Recruitment, Admissions,
and Preparation (RAP)
Knowledge Community (KC)
Overview and Discussion
Presentation for NAFSA Conferences and beyond
Updated 05/24/2010
The Five Knowledge Communities
• Education Abroad
• International Education Leadership
• International Student and Scholar Services
• Recruitment, Admissions, and Preparation
• Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship
RAP Mission Statement:
The RAP KC is a dynamic community that provides
leading-edge knowledge for international education
professionals in recruiting, admissions, preparation
and international enrollment management (IEM).
The Six Networks of RAP
• Special Focus: Bologna Process
o Provides information, resources, and news on various aspects
of the Bologna Process, which includes the transition to a 3year degree program for many universities in Europe
• Admissions and Credential Evaluation
Supports professionals who are responsible for the admission
and placement of international students
• English Language Training & Administration
o Serves professionals in the teaching and/or management of
programs that teach English to speakers of other languages
The Six Networks of RAP (Cont.)
• Marketing and Recruiting
o Institutional recruiting, promotional campaigns, budgeting,
and implementation of strategic marketing plans
• Overseas Educational Advising
o Provides complete and unbiased information on a full range
of educational opportunities in the United States
• Sponsored Program Administration
o Addresses the needs of program sponsors, programming
organizations, and sponsored-student personnel at
universities and other training provider institutions
Network Home Page
2010 National RAP Team
• Evelyn Levinson, Chair
American University
• Julie Sinclair, Past-chair
Michigan State University
• Kemale Pinar, Chair-elect
Canadian Bureau for International
Education (CBIE)
2010 National RAP Team
• Caroline Gear, English Language Training and
Administration Coordinator/Network Leader
International Language Institute of Massachusetts
• Erick Kish, Marketing & Recruiting Coordinator/
Network Leader
Wittenberg University
• Christopher Peltier, Training Coordinator
Northern Arizona University
2010 National RAP Team
• Maria Mercedes Salmon, Overseas Educational
Advising Coordinator/Network Leader
Fulbright Commission-Ecuador
• Aimee Thostenson, Admissions and Credential
Evaluation Coordinator/Network Leader
Saint Catherine University
• Emily Tse, Information Management
International Education Research Foundation
Support for RAP National Team
• Ellen Silverman, Bologna Process Special Focus
Network Leader
City University of New York
• Susan Kassab, IEM Discussion Forum Coordinator
ELS Language Centers/Operations
Support for RAP National Team
• Craig Hastings, Sponsored Program
Administration Network Leader
LASPAU: Academic and Professional
Programs for the Americas
• John Eriksen, RAP Liaison to the NAFSA regions
Bryant University
RAP U.S. Regional Liaisons
• I –Julie Walkin, Oregon State University
• II –Christy Eylar, Colorado State University
• III –Marsha Anderson, North Lake College
• IV –Matthew Beatty, University of Minnesota-Twin
• V –Smriti Panda, Wayne State University
• VI –Aaron Bixler, Miami University-Oxford
RAP U.S. Regional Liaisons
• VII –Maria Sophocleous, University of South Carolina
and Alice Walls, Gulf Coast Community College
VIII –Susan Kassab, ELS Language Centers
and Anne Shimko, Institute of Int’l. Education
and Mara Blake-Ward, Drexel Unviersity
X –Monica Esser, Fordham University
XI – Wesley Roy, Roger Williams University
XII – Kendee Franklin, University of Nevada-Reno
RAP Regional Liaison Responsibilities
• Serve as information conduit between RAP
constituency in the region and the national NAFSA
RAP team
• Provide information and guidance to those in the
region new to international admission and recruiting
• Assist in planning and preparation of regional
• Participate in regional team meetings and meetings
with national RAP colleagues
2009 RAP Retreat and New Directions
• Attended by international educators and enrollment
management experts
• Formed and guided by the International Enrollment
Management (IEM) task force report
• Created a new RAP mission statement
• Identified five new priority areas
Five Priority Areas
1. Rap KC Development: Re-launch RAP
2. IEM and Campus Internationalization: IEM as a
3. Manage IEM: Measure Value of International Students
4. The Partnership Interaction in IEM (defining and
identifying new and emerging overseas counseling
5. Professional Development for Seasoned RAP’ers and
those transitioning into RAP related responsibilities
RAP Initiatives:
International Enrollment Management
• Involves all networks within RAP
• Expanding efforts to help NAFSAns manage
international student enrollments
IEM on-line discussion forum launched May 24, 2010
Integral part of campus internationalization
Opportunities for work with other KCs
2011 session being developed between RAP and ISSS
on “Recruitment, Retention, and Reentry: The Three
Important R’s”
IEM Resources at 2010 Annual Conference
• Half-day workshop on IEM 101 – how to build a plan
• Special Seminar on advocacy for IEM Strategy and
Campus Internationalization
Session on the expanding and complex world of
international counseling and advising partnerships
Informal Discussion “IEM: Where Do We Go from Here?”
IEM Discussion Forum –
For more information, visit
RAP in Print
• Information Management:
o NAFSA Guide to International Recruitment
Edited by Linda Heaney (recipient of 2009 RAP award)
Completely revised
Publication available at this conference
Parent’s Guide to Education in the United States
Kelly Franklin – author
Designed to give parents information about student life in the U.S.
Bundles of 20 available through NAFSA on-line
RAP Downloads
• Information Management (Cont.):
o Guide to Educational Systems Around the World
Susan Whipple – editor
Updates to countries in previous printed publication
Many countries are now online
Evaluating Foreign Educational Credentials: An
Introductory Guide
Kate Trayte Freeman – author
Starting point for making sense of foreign educational
Sample documents
Wow—the wRAP Up
• wRAP Up – one of the most viewed and down-loaded
pages on NAFSA website
• New wRAP Up team members always welcomed
• Content includes credential samples, RAP updates,
and topics of interest
• Recent editions have focused on connecting with
EducationUSA advisers, technology tips, the
European Baccalaureate, and an overview of
selected secondary school systems
RAP Leadership Opportunities
• National Team openings for 2011
o Admissions and Credential Evaluation (ACE) Network
o Training Coordination Subcommittee (TCS) member
• Subcommittees and task forces
• Writers and editors
Kansas City 2010
Vancouver 2011

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