Growth of the Wellness Industry
Elite Work From Home
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KC & Chris
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Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Wellness Revolution
Paul Zane Pilzer a world renowned
economist, lay rabbi,
presidential advisor,
college professor, and
He predicted the rise
and fall of the dot com
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Wellness Revolution
Baby Boomers (currently ages 36-54). 30% of the
population contributing 50% of spending power.
From $200 Billion (2003) in wellness sales to $1
Trillion (2010).
61 percent of the US population is overweight and
30 percent is clinically obese.
Distribution is the key to wealth in our modern
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Partner Companies
 Whitney
Golden Gate
 Herbalife
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Whitney & Golden Gate
Two Wall Street Investment banking firms that manage the
endowment funds of ivy league schools such as Harvard,
Princeton, and Yale.
Whitney, 140 year old firm based in NY headed by Peter
Castleman. (averages 240% return on investments)
Golden Gate, spin off of Whitney based in San Francisco,
headed by Jesse Rogers.
700 million dollar investment in Herbalife International. (Largest
single investment in Whitney/Golden Gate history)
Expectation is that Herbalife will grow from 2 Billion to 30 Billion
dollars by 2010.
Whitney owns several Research & Development companies
and has promised Herbalife two breakthrough products a year.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Herbalife International
Largest health & nutrition company in the world.
23 year old company headquartered in Los Angeles,
Expanded into 58 countries around the world.
Over 40 million consumers worldwide.
$1.9 Billion in global sales (FY 2002)
New CEO, Michael O. Johnson, who joined from Walt
Disney Corporation, where he spent 16 years, the last
two as President of Walt Disney International.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
In mid 90’s Herbalife introduced Thermojetics which
took the company from 150 million dollars to its first
billion in 4 years.
Hundreds of millionaires were made in Herbalife as a
result of the Thermojetics wave.
Ephedra based product, which we always used
responsibly, but other companies took advantage of.
With a 700 million dollar investment on the line
Whitney & Golden Gate had the foresight to move
Herbalife out of the ephedra business before the
FDA bans ephedra from the marketplace.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Product - Niteworks
Created by Herbalife with1998 Nobel
Prizewinner, Dr. Louis Ignarro.
Offers a cascade of benefits from increased
Nitric-Oxide levels and heart-healthy
Keeps vessels toned, flexible and youthful for
improved vascular function.*
Promotes a healthy cardiovascular system.*
Enhances blood flow to support function of
the heart, brain and other organs.*
Slows the impact of age on health for superior
Supports energy for a feeling of rejuvenation.*
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Products - Total Control
burns fat, blocks cravings,
boosts energy.
ephedra free, 22
released October 2002
after completing 2 years of
research, double blind
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Products - Prelox Blue
increases sexual
enhancement – naturally.
#1 prescription last year
was Viagra.
Just introduced Prelox
Blue for men, female
version of the product is
on the way.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Mark Hughes Cellular & Molecular
Nutrition Lab at UCLA
The lab is the creation of the new Herbalife Scientific
Advisory Board. It will be composed of renowned
scientists from around the world. It is a perfect
complement to the Medical Advisory Board, who will
communicate this breakthrough information, as well as the
benefits of Herbalife’s products, to distributors and
customers on a global scale.
The lab is part of the highly respected UCLA Center for
Human Nutrition headed by Dr. David Heber, Professor of
Medicine and Public Health at UCLA and the Founding
Director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition.
The new lab will enable UCLA researchers for the first
time to fingerprint herbs using a method called
“Multidimensional Profiling.” They will routinely couple this
chemical profiling with tests on the effects of herbs on
living cells.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Elite Work From Home Program
John Peterson and his partner Susan made over $60
million in last 19 years and developed business in 51
countries around the world. They have been the #1
distributors in a worldwide organization the last 6
years in a row.
Developed the “Business Center”, which is the most
advanced and sophiscated website available.
Capable for global and organizational
communication / management / training tools.
Translated over 10 languages; Spanish, French,
German, Italian, Portuguese …etc.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Elite Work From Home Program
Business Center
Website (Log-in & Main
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials - Product
I lost 25 lbs. (11 kg) in 8
weeks on the Advanced
Program after having my
4th child. My energy is
incredible and I feel
fantastic! Getting the
weight off is great but
keeping it off now for 8
years is what makes this
program the BEST!!!!
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials - Product
I lost 33 lbs. (15 kg.) using
the Advanced Program.
Before starting on the
Advanced Program I felt
tired and fat. I wouldn’t even
go to the beach with my
friends because I was
embarrassed about how I
looked. After my first week
on the products, I felt
incredible energy and lost 8
lbs. By the end of my third
month, I had lost 33 lbs.!!
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials - Product
Heidi lost 104 lbs. (47 kg.) using the
QuickStart Program. After giving birth to
two wonderful children my body became
larger and larger and my self-esteem
lower and lower. I always hid in loose
clothing and my weight had reached 260
lbs. Of course I thought I had tried every
weight control program on earth. I stayed
on them for a few weeks and then would
fall off their program. After enjoying the
QuickStart for a month I not only felt the
difference - I could see it! Today I have
reached far beyond my goal, I have lost
a total of 104 lbs. and I can see my feet
again!! I am so thankful to this program
for giving me back my self-esteem! It
was so simple using the QuickStart
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials - Product
Larry lost 110 lbs. (50 kg.) using
the Ultimate Program. In June
of 1998, I was 315 pounds and
never really let anyone know
what my real weight was. My
waist was 46 inches. I got on
the Ultimate Program and after
the first week I had lost 9 lbs.
and my appetite was finally
under control!! After one year, I
had lost 110 lbs. and my waist
shrunk down to 35 inches!! I
personally feel great and highly
recommend the Ultimate
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials – Business Opportunity
TREY & MAMIE (Student / Registered Nurse )
When Trey learned about this business, he was only 19
years old and a full-time college student. He became
interested because his parents were doing the business fulltime, and he knew the lifestyle that they were providing for
him. Trey's first day in the business, he made $420.00
profit. By the end of his first year, Trey made $109,000 by
working the business part-time and going to school full-time.
Recently, Trey and Mamie got married. Mamie was a
Registered Nurse, working the night shift in a large hospital,
but when she saw the income potential in this business, she
became very interested. After earning $1,000 extra her
first month working very part-time, she quickly quit her job.
Now Mamie and Trey work the business together, full-time,
from their beautiful new home. By doing this business,
Mamie and Trey get to plan their own schedule and have
plenty of free time to do all of the things that they enjoy
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials – Business Opportunity
MARIA (House Cleaning Business )
Maria was born in South America and was raised in the United
States since she was nine years old. She finished college
earning a degree in special education. She became a single
parent and had to give up her teaching career to make ends
meet. She started her own cleaning business and has been
the sole support for her and her daughter for 17 years.
Maria's goal was to be able to send her daughter to college
without the burden of educational loans. Kimberly is now
finishing graduate school and she will end her college career
debt free. She thanks God and this wonderful business
opportunity for making this happen.
Maria found this business four years ago. She started this
work at home business part time and made $1680.00 her very
first month. She became very excited and plugged into the
system. She is now working from home full time and has a
monthly income of $15,000.00.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials – Business Opportunity
LARRY & ROE (Corporate Manager / Housewife)
The company found Roe & Larry 4 years ago when they
bumped into someone already doing the business. They
were only interested in using the company's products at
first. After a few weeks on the products, all their friends,
neighbors and co-workers saw the tremendous results that
they got and started handing them blank checks to give
them the "stuff" that they were on.
That's when they saw a business opportunity. They
immediately purchased an opening order and within 2
weeks it was sold and they had to place a 2nd order for
more product. The 1st week they made $800.00 profit, Parttime.
Today working Part-Time around 2 small children Roe &
Larry are consistently profiting $5000.00 per month.
They have been able to do extensive renovations to their
home, buy a new car, spend quality time with their children
and family and travel. Best of all the company is even
sending them on a FREE Vacation to Hawaii.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris
Testimonials – Business Opportunity
THOMAS & MONICA (Logger / Restaraunt Owner )
Tom decided to give his wife the company's products
as a gift for their 25th wedding anniversary. The
products proved to be so incredible that all her friends
wanted what she had!
The first month they earned over $2,000 and in 2
months Tom quit his logging profession and started to
get serious about the business and started to attend
the company training. In no time their business took
off! Monica was able to give up her restaurant
business that she had for 18 years.
Tom and Monica live in a town of 800 people, and
they have been able to earn 1/4 million dollars in
just 3 years.
Ver. 1.2
KC & Chris

Growth of Wellness Industry