Global Johnny Appleseed Project
What if every
school in the world
planted at least
two trees?
Johnny Appleseed, 1774-1845
So many apples –
no one would ever go hungry.
John "Appleseed" Chapman brought
faith, hope and courage to the
pioneers living on the Ohio frontier.
Philanthropist, conservationist,
environmentalist, horticulturist,
visionary, missionary, humanitarian
and border scout, Appleseed is a true
inspirational hero for all generations.
From the Johnny Appleseed Heritage Center
Pictured: William Gropper, 1897–1977, Johnny Appleseed, from the series American Folk Heroes,
undated, lithograph, 17 1/2 x 22 1/2 in., Smithsonian American Art Museum, Gift of David Schiffer.
The apple was early so important, and so
generally distributed, that its name traced to its
root in many languages signifies fruit in general.
Maelon (Melon), in Greek, means an apple, also
the fruit of other trees, also a sheep and any cattle,
and finally riches in general.
from The History of the Apple Tree, by Henry David Thoreau
Other “apples”
Orange - In many languages oranges
are known as “golden apples”. This is
another option for a tree to plant if
apple trees do not grow well in your
Avocado - Another good option for a
type of tree to plant if apple trees do
not grow well in your climate.
More about the project . . .
Goal #1 Every school in the
United States, or the
world, will plant at least
two trees.
Why plant these trees?
•Beautify the environment
•Reduce carbon dioxide
•Provide a source of food
•Learning experience
•Contribution to heritage
Global ReLeaf
Forests filter water, remove air pollution,
sequester carbon, improve community
aesthetics and provide homes for wildlife.
See this film at the Global ReLeaf Project
The Right Tree
The right tree for the right
place . . see this web site
for a great guide:
When we think of Fall,
we often think of apples.
Investigating the connections in curriculum, you will
find that you can take your students into a meaningful,
real-life, interdisciplinary, project-based unit that meets
many of the national standards.
This unit may be adapted for any grade level, and
crosses multiple disciplines.
Johnny Appleseed
and the Curriculum
Johhny Appleseed is not just a cute story for
little children.
Johnny Appleseed
National Apple Month
The United States Apple
Association states that National
Apple Month was originally
National Apple Week, established
in 1904. Today it has expanded to
Include three months, September
through November.
Starting the school
year with such a
project would be
very appropriate.
You can connect to:
• Apple harvest
• Halloween
• Christmas
• and much more, as you will see
Service Learning Projects
The ultimate 21st century curriculum, Service
Learning takes place in four major forms:
• Direct Service
• Indirect Service
• Advocacy
• Research
Plant Trees
Poonindie, AU students
plant trees after a
destructive bushfire.
Read the story at
Fourth graders plant 500
Boy Scouts plant 2,500
Read more
Environmental Survey
• Conduct an environmental survey or
study in your community.
• Analyze the results
• Take action
Historic Trees
Save a tree, a park or an
important historical
building/site in your
community. This would
involve the students in
real-life civic action.
Fourth generation scion of the
tree from Woolsthorpe Manor,
Newton's childhood home.
Planted at Babson College.
Johnny Appleseed Festival
Invite local musicians,
artists,craftsmen, cooks
and chefs, farmers,
gardeners, orchardists,
and the local media to a
fundraising festival.
Festival continued
Use the monies for
anything from planting
apple trees in the
community (at the
school, a local park or on
Main Street) to donations to
a local food bank, or any
number of worthy projects.
Public Service Announcements
Help raise awareness in
your community by
having students conduct
an environmental survey
of the community,
analyze the results, and
offer solutions. Use this
information to design and
produce PSAs for radio
and television.
Working on the storyboard.
Remember these PSAs?
Smokey Bear preventing forest
Smokey Bear’s PSA
The forest has many things
Once Upon A Time
Smokey N' Da Boyz
View online at (takes some time
to open and goes to Wildfire Prevention).
Also see
For more PSAs with Smokey just search YouTube.
Keep America Beautiful
Iron Eyes Cody –
“the crying Indian”
Keep America Beautiful
Campaign 1971
Click picture to view. YouTube.
Woodsy Owl
Give a Hoot,
Don’t Pollute!
Green Celebrities
Let the students
find out what
celebrities are
doing for the planet
– many exciting
Leonardo Dicaprio
Top Green celebrities, chefs, cities, etc. are here.
Also see one of Redford’s projects, a new series on Sundance calledThe Green
Green Films
• 11th Hour
• A Civil Action
• The Day After
• An Inconvenient
11th Hour
For many years films have dealt with conditions on planet Earth, from war
to animal welfare. For more films see
Live Earth
Use these videos from
the Live Earth Concert
which took place on all
7 continents for 24
hours on 7-7-07 to raise
awareness for care of
the environment.
Jon Bon Jovi
Environmental News
Grist – Environmental News and
Social Studies Connections
American Revolution
Minutemen - ready to
go into battle with a
minute’s notice.
Later replaced with
Continental Army
created by George
Johnny Appleseed’s father was
a Minuteman.
Environmental Law
A body of law, which is a system of complex
and interlocking statutes, common law,
treaties, conventions, regulations and
policies which seek to protect the natural
environment which may be affected,
impacted or endangered by human
Some environmental
laws regulate the
quantity and nature of
impacts of human
activities: for example,
setting allowable levels
of pollution.
Other environmental laws are preventive in
nature and seek to assess the possible
impacts before the human activities can
Also see . . .
Kyoto Treaty
Sustainable development
Polluter pays principle
Tradeable emission allowances
Environmental Protection Agency
Literature Connections
Henry David Thoreau
"It is remarkable how
closely the history of
the apple tree is
connected with that of
From Wild Apples by Henry David Thoreau, published 1862. Download the
ebook free at Project Guttenberg.
Traditions and Tree Lore
• Symbolism of the Apple
• Apples as the food of the gods
• Hercules and the Apples of Immortality
• Tree of paradise and the serpent
Golden apple and
the Trojan War
The Choice of Paris
The Apples of the Hesperides
Fairy Tales
Mrs. Wholesome and the Apple Orchard
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Golden Bird
An old English tradition of blessing the apple
orchards and fruit trees. In literature from Beowolf to
Shakespeare to Thoreau.
Was Hail
The tradition has endured in Britain that the
one who drinks first at a banquet says "was
hail" to his partner, and he who drinks next
says "drinc hail."
--- Geoffrey of Monmouth, The History of
the Kings of Britain (~1135), vi.12
Science Connections
Carbon Footprints
Carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of
Carbon dioxide or CO2 emitted through the
combustion of fossil fuels; in the case of an
organization, business or enterprise, as part of
their everyday operations; in the case of an
individual or household, as part of their daily lives;
or a product or commodity in reaching market.
Carbon Offsetting
When one is unable or unwilling to reduce
one's own emissions, Carbon offset is the
act of reducing ("offsetting") greenhouse gas
emissions elsewhere. A well-known example
is the planting of trees to compensate for the
greenhouse gas emissions from personal air
Areas of Research
• Alternative fuel research
– Algae-based fuels
– Salt water burns as fuel? - see the video on
this very new, accidental discovery from
cancer research . . .
– A Better Biofuel – engineering bacteria
Conservation of resources
Weather and crop production
World hunger
Modern Marvels – the supermarket
Integrated pest management
Hazardous Waste
Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
Climate Change
Medical Research
Cancer research
Lung cancer research
Heart studies
Weight loss research
Memory research
Breast cancer research
Biodiversity – Why preserve life’s variety?
Environment – How fragile is our planet?
Genomics – What does the genome reveal?
Biotechnology – How is biotech changing the
• Evolution – What is life’s history on earth?
• New frontiers – Why is it the age of biology?
• Education – Why improve bioscience literacy?
An apple a day will keep the doctor away . . .
Growing Apples
Life cycle of the apple
Apple growers
Harvesting, packing and
Evolution of the supermarket
Apple industry
Grocers & Supermarkets
Marketing and advertising
Production, packing and
Apple growers associations
Apple-based food products
Careers in agriculture,
weather, environment . . .
More to be added
This is a starter brainstorming slide show – what can we teach through
the theme of Johnny Appleseed?

Global Johnny Appleseed Project