An open incubator to stimulate local innovation
Orange Labs
Morgan Richomme – Orange Labs
Co-innovation in emerging countries
Local operator
GSM users
Local developers
High Mobile penetration
Mostly prepaid
Good GSM coverage
Heterogeneous data coverage
Low literacy rate
A local, young
and innovative ecosystem
Lots of vernacular languages
Facebook, google APIs,..
Introduction to Emerginov
Open prototyping platform bridging GSM and web worlds
Provide the toolbox allowing the development of local
services by local people for local people
Platform all-in-one: from the code to the deployment over the
top of the operator networks
Platform focusing on vocal enablers (IVR, Text-To-Speech)
Platform based on smart integration of open source
Internet user
Mobile user
Emerginov today
 3 core platforms available : France, Senegal, Mauritius
4 Gateways (Vocal and SMS for local low-cost communication equipments)
already deployed in Africa : Mauritius, Mali, Botswana, France. Easily extensible
to any African country (~ 1K€)
 Free APIs (SMS, Text-To-Speech, Call control, GSM groups, ...)
 Vocal services : IVR, Conference bridge: local routable
numbers. (default capacity : 24 simultaneous calls)
 SMS based services (in & out)
 Web services (web hosting included)
 Mobile services (provide server infrastructure)
– for Widget
– for smartphone applications
 Mash-up : Multi access bearer (SMS, Vocal, Data)
Open innovation
Quick deployment
Low cost solution
Sustainable Digital development
 Open source components to easily share technology with the partners
 Bootable USB key to allow developing with limited connectivity
 Reference library of open source business applications related to Africa
 Similar approach for generated content based on Creative-Commons licenses
Emerginov : what is it for ?
Voices (2011) : European FP7 project - health and agriculture pilots
(Web Foundation, TNO, SahelCo,.. EU project) / Mali, Senegal)
Widget quiz - m-education (2012)
(Unicef, Senegal)
Widget birth declaration (2011) - m-health
(NGO Santé&Action, Health minister)
Content project Niger (2012) - education
(AFD, Orange foundation/ Niger)
Market place (2012)
(Ilab Cairo/Egypt)
Basic Wolof voice recognition (2011)
Webradio API(2012)
(University of Botswana)
Medicines management - health (2012)
(Pharmacie Humanitaire, Senegal)
Geolocalization (2012)
Service creativity sessions - m-agriculture(2012)
(Orange Botswana, University of Botswana)
E-education IFADEM (2012)
(AUF, AFD/Madagascar)
Codecamp orange Expo 2010 &2011
(MT, Mauritius Universities)
Orange Money web API
(University of Technology of Mauritius)
Low-cost USSD enabler (2011)
(University of Technology of Mauritius)
Emerginov has been and is used to support several projects in Afric
Emerginov: what is it?
An agile and flexible Infrastructure all-in-one
Core platform in Dakar, Mauritius & France
Gateways in Mauritius, Mali, France, Botswana
1 community
Original Bottom-Up approach: services from the field
Ecosystem of partners (> 250 people on the social network)
An incubator of open source micro-services
Library of micro services
massive reuse
in line with institutional requirements on digital sustainability
Emerginov in action : codecamp Mauritius 2010
Emerginov : Beyond Orange
Emerginov already introduced in RMLL (Rencontres Mondiales du
Logiciel libre) 2011 in category community and education and during
EFRAD (Recherche Francophone)
Publication of a open source version of Emerginov planned for 2012
Any partner soon welcome to join the open source community on this
open PHP Paas
Thank you
More information on: http://www.emerginov.org

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