Software and Licensing
Who are we?
ITSS Software Licensing
Procurement CWA
Discussion Topics
• Software at Stanford
– ITSS Software Licensing
– Procurement CWA
• What we do
• Software we offer
• