“Coming to Africa:
Should Black Americans Emigrate?”
Brooks B. Robinson, Ph.D.
Coming To Africa?
If you believe that the entire question of
Black Americans emigrating to Africa or to
some location outside of the United States
(or congregating at some separate
location in the United States) is absurd,
then consider and answer the following
Coming to Africa?
Is it Psychological Terrorism when:
• You are ticketed for driving while Black?
• You are trailed in retail establishments
because you are shopping while Black?
Coming to Africa?
When will Black Labor Economists be able
to discontinue researching:
• Why the Black unemployment rate is twice
the nation’s unemployment rate?
• Why an inverse relationship does not exist
between educational attainment and the
Black – White unemployment rate gap?
Coming to Africa?
Is it true that Blacks have such difficulty
closing the wealth gap because:
• Blacks face higher transaction prices for
high-valued assets such as houses and
• Blacks face higher borrowing costs
(interest rates) all around?
Coming to Africa?
Everyone knows that the easiest way to
become a millionaire in America is to get
married, purchase a home, and stay
Why is it that over 45% of Black females 1564 years of age have never been married
compared with 27.6% for White females of
the same age?
Coming to Africa?
Is it because Black males succumb to the
ignorance of “White Supremacy” and believe
that White females are more desirable?
Have Blacks forgotten the
battle cry of the 1960s and 1970s?
“Say it Loud! I’m Black and I’m Proud!”
Coming to Africa?
Why does the nation prefer to spend
$75,000 to build each new jail cell and to
spend $25,000 each year to warehouse
each prisoner? Couldn’t these funds be
expended more effectively; i.e., on the
front-side of life to ensure that there is no
need for prisons?
Coming to Africa?
Did you know:
Before the slave trade, West African
languages included no word for “jail”?
Why are 40% of U.S. prisoners Black
Americans, while Black Americans
constitute less that 14% of the nation’s
Coming to Africa?
Why did the Supreme Court find it so easy to
arrange for a reduction in disparate sentences
for crack versus powder cocaine after 25 years?
What will be the impact of releasing thousands of
shortened-sentence prisoners with little
education, HIV AIDS, drug dependency, no
reintroduction training, and no work experience
back into Black communities when the nation’s
economy is struggling?
Coming to Africa?
Why do Black women experience such
aggressive forms of breast cancer?
Why do Black men die so young?
What does stress (Psychological Terrorism)
have to do with it?
Coming to Africa?
Why do Blacks always seem to have to play
life’s game by a different set of rules?
Why do the rules for Blacks always seem to
change in the middle of the game?
Coming to Africa?
If all of the world’s nations have long-term
strategic plans, why don’t Black
Americans—a nation within a nation—
Coming to Africa?
Given current trends in U.S. interracial
relationships, what is the probability that
Black Americans as we know them today
will not exist in 2160?
Do we hate Blackness so much that we
prefer that Blackness disappears from the
American landscape?
Coming to Africa?
What in the world are we doing in New
Have we forgotten Katrina and how Blacks
were left to die here?
Why aren’t we preparing to emigrate to
improve our quality of life?
Coming to Africa?
Don’t you want to emigrate?
Do you have plans for Quitting America?
Are you “Coming to Africa”?
“Coming to Africa:
Should Black Americans Emigrate?”
Brooks B. Robinson, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 8848
Honolulu, HI 96814

Coming to Africa: Should Black Americans Emigrate?”