Common Core Standards by MasteryConnect
Description – Free
View the Common Core State
Standards in one convenient FREE
app! A great reference for students,
parents, and teachers to easily
read and understand the core
standards. Quickly find standards
by subject, grade, and subject
category (domain/cluster).
This app includes Math standards
K-12 and Language Arts standards
K-12. Math standards include both
traditional and integrated pathways
(as outlined in Appendix A of the
common core) and synthesizes
Language Arts standards with the
Corresponding College and Career
Readiness Standards (CCR's).
Onestopenglish by Macmillan Education
Description – Free
Onestopenglish is the number one resource and
community website for English language teachers. With
resources organized across key subject areas, it
features a huge range of lesson plans, worksheets,
articles and tips.
Now for the first time you can access the onestopenglish
world via our free mobile app. So what do you get?
- Stuck for ideas for your next class? Check out the
Teaching Tips section for a wealth of instantly usable
- Keep up to date with all of the latest news and topics
from the ELT World
- Use the Teacher Tools to record your class and time
- Be the first to hear about What’s New on
onestopenglish, updated weekly
lino - Sticky and Photo Sharing for you by Infoteria Corporation
Description – Free
lino is an online stickies service that offers
stickies and canvases. You can post, see and
peel off stickies on canvases freely. Stickies
posted from this iPhone/iPad App can be
accessed with PC browsers.
- Take advantage of a multi-touch screen
Zoom in and out a canvas by pinch gesture.
Drag a sticky to move it. You can take
advantage of a multi-touch screen of your
iPhone and iPad.
- Share your ideas with texts and pictures
lino is an ideal tool to share your ideas and to
have a discussion with your friends and
colleagues. You can create or configure a group
from PC browsers. With iPhone/iPad App, you
can post, see, move and peel off stickies.
TED by TED Conferences
Description – Free
Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world.
The official TED app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
presents talks from some of the world's most fascinating
people: education radicals, tech geniuses, medical
mavericks, business gurus and music legends. Find
more than 1,400 TEDTalk videos (with more added each
week) on the official TED app -- now for both iPad and
The entire library is at your fingertips to browse at any
time, even when you’re not online. Watch TEDTalks with
subtitles in over 90 languages directly on your device
through our new video player, or use AirPlay to watch
them on your home entertainment system. Curate your
own playlist. Download full videos to your device and
watch them when you’re offline. Listen to an on-demand
playlist of TEDTalks audio at any time.
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speech by TechnoSketch Apps
Description – Free
Let's improve your listening skills in English with Martin
Luther King, Jr.'s Speeches!
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speech, an English learning
application, is used as an objective for better listening skills
in English. We developed a new type of English learning
application based on what we want as non-English natives
who live in the US. We hope that our new English learning
method will help everyone who seriously wants to improve
listening capability for doing business in English, studying
abroad or living in English speaking countries.
Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Speech is very simple and useful;
it has about 5 minutes English speeches with English
subtitles. Each speech is divided into short sections, and
you can play and pause by section with listening and
reading. This application is great for learning for those
people who can read English, but aren't capable of
listening to it correctly because you can check to see if you
heard everything right by checking the subtitles.
HowStuffWorks for iPad by
Description – Free
Outsmart yourself with the newest release of the
award-winning HowStuffWorks iPad App. Access all
of the most popular HSW articles such as the
thought-provoking ‘10 Inventions that Changed the
World’ to the practical ‘10 iPad Apps for Personal
Productivity.’ Get tons of videos and podcasts, plus
endless content from popular HowStuffWorks’
sections like cars, electronics, finance and much
more. And of course, keep yourself sharp as a tack
by taking one of our HowStuffWorks quizzes… all
exclusively available for the iPad!
- 40,000+ articles! 12,000+ videos! 2,000+ shows!
1,000+ quizzes!
- Get smarter with a daily dose of new facts and
quotes every time you open the app
- Access both HowStuffWorks and Discovery
Channel archived videos from one app
Free Books - 23,469 classics to go. by Spreadsong, Inc.
Description - Free
Browse our handpicked collections, download any
of our 23,469 classic books, and read with our
fully featured ereader. Notes, highlights,
bookmarks, dictionary support -- it’s all here.
Have your own ebooks? We have you covered,
thanks to Dropbox integration and a fantastic
ePUB reader. Just import your books and read
anytime, anywhere.
Free Books by Classicly unlocks a world of public
domain content, allowing you to acquire the great
books of human history. Letters of leaders, the
collected works of geniuses, the finest Victorian
novels, the plays of Shakespeare, the philosophy
of Seneca and Marcus Aurelius, the
autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Andrew
Carnegie. It's all here, along with tens of
thousands of other books.
23,469 of the greatest books in human history,
accessible with the tap of your finger. Free.
LINGOAL – Surf & Learn English Web Browser by Brainglass AB
Description – Free
Lingoal is a full web browser with an integrated bi-lingual
dictionary. It is able to turn translations into exercises to use in
the app's Learning Tool. You can challenge yourself and friends
by setting learning goals (Lingoals!) and let the app coach you to
achieve them.
Lingoal allows you to:
-enter any web address and continue from there
- use links suggested by other users of the same language level
The learning process starts immediately. While reading, you can
tap unfamiliar words to look them up in the dictionary and save
them to your personal exercises in the app’s Learning Tool. The
Learning Tool keeps track of how well you know words using six
different numbered exercise types structured into three word
knowledge levels:
A) UNDERSTAND new words to be able to read and listen:
(1) in context, (2) without context and (3) from audio
B) USE new words to be able to write or talk:
(4) in context and (5) without context
C) SPELL words to graduate from the final level:
(6) spelling (type in word with virtual keyboard) in context
ESL Reading Comprehension by Rainbow Learn
Description – Free
English as Second Language - specialise in Reading
Comprehension skill.
- Very Easy Level
- Easy Level
- Intermediate Level
with full of:
★ Vocabulary with audio and meaning
★ Story listening with audio
★ Build sentences quiz with audio
★ Cloze quiz with audio
Poem Flow by TextTelevision, Inc.
Description – Free
Turn a poem in your hand and the poem flows in a gentle
reading animation. The effect is magical, mesmeric, and
revealing. You see the poem differently as it quietly reads
itself to you. You get 20 great poems to keep and share,
and additional poems cost less than a penny a poem.
Curated by the Academy of American Poets, Poem Flow
puts a poem-of-the-day in the palm of your hand. Each day
a new poem happens. With a unique mix of classic and
contemporary, Poem Flow introduces you to poems you
haven’t met, and lets you see (and share) old poems anew.
• Text converts to animation with the turn of your hand.
• Motion + Text + Light = a movie that you watch to read.
• You get a new poem every day from a mix of the greatest
poems in English.
• Previous poems persist, building a book on your device.
• Everyone reads the same poem on the same day
creating instant, invisible community.
Visual Poet by Patrick Summerhays McNally
Description – Free
Visual Poet is an application for
creating visual poetry. With Visual
Poet, the user can combine
imagery and text to author
compelling mixed media works of
art and publish them to the
*Create fun, 3 panel visual poems
*Email your work or post it to
*Use images from Tumblr, Flickr,
Google image search, or from your
own photo library!
popplet lite by Notion
Description – Free
Great for work. Great for school. Popplet is a platform for
your ideas. Popplet's super simple interface allows you to
move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can
capture your ideas and sort them visually in realtime.
Quickly and easily!
★ Apple has featured us in "New and Noteworthy", "What's
Hot" and "Get Stuff Done" ★
★ MacWorld gave Popplet 4 stars ★
★ Fast Company has included us on their website in
"Work Smart 2" ★
★ Great reviews from TUAW and PadGadget ★
People use Popplet to:
+ Explore Ideas: Brainstorming, Mindmapping
+ Plan Projects: Diagrams, Process Charts + Record
Thoughts: Journals, Notes, Lists + Collect Inspiration:
Mood Boards, Scrapbook, Travel Plans + Create Galleries:
Photo albums, Portfolios, Presentations + Study: School
Projects, Class Notes
Pic Collage by Cardinal Blue
Description – Free
Let PicCollage instantly arrange your photos into frames or get creative with freeform collages, cutouts, filters,
borders, stickers, and text. Your friends will be amazed
with what you can create. It's like photoshop with your
Awesome features:
⭐ Import photos from your photo library, Instagram,
Facebook and Google image search
⭐ Simple touch gestures to rotate, resize, flick to delete
⭐ Double-tap a photo to edit photo, clip photo, adjust
borders, copy/paste and “flip” images
⭐ Clip photos by outlining the area you want with your
⭐ Lots of backgrounds and stickers to choose from!
Story Creator by Innovative Mobile Apps
Description – Free
This is the way stories are meant to be
With Story Creator you can easily
create beautiful story books containing
photos, videos, text, and audio all in
one gorgeous collection. Story Creator
truly brings your best stories to life and
easily allows you to retell and share
your most memorable moments.
Story Creator offers a magical way to
enjoy your personal pictures, videos,
and experiences with family and
Even kids will love this app because it
is so easy to use.
Toontastic: FREE by Launchpad Toys
Description – Free
★★★ iTunes - App Store Hall of Fame ★★★
★★★ NY Times - Top 10 iPad Apps of 2011 ★★★
Lights, Camera, Play! Toontastic is a storytelling and
creative learning tool that enables kids to draw,
animate, and share their own cartoons with friends and
family around the world through simple and fun
imaginative play! With over 2 million cartoons created in
over 150 countries, parents and teachers rave about
the app... and kids can't stop creating!
Making cartoons with Toontastic is as easy as putting
on a puppet show - simply press the record button,
move your characters onscreen, and tell your story.
Toontastic records your animation and voice as a
cartoon video to share with friends and family on
ToonTube, the app's global storytelling network for kids.
Puppet Pals HD by Polished Play, LLC
Description – Free
Create your own unique shows with
animation and audio in real time!
Simply pick out your actors and
backdrops, drag them on to the stage,
and tap record. Your movements and
audio will be recorded in real time for
playback later.
This app is as fun as your own creativity.
Act out a story of Pirates on the high
seas, fight as scary monsters, or play the
part of a Wild West bandit on the loose.
You can even combine any characters
however you want!
Your creations are only limited by your
imagination (and voice acting skills in my
PictureWriter by Solla Carrock
Description – Free
PictureWriter lets a a child write with pictures. There is a
row of small category buttons. Touch one of them and the
you hear the name of the category and see it printed on the
bottom half of the screen. Another row of bigger pictures
appears. These are the picture words. If you touch a
picture word and push it forward, the word appears in the
text area. If you touch and release a popup window
appears that shows the word, and variations of it (in most
cases), and a Spanish translation. Pressing a word button
on the popup adds the word to the text area.
There are also buttons along the side of the text area to
add punctuation, and to backspace or to move forward and
back without deleting. If you need something from the
regular keyboard, touching inside the text area will cause it
to appear.
The word pronunciation can be turned on or off. The text
can be saved, loaded or emailed.
PictureWriter has 96 picture words and 229 words total
including the variations in nine categories.
Flashcards* by Jeff Holliday Software*/id403199818?mt=8
Description - Free
Flashcardlet is a free, easy-to-use studying
application with material for any class or
standardized test. You can also create and share
your own. It is the best way to study on any iOS
Other flashcard apps can't handle device syncing,
web-editing, large decks, sharing, images,
intuitive gestures, or even manage to show nice
looking cards. Flashcardlet feels like a real deck
of flashcards and does not get in your way.
Collaboratively creating and sharing study
material does not get easier than Flashcardlet.
Everything is automatically kept up-to-date with a
Brainscape account. You can also email your
flashcard decks or share them using Dropbox.
From grade school to law school, Flashcardlet is
the perfect studying tool for any subject.
Brain Garden for SAT by Prosigner
Description – Free
Brain Garden is a word-learning game. You can learn English
words as if you cultivate flowers in your garden.
• Brain Garden represents your brain.
• In the garden, there are many flowers. Each represents a word.
• There are 10 stages to grow a flower. At each stage you have to
solve a quiz about the word.
• 1,510 BASIC words.
• 2,888 INTERMEDIATE words.
• 660 TOEFL words.
• 1,612 SAT words.
• 1,216 GRE words.
• More words will be provided soon.
• You can play and listen pronunciations.
• You can open and refer to an online dictionary during game play.
• Searching words with partial strings is available.
• There is a shop for flowers, backgrounds, fences and bottoms.
Kids Picture Dictionary : educational app for children to learn first words and
make sentences with fun record tool! by eFlashApps, LLC
Description - Free
Introducing the most comprehensive Kids Picture Dictionary
App on Appstore yet!
Download this A to Z Picture Dictionary with hundreds or
words and sentences with a fun self-record tool for kids and
parents to record their own voice and playback!
★ Kids tested - they love it! Parents tested - they love it!
★ Building vocabulary has never been so much fun
★ Large pictures
★ Professional voiceovers recorded in production studio
★ High quality images
★ Self-record tool - Kids love to hear their own voice as they
make their sentences!
★ Great vocabulary building exercise
★ Over 650 words!
★ A great learning tool for ESL!
Action Words by Innovative Mobile Apps
Description – Free
When it comes to learning a new language,
action words are one of the best ways to get
started regardless of age.
The app is so easy to use that even toddlers will
delight in the gorgeous pictures as they start to
explore and learn over 100 new action words.
This app focused on helping kids learn new
action words by showing photographs where the
actions are clearly acted out.
Grammaropolis by Grammaropolis LLC
Description – Free
**Best Free Educational Apps of 2012 - Teachers
With Apps**
**Featured in the Education App Store**
"Learning grammar has never been more fun!" School Library Journal
Grammaropolis is where grammar lives! Hailed
as a Schoolhouse Rock for the 21st Century,
Grammaropolis uses the parts of speech as
animated characters whose personalities are
based on the roles they play in the sentence.
From the shady pronoun always trying to take
the noun’s place to the motherly conjunction who
just wants everyone to get along, Grammaropolis
achieves the impossible: we make learning
grammar fun!
Every part of speech has its own neighborhood
that includes a curriculum map with songs,
books, videos, and quizzes. Follow the map to
earn your badge!
Comparative Adjectives by
Description – Free
✔ The app is fun an easy to use
✔ Clear pictures make learning and explaining
comparative adjectives easy
✔ HUGE library of pictures - over 350 examples included
✔ You can turn individual concepts ON or OFF and
introduce one new adjective at a time or mix them all up
✔ With this app kids love learning
✔ The app beautifully designed which makes it great for
kids of all ages and all abilities
✔ You can customize the success sounds so your kids can
hear encouragements in mommy's and daddy's voice
✔ Gorgeous pictures keep kids engaged
✔ The app is fun, simple, and easy to use
✔ Kids love hearing encouragements in mommy's or
daddy's voice
✔ Wrong answers do not interfere with gameplay
✔ Huge variety of pictures and different adjectives prevent
kids from getting bored
ESL Express : Words Frequently Confused Lite by Kuber Tech
Description – Free
Difficulties often arise because of the similarity
in sound between two or more words.
Careful differentiation is needed between, for
example, ‘veil’ and ‘vale;’ ‘accept’ and ‘except;’
‘canvas’ and ‘canvass’ and ‘compliment’ and
Confusion between such pairs of words
naturally leads to slipshod and faulty writing.
Good usage implies grammatical correctness,
a wide vocabulary and skill in the choice and
arrangement of words.
This app helps you with all such pairs, so you
never make the mistakes again when two
words sound similar.
Sight Words List - Learn to Read Flash Cards & Games by Innovative Mobile Apps
Description – Free
Sight Words, also known as the
Dolch List are an integral part in
learning how to read. The Dolch
Word list contains 315 words that
are broken down into appropriate
age groups. It is important for young
readers to be able to instantly
recognize these high frequency
words in order to be proficient and
fluent readers.
Why Sight Words from Alligator
Apps? We believe that educational
apps should be ridiculously fun,
immensely educational, and
affordable for all.
Fortunately, hundreds of thousands
of parents agree and have turned us
into one of the hottest app
developers for kids on the iPad. :-)
Phonics Genius by Innovative Mobile Apps
Description – Free
WOW... over 6,000 words grouped
by phonics sounds. This app is
awesome to teach phonic
One of the best ways to rapidly
learn how to speak, read, and
recognize words is through phonic
awareness. This app is specifically
designed to help students recognize
and distinguish words by sounds.
This app is loaded with content. We
are talking over 6,000 professionally
recorded words carefully grouped
into 225 categories by phonics.
PBPhonics 1 to 3 by Cowirrie
Description – Free
PBPhonics provides adult learners of English with phonics
practice. It is designed for people with little or no basic
literacy, and does not rely on any spoken or written
instructions. Older children and teenagers with literacy
issues have also responded well to PBPhonics, particularly
those on the autism spectrum.
PBPhonics 1 to 3 contains 18 phonemes in 3 sets. It shows
how to build 294 words out of these phonemes, by
sounding out the component phonemes and the complete
word. A self-test of word recognition follows. The
vocabulary offered increases as the student passes tests
and gains confidence.
Multiple voices of different ages and genders speak each
word to provide variety. PBPhonics grew up in Australia
and has an accent to match.
While PBPhonics 1 to 3 provides a complete introduction to
18 phonemes, Cowirrie also make and sell PBPhonics 1 to
7. This app more than doubles the PBPhonics 1 to 3
vocabulary, to offer 42 phonemes and 638 words.
Shake 'N Make Words by Zoo Town Technology LLC
Description - Free
Simple word game pitting you
against the clock. Can you spell a
word that starts with the first letter
and ends with the second letter
before the time runs out.
It's as easy as selecting your
difficulty, shaking the device, and
making a word that starts with the
first letter and ends with the second.
Chicktionary for iPad by Blockdot, Inc.
Description – Free
CHICKTIONARY is one of the most popular word
games on the Internet! NOW it’s your turn to hatch
up some fun on your Apple iPad!
Unscramble a roost full of LETTERS and create as
many WORDS as possible. Each chicken bears a
letter. Touch them to and spell out a word, then
watch as the word appears below them.
Press Enter to submit the word into the egg crates.
The more words you create, the more points you
Shake your iPad to shuffle the letters and get a
farm-fresh look at your word options. You can also
select and drag hens to reorder your letters.
Grab the game that may seem simple at first, but will
keep you pecking away till the cows come home!
Optionary Lite by Linda Thorssen Abercrombie
Description – Free
This is a fun, competitive, educational vocabulary game
based on sound cues and definitions. The degree of
difficulty of each word is designated by a color code
(green/orange/red). The player reads the definition and
guesses the word answer. The last definition has the
“Beginning sounds” at the END of the word and a player
has the OPTION to play this word or not (for this word only,
a point is deducted for an incorrect answer)
✔ 500 cards with 2000 definitions
✔ 3 levels of difficulty allow for inclusion of younger
players as well as
accommodating for differences in adult language
✔ Based on “beginning sounds”, not spelling (letters)
✔ Choice of single player or 2 or more players/group
Pronunciation Power by ECLI
Description – Free
Pronunciation Power is an easy and effective way to learn
the 52 sounds of
the English Language.
Based on English Computerized Learning's award winning
software programs, Pronunciation Power will give you all
the tools to be able to speak clear and understandable
English. Pronunciation Power is based on a neutral
American accent. (General American)
See a detailed animation on how to move your mouth, jaw,
and tongue to make a certain sound. (52 sounds and
See a front facing video of a real person saying a specific
sound. (52
sounds and videos)
Listen and view 15 sample words for each sound. The
sound is highlighted in the word. (780 words and
recordings) Listen and view 10 word pairs for each sound.
WordPower Learn American English Vocabulary Free by by Innovative Language Learning, LLC
Description – Free
With WordPower Learn American English
Vocabulary Free, you'll master 100 of the most
frequently used words and phrases in the English
language right on your iOS device! The app doubles
as a mini travel guide packed with cultural insights
and practical English phrases. Learn English with
audio recordings of a native English speaker and a
voice recorder so you can master perfect
pronunciation anywhere, anytime. This list of the
100 most frequently used English words is compact
enough to fit a little review into you busy schedule.
Study at your convenience at times and places that
work for you! WordPower Learn American English
Vocabulary Free also comes with an addictive Word
of the Day alert and free English audio lessons
when you sign up for a free
account inside the app.
EAC Echo Lite by Ron Thomson
Description – Free
An exciting twist on the classic SIMON
game. Improve your ability to hear
English vowels with this addictive
memory game. Choose four vowels you
want to learn. EAC Echo will randomly
play a vowel and flash a colored button.
You must touch the colored vowel
buttons to repeat what you just heard.
EAC Echo starts with one sound and
increases the number of sounds in the
sequence you must repeat each time until you make a mistake!
English Accent Coach (EAC) Echo Lite
is the free version of our popular accent
coach memory game.
Accent Pro Preview by iSpeaky inc.
Description – Free
The world’s first English accent and pronunciation video
training app for Apple mobile!
Accent Pro Preview app contains these Accent Pro
preview only videos:
Full video: Introduction
PREVIEW video: Spoken vs. Written
PREVIEW video: Culture and Judgement
PREVIEW video: Principle of English Intonation (PEI)
PREVIEW video: Pace
PREVIEW video: Flapping North American T
Full video: Conclusion and Wrap Up
Why the Accent Pro app?
Start learning to: 1. Break through the glass ceiling of
accent and cultural barriers. 2. Understand, practice and
master intonation, word and syllable stress, liaisons,
and the pronunciation of North American English. 3.
Acquire the necessary culture to achieve fluent, fluid,
and acculturated speech.
ESL Robot by Ron Lee
Description – Free
Want to improve English? An award-winning
robot helps you learn English quickly. ESL
Robot is an online language bot created to help
English learners practice speaking English.
Learning a language requires a lot of practice,
but for many English learners it is very difficult
to find native speakers to practice their English.
ESL Robot is a tireless English Tutor. He acts
as a native speaker to talk with you. When you
speak, the bot will understand and give you a
human-like response. It's an excellent way to
practice your English. As a first version, the
robot will respond with text for you to see on the
screen. It will respond with a voice in the
second version.

TED Av Dict - Touch Dictation with TED Talks in Bilingual