Monday, 4-5:30 pm McGuinn 121 (cont.)
Cyril Orji, University of Dayton, “Lonergan and the Problem of the Second
Monday Evening, 7:00pm Fulton 511
Michael McCarthy, Emeritus, Vassar College, “Critical Christian Humanism”
9-10:30am, Fulton 230 (* New LW Location*)
M. Shawn Copeland, Boston College, “Some Interruptions to Healing and
Creating in History”
William Mathews, SJ, Milltown Institute, Dublin, “The Notion of Value,
Autobiography and Central Form”
10:30 -11:00 Coffee Break
Robert Luby, MD, Institute for Functional Medicine, “Medicine’s Challenge:
Creating a Healing History”
2-3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops (Campion Classrooms)
4-5:30 pm McGuinn 121
Richard Grallo, Metropolitan College, “Human Science as Shift in
Andrés Pérez Carrasco, UMass, Boston,
Tuesday Evening, 7:00pm Fulton 511
Tom McPartland, Whitney Young University, “Proust and the Age of
9-10:30am, McGuinn 121
Randy Rosenberg, St. Louis University, “Vestiges of the Trinity in History:
Thérèse of Lisieux and Etty Hillesum”
Carla Mae Streeter, OP, Emerita, Aquinas Institute, St Louis U., “Lonergan's
Empirical Grounding of Aquinas' Virtue Theory”
Wednesday, 10:30 -11:00 Coffee Break
Patrick H. Byrne, Boston College, “The Ethics of Personal Responsibility: A
Tribute to William Murnion, Caro Amico”
2-3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops (Campion Classrooms)*
Workshop Excursion to the Museum of Fine Arts
Wednesday Evening, 7:00pm Fulton 511
Tribute to Boston College Campus Police’s Support of Special Olympics
Kenneth Melchin, St Paul U., Sargent Shriver: “Blessed are the Peacemakers”
Andrea Bartoli, Dean of the Seton Hall School of Diplomacy; Community of
Sant’Egidio, “History, Memory and Conflict Resolution: Preliminary Notes”
Timothy Shriver, Special Olympics, “On Being Fully Alive”
9-10:30 am, McGuinn 121
Gordon Rixon, SJ, Regis College, “Lonergan’s Notion of Sublation: Participating
in the Healing and Creating Movements”
Kevin Vander Schel, Villanova U., “Schleiermacher on the Reign of Sin”
10:30 -11:00 Coffee Break
Phillip Berryman, Scholar, Translator and Journalist, “History and the Family:
From Early Modernity to Late Modernity in the West”
William George, Dominican U., “Morality and Law Under a Sword of Damocles:
The USCCB and the World Court on Nuclear Weapons and War”
2-3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops (Campion Classrooms)
4-5:00 pm McGuinn 121
Paul LaChance, College of St Elizabeth, “The Psychology of Centering Prayer:
The Body and the Unconscious”
6 pm Annual Lonergan Workshop Eucharist, St. Mary’s Chapel
Chowder Supper, Fulton 511
(Thursday evening schedule continued, next page)
Thursday Evening
7:00pm Fulton 511
Bishop Arthur Kennedy, Archdiocese of Boston, “Boston’s New Evangelization:
Its Multifaceted Programs and Enthusiasms”
Friday Morning, McGuinn 121
9-10:30 am
Christian Krokus, University of Scranton, “Foundations of Comparative
Theology: Who Should Compare?”
Matthew Petillo, Boston College, “Divine Love in a Global Context: Towards a
Theology of Religions”
Coffee Break, 10:30-11:00
Mark T. Miller, U. of San Francisco, “Conversion in Kierkegaard's Fear and
Jeremy Wilkins, Lonergan Research Institute, “Grace and Autonomy”
Closing Lunch at Flanagan House (4 Quincy Road) as Guests of This Year’s
Lonergan Fellows: Catherine Ali, Marina ‘Nam’ Altarejos, Bob Duewecke,
OSA, Kateri Harnetiaux
--------------------------------------*Afternoon Workshops 2-3:30 pm Mon-Thurs, Campion classrooms
David Aiken: On Insight
Bert Breiner: Lonergan & Orthodox Theology
Patrick R Daly, MD, Lonergan and Healthcare
Dr. Marie-France Dion, Christine Jamieson: Ethics and the Hebrew Bible
Richard Grallo - Thinking in Five Dimensions: Applications of G.E.M
Paul LaChance: Focusing Workshop
Tom McAuley: Eco-climate Crisis & Lonergan
Charles Tackney: Workplace Authenticity & Related Matters
--------------------------------------Cafeterias on campus:
• HILLSIDE CAFÉ in Maloney Hall, Monday-Friday: 7:30 a.m. - 2:30 pm
• THE EAGLE’S NEST in McElroy, above the bookstore, M-F: 11:30 - 7:30 pm: S-S 7:30am-7:30pm
Flynn Sports Complex: M-F, 6:00a.m. – 8:45p.m.; $10.00 guest fee per visit
• Let the front desk helper know you are attending the Lonergan Workshop ;bring a photo ID.
O’Neill Computer Center (O’Neill 250):
• M-Th, 9:a.m.-10p.m.; F, 9-7p.m.; Walk-in Help Desk - O'Neill 248 : M-TH,9-5pm; F, 9-3
• Please identify yourself as a guest of the Lonergan Workshop and bring a photo ID.
Lonergan Emporium:
• Papers from the Workshop, as well as a selection of books in Lonergan studies, will be available for
purchase at the Lonergan Emporium. Some papers and some books will be made available outside
of McGuinn 121 during the breaks. The Emporium will be held in the Lonergan Center, located on
the top floor of Bapst Library, from 12:15p.m until 1:45p.m Mon.– Fri. of the Workshop. *Please
note that the Lonergan Center will be closed all other times during the Workshop.
• The Boston College Bookstore, located on middle campus in McElroy, will also have a display of
books related to Lonergan studies. The bookstore accepts credit cards.
* Parking: Parking Regulations (*new regulations this year)
• On Sunday, please park in the Comm. Ave. garage on non-reserved levels only. On Monday, pick up
a weekly parking permit for $35 (payment may be made with personal checks only) from Student
Services in Lyons Hall for parking in open air lots. Move your car to an open air lot in order to
avoid garage parking fees. Please let Student Services know you are with the Lonergan Workshop
and bring your car’s make, model, and license plate #. If you are attending the workshop for one
day, you may park in the garage and pay daily parking prices ($3 per hour/max $25 per day).
Forty-second Annual
Fred Lawrence, Director
14-19, June 2015
Lonergan’s Challenge for the Last 50th
Anniversary Year of Vatican II:
Healing & Creating in History
In Memoriam: William E. Murnion and Peter Corbishley
Schedule of Probabilities
Sunday Evening, 7pm McGuinn 121
John Haughey, SJ Columbiere Community, “Angelology and Cognition”
Richard Liddy, Seton Hall U., Response to John Haughey, SJ
[Nota bene: Coffee, etc. before afternoon and evening events]
Monday Morning, McGuinn 121
Andrew Beards, School of the Annunciation, UK, “Lonergan on Meaning”
Jeremy Blackwood, Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology, “The
Heart of the Mystical Body of Christ: Subjectivity and Solidarity with Poor
Women of Color”
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
Introduction of Afternoon Workshops [M-F, 2-3:30 pm]
Mark Doorley, Villanova University, “Climate Science, Skepticism and a
Crisis of Faith”
2-3:30 pm Afternoon Workshops (Campion Classrooms)
*(See back page for list of workshops and classroom numbers)
Monday Afternoon
4-5:30 pm McGuinn 121
Michael Vertin, Emeritus, St Michael’s U., “The Moral Status of Homosexual
(Monday afternoon schedule continued, next page)

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