Writing I
Spring 2013
Dr. S. Alomary
in collaboration with Dr. M. Amer
Lecturer: Dr. Shaban Alomary
My background is in linguistics, Discourse
Functions and Communication Models. I have
studied in Egypt, K.S.A. and UK.
Ph.D. Linguistics, The University of Salford,
United Kingdom, 2011
 MA TESOL , KSU, Riyadh, SA 1989
 BA English, Ain Shams University – Cairo
To develop independent, proficient student writers
through a systematic approach to the writing
To develop the basic skills of paragraph writing.
To systematically write the stages of the writing
process: pre-writing, planning, drafting and revising
within a communicative and purposeful framework.
To work on writing the main parts and important
elements of a paragraph such as unity, coherence,
tone, and audience.
To practice writing different types of paragraphs.
To produce correct sentence structures and errorfree sentences.
Course grades will be determined roughly according to the
following distribution:
Final Exam -------------------------------Midterm Exam --------------------------Assignments ------------------------------Participation & Attendance ------------
50 %
25 %
15 %
10 %
What is a Sentence?
Which of the following is a sentence?
He is a student.
2. After school at around 2p.m.
3. His friends are not in his class.
4. graduated in May 2005
5. is going shopping this weekend
6. Don’t be late
7. Who’s there?
8. The man bought
9. When I finish my education
10. Wait for me!
A sentence is a group of words that contains a subject
and a verb and expresses a complete thought. It begins
with a capital letter and ends with a period.
Exercise 1: Which of the following is a sentence (S) or not a sentence (NS)?
1. ____ is very cold today.
____ My new friend from Canada.
____ He speaks three languages fluently.
____ Mohammed wants to start his own business.
____ The children hungry.
____ They don’t want.
____ Go to bed.
____ Enjoys many sports, especially basketball.
____ The man in the red shirt.
____ as we were going to the market.
____ They successful.
____ They didn’t like
Exercise 2: Correct the sentence problem in the following:
1. Some food spicy.
2. Corn my favourite vegetable.
3. Is very bright in the afternoon.
4. takes a nap for two or three hours.
5. eats rice.
6. There flowers in the market.
7. For example, the increase in the cost of living.
8. Having no money and being lonely in the city.
9. Because some students have part-time jobs
Some people are really polite. My neighbour, for example.
We all ran inside. Because it was very cold.
He talked for fifty minutes without stopping. Like other
teachers in that department.

Introductory Paragraph