Watch the following clips of
MONTAGES. On your ½ sheet of
paper, write what you think the
message of the montage is:
Be All that You Can Be
“Bigger breasts offered as perk to
U.S. soldiers ---Plastic surgery
available on taxpayers' dime”
The U.S. Army has long lured recruits
with the slogan “Be All You Can Be,” but
now soldiers and their families can
receive plastic surgery, including breast
enlargements, on the taxpayers’ dime.
Updated: 10:34 a.m. ET July 22, 2004
In 2003, there were 384 liposuctions,
288 tummy tucks, 261 breast
augmentations, 135 facelifts and 69
nose jobs performed in U.S. military
Using current rates, it’s a tab of
almost two million taxpayer dollars!
I wondered if this offer was true. Now, here it is in black and white from Amazing! Should I take advantage and be the woman I’ve
always wanted to be? Pamela Anderson can have her beaches; I want
to be the tough female with the great body. The New Rambo for the
21st century.
Maybe she’s born with it.
Army fatigues, black boots, she sits casually eating her celery. Her shirt
unbuttoned to show her new look, she exudes confidence—and
“What’s new with you? You look great? Did you get a new hairdo?”
“No, it’s just the life of the army. It’s done me wonders.”
The Real Thing.
Reach out and Touch Someone
Not exactly what the Indiana Pacers player had in mind
when he began his game. An on-court scuffle quickly
became a beverage-doused player; shock turned to anger
and up to the stands he went, pounding anyone in his way.
Typical American competition? Or is this a society that
feels entitled to intervene, to judge, to criticize, and to get
Naaah…Sport is what
you make it… For
boys who were
always men.
Carter is 9 and high time that we get those BOZOS who
can’t play…off the field, court, or mound. I’m tired of ‘nicetalking’ with the parents of kids who truly don’t care.
Shouldn’t I take the Pistons’ fan’s lead and douse the
parents out of the gym? I know they’d take their kid
somewhere else. Why shouldn’t I? Maybe Carter should
join a boxing gym; throwing a right hook could come in
One of the greatest pleasures you can have.
“Man admits using Taser on wife’s
grandmother in dispute over infant”
Updated: 10:43 p.m. MT Jan 26, 2007
What an easy solution! Having an argument
with my husband…he won’t listen and
continues playing video games…
Husband quieted and soon washing the dishes I wanted
him to. Power is something I never considered wanting,
but I feel the tigress inside, roaring.
More feline than ever.
Feel it in minutes. Lasts for hours
Still sleepy after your first three double
espressos? Try eating your way to wired.
Caffeinated doughnuts could be the next new
thing in nutriceutical fast-food to hit your drivethrough or walk-up breakfast stop.
Each pastry, or bagel if you were to prefer
this caffeine-delivery system, would contain a jolt
worth one to two cups of coffee, thanks to years
of experiments and brainstorms performed by
molecular biologist Robert Bohannon.
Make way for the Buzz Donut and the Buzzed
Bagel. Updated: 10:53 a.m. MT Jan 26, 2007
Vitalizes body and mind.
So, go for it, I say: nip, tuck, zap, and jolt---AND…
Be All that You Can Be

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