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“Sell” your degree
Many employers don’t know what a multimedia degree entails.
Lots of “Mickey Mouse” degrees out there
Kent degree has a lot of project work and strong technical
skills which are attractive to employers.
List relevant modules (plus marks if good!)
Projects – especially if relevant
Programming languages/operating systems/major
applications e.g. Flash
Soft skills – evidence of teamwork, project management,
problem solving etc.
Link to portfolio
For non-IT jobs (e.g. banking) you would need a different CV
focusing on your soft skills more than technical skills.
Skills gained on a Kent EDA
Gather and analyse relevant information from
a wide variety of sources
• Identify and propose solutions to problems
 Project management
 Technical skills
• Work with others in the preparation and
presentation of group work (group projects)
 Work independently (individual projects)
 Communicate with others in a clear and
articulate manner
 Present ideas and arguments verbally in
presentations and seminars, and informal
Technical knowledge
Quick Learner
Establishing priorities and
scheduling time. Well organised.
Professionalism - "completing
projects on time".
Quality of work
"On schedule, under budget,
works first time
Self Development
Teaching yourself new skills!“
Communication Presentation
skills, Clear, concise,
Problem Solving and
Coming up with effective
Innovation and Change
Receptivity to new ideas.
"Flexible designs that can
withstand last minute
Documentation - "Much of
software development
involves writing things down
and looking them up again"
TOP TECHNICAL SKILLS: Computer Weekly Magazine Survey
1. SQL
2. C
3. C#
4. .net
5. ASP
6. SQL Server
7. Java
9. Javascript
10. Oracle
11. C++
12. Linux
13. Unix
14. Visual Basic
15. XML
16. Office
17. Exchange
18. PHP
Windows XP
Check yore speling!
 I am a prefectionist and rarely if if ever
forget details.
 Proven ability to track down and correct
But also read it carefully ….
 At secondary school I was a prefix
 But I was not aloud to be captain
 In my spare time I enjoy hiding my
 I hope to hear from you shorty
And use a sensible email address!
Show your design skills in
your CV
The medium is the message
 If you can’t design a smart looking CV,
the employer will reason that you can’t
design a smart web site etc.
 If your CV isn’t professional – spelling
mistakes/lack of attention to detail, the
employer will assume that your work
will be sloppy too.
CV Examples
Digital Media CV Example
Reading, cinema, stamp-collecting, travel
OR ……
 Cinema: member of the University FilmMaking Society
 Travel: traveled through Europe by train this
summer in a group of four people, visiting
historic sites and improving my French and
 Reading: helped younger pupils with reading
difficulties at school
First Paragraph
Third Paragraph
 State the job you’re
 Summarise your strengths
applying for.
and how they might be an
 Where you found out about
advantage to the
 When you're available to
 Relate your skills to the
start work (& end if it's a
Last Paragraph
Second Paragraph
Why your interested in that
type of work
Why the company attracts
Mention any dates that
you won't be available for
Thank the employer and
say you look forward to
hearing from them soon.
On-line Applications
Make your draft to lengthy questions on a
word-processor - can cut and paste using
using CTRL+C (copy) and CTRL+V (paste)
 Can reuse answers in other applications.
 Can spell and grammar check.
 Keeps your work safe
 Don't use informal English - use the good
quality English you would use on a paper form
with lots of evidence to show relevant skills.
Competency Questions
Ask for examples of specific skills such as
teamwork, leadership, problem solving e.g.
Describe how your personal planning and
organisation resulted in the successful
achievement of a personal or group task.
Give an example of where others have
disagreed with your views.
Answers could come from
 vacation or part-time work;
 university clubs and societies;
 voluntary work;
 study at school or university – especially projects;
 holidays and travel or personal and family
The good…….
Please describe a time when you saw an opportunity to really
make a difference for the future of a group, an activity or
yourself. What did you do?
During the summer of 2003, I was recruited to be part of a two-month, sixman roadshow travelling around the M25 area promoting tennis and Ariel
Liquitabs. Within the first week of the roadshow the event manager resigned
and I applied to take over this role. Although I had no specific previous
experience, I felt it was a great opportunity to stretch myself and make a
difference to my future.
I was accepted as the new event manager and took over the very next day, it
was extremely difficult initially, but I drew on my experiences of Head of
School and captains of numerous sports teams and settled into the role
relatively quickly. My role necessitated dealing with a vast range of individuals
from Sainsbury’s Managers to children as young as 5 years of age, which
improved my interpersonal and communicational skills. In addition, my
motivational skills were also tested, as I was constantly required to motivate
my staff due to the roadshow becoming monotonous in the latter stages.
