Advanced Placement
Courses for
World Languages
AP French, AP German or AP Spanish
is for the student who….
▪ has been successful in levels 1, 2, 3, or 4
▪ has a strong foundation of the language and a good
work ethic
▪ is not afraid to speak in the target language
▪may want to continue studying the language in college
There are 6 themes covered in an AP
language course:
Global Challenges
Families and Communities
Science and Technology
Beauty and the Aesthetic
Daily life
Personal and Public Identity
These themes go hand in hand with
developing and enhancing the
students’ communication skills in
the target language.
Summer work depends on the language studied. Some
courses require students to read over the summer.
should expect to have homework every day.
▪Students will be required to read from a variety of sources
in the target language.
▪Rich class discussions about the topics read are a major
component of the course. Students need to prepare to
actively discuss the material in the target language.
▪Extra practice sessions are made available as the AP test
date nears.
●Write an email
●Complete a conversation
●ACT style readings & questions
●Audio excerpts with questions
Presentational ●Write a persuasive essay
●Record a 2 minute speech
Though not a requirement, it is an expectation that students
enrolled in an AP Language course will take the AP Test!
Students are strongly encouraged to take
the AP Test for many beneficial reasons:
▪By taking the test, students can earn between 6 to 12
credit hours toward college credit
▪It costs approx. $90 to take the AP test versus approx.
$2,000 per college course
▪If your student earns a minimum of 6 credit hours, you
would save approx. $4,000!
▪Your student has the opportunity to save up to $8,000 or
▪Your student can easily have a minor or get closer to
earning a major in the foreign language!
▪Fluency in a foreign language will make your student more
marketable in the workforce!

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