Anthropology of High Altitude
Highest Mountain in the World:
Mount Everest, Tibet and Nepal,
29,035ft, 8,850m
Highest Mountain in Western Europe
Mont Blanc, France-Italy:
15,771 feet / 4807 meters
Highest Mountain in North America
McKinley (Denali), Alaska:
20,320 feet / 6194 meters
Highest Mountain in the
48 Contiguous United States
Whitney, California:
14,494 feet / 4418 meters
Highest Mountain in Africa
Kilimanjaro, Tanzania:
19,340m / 5895m
Highest Mountain in South America
Aconcagua, Argentina:
22,834 feet / 6960 meters
Highest Mountain in Europe
Elbrus, Russia (Caucasus):
18,510 feet / 5642 meters
Highest Mountain in Antarctica
Vinson Massif:
16,066 feet / 4897 meters
Second Highest Mountain in the World:
K2 or Mt. Austin Goodwin,
Korakoram Range Pakistan-China Border,
28,251ft / 8,611m
Mount Everest-Tibet and Nepal
:29,035ft, 8,850m
K2 or Mt. Austin Goodwin- Korakoram
Range Pakistan-China Border:
28,251ft, 8,611m
Kangchenjunga- Eastern Himalaya
Tibet-Nepal Border: 28,169ft, 8586m
Lhotse- China-Nepal Border:
8516m, 28,000ft
Makalu-China-Nepal Border:
8,463, 27,800ft.
Cho Oyu- Eastern Nepal-Tibet Border:
8,201 m., 26,906
Dhaulagiri- Eastern Nepal-Tibet
Border: 8,201m, 26,906 ft.
Manaslu- Nepal: 8,156m, 26,758ft.
Nanga Parbat Peak-Gilgit, Baldistan,
Korakoram Range, Pakistan:
8,126m, 26,660ft.
Annapurna: Central Nepal:
8,091m, 26,545ft.
World’s 10 Highest Peaks
Mountain Statistics
1/8 (one-eighth) of the world's people live in the mountains.
1/4 (one-fourth) of the world’s landscape is mountainous.
1/4 (one-fourth) of the world’s tourists choose mountains to play
or relax in.
1/2 (one-half) of the world's people rely on mountain
watersheds for fresh water.
3/4 (three-fourths) of the world’s countries have mountain
ranges or high plateaus.
1,000’s (thousands) of different languages are spoken in
mountain regions.
1,000,000,000 (one billion) people consider Mt. Kailash (in
Asia) to be a sacred mountain.
2,000,000,000 (two billion) people depend on mountains for
food, hydroelectricity, timber, or mineral resources.
Mount Kailash (6,638m / 21,778 ft)
Located in China (Tibet)
People and Cultures
of High Altitudes
Places and
Landscapes of
High Altitude
Himalaya and Korakoram
Dr. Pitambar Sharma, Geographical Development
Expert: "Mountain culture is different from other
cultures. If you go to mountain regions of other parts
of the world, say to Bolivia or Ecuador in South
America, and come back to the mountains of Nepal,
you sense some commonalities. People's capacity to
adapt to mountain environment - coping mechanism is more or less similar no matter which mountain
regions of the world they come from."