing Formats. Toronto: Pearson, 2004.
“Police Credit YouTube in Finding Murder
Suspect.“ Medicine Hat News (AB) 22
Dec. 2006. Student Research Centre.
EBSCO. Cawthra S.S. 9 Jan. 2007
Author is first unless
there is no author
Titles are underlined
Component works
are in quotations
Indent the second
and subsequent
Place in alphabetical
Scrooge. Dir. Ronald Neame. Perf. Albert
Finney. Paramount Pictures, 2003.
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
With a partner, choose two resources
from the cart and create
bibliographic citations for each.
Feel free to use
or or the resources
on our website under Library, and
then click on Citations & Plagiarism.
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Works Cited
Carr, Nicholas. "Is Google Making Us Stupid?" Atlantic Monthly July/Aug.
2008. Canadian Reference Centre. EBSCO. Cawthra Park S. S. 9 Sep.
2008 <>.
"Cracking Down on Tasers." CBC-TV News in Review February 2008. DVD.
CBC, 2008.
Shakespeare, William. The Tragedy of King Lear. New York: Penguin, 1998.
Winter, Jane Kohen, and Leslie Jermyn. Italy. Cultures of the World. 2nd ed.
Tarrytown, NY: Marshall Cavendish, 2003.
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Embedded Citation
Check details in "Source It."
Include one for every resource.
Place it in brackets.
Provide the first piece of information from
the Works Cited page
Provide the page number if available.
(West 12) (14) (Shakespeare 3.3.81)
("Two Ships Collide…") (Agenda)
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Exercise 2
For each of the resources on the
desk, prepare an embedded citation
Consult Source It for help 
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Embedded Citations
(Shakespeare 3.3.81)
 ("Cracking …")
 (Winter 36)
 (Carr)
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)
Setting up for MLA in Word
our school website
 >Library
 >Citations & Plagiarism
Cawthra Park S. S. (sept 2008)

MLA Style