The roadshow appeared to be a real success with the tennis clubs receiving a
10% increase in applicants and rival soap powder brands putting on extra
promotions. The feedback I received on how I managed the roadshow was
extremely positive and I have subsequently been put forward to manage
numerous other events.
Rising to the
Selling self
a variety of
And the hopeless ….
Place of birth? - A London hospital
Size of employer: about 5’ 10”
My health good, that of my parents not so good.
Working on a farm has improved my communication skills which
are especially important when working with large livestock.
Applying for job at biscuit company: my life-long love of chocolate
biscuits, is the main reason for my interest in the company
It's best for employers that I not work with people
On an application for a position requiring considerable people skills
- My hobbies include watching television, computer chess, stamp
collecting and walking my 2 spaniels.
Reason for leaving last job: my employers insisted that all
employees get to work by 8.45 am and I could not work under
those conditions.
I am seeking challenges that test my mind and body, since the two
are usually inseparable.
I have an excellent track record, although I am not a horse.
Action Verbs
administered …….
 Often you’re hired as much for your problem
solving skills as for your knowledge of a
particular application. Emphasise your ability to
learn - once you know one or two applications you can
be confident that, given a manual and a little time,
you can learn a new application in a few weeks. e.g.
"I have a limited knowledge of Actionscript but have a
thorough knowledge of JavaScript. There are few new
concepts and I'm confident I can learn to write wellstructured and efficient Actionscript in a short time.
More valuable to you and harder to acquire are my
problem solving skills, which I can apply in any
Go for quality, not quantity - employers will probably
spend only a few minutes looking at your portfolio,
especially in an interview.
Put your portfolio on a web site if possible as it is so
easy to access. You simply need to provide the web link
on your CV.
Place the most relevant work first and start and
finish with strong pieces of work.
You may be asked to talk about the context for
your portfolio examples at interview: where you
got the idea for the piece; what your influences were;
how you went about writing it etc.
Employer Quote
"As someone who has employed many artists
and coders over the last few years the most
valuable advice is get drawing or get coding.
Nothing impresses a potential employer more
that a portfolio of work. Team up with each
other, one coding, the other on the artwork.
Also look beyond the traditional players, look
at similar industries, like gaming (video slot
machines) and web design.“
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The University of Kent
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You can download a copy of
this presentation at
Multimedia CVS
List all the relevant modules (plus
marks if good!)
Projects – especially if relevant
Programming languages/operating
systems/major applications
Soft skills – evidence of teamwork,
project management, problem solving
The bad…..
The biggest challenge whilst carrying out the assignment was
conducting a financial analysis on the company. I was assigned this
task, as I had previous experience in this area as I have carried out two
financial and accounting modules during my University degree. I
conducted a full ratio analysis on the company, which included
analysing Next's Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. I
presented the ratios and included details of the company's current
financial position, along with an explanation of how the company could
improve their position.
The Presentation involved presenting our group's report on Next Plc to
the rest of the Marketing group. Our group conducted a Microsoft
Powerpoint presentation, to ensure it was conducted in the most
efficient and systematic way. Each member presented their individual
section, the final section then included contributions by all group
members. Our group had practised the presentation on numerous
occasions prior to the final presentation, which ensured a smooth
running. Each member of the Marketing class was given a feedback
form to report their opinions of the presentation. Our group received all
positive feedback and were all awarded a 2:1 for the presentation, this
contributed towards the final outcome of or Marketing modules.
Apathydid not put
forward for
The ridiculous...
Mealtimes are a difficult and challenging time as this is one affair
when my friends and I are truly tested in our decision making
There has been more than one occasion where a unified
agreement on what to do about dinner has proven to be a
problem. I therefore take it upon myself to be the spokesperson
for the group. One example would be where two of my friends
wanted chicken nuggets and hence wished to go to McDonald’s
while three others preferred the Chicken Royale from Burger King
as opposed the the McChicken Sandwich one can get at
McDonalds. Using my initiative, intuition and lateral thinking I
suggested that we all go to KFC instead. My reasoning was that
this was that KFC do chicken popcorn and are a far better choice
than chicken nuggets. While their Fillet Tower Burgers are a step
up from the standard Burger King Chicken Royale as they have a
hash brown in them as well. Thus using some originality of
thought, a certain degree of diplomacy and a persuasive tongue I
convinced them all to join me at KFC.
Does not
bring the
group with
of how.
of others’
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Multimedia Careers – useful source for
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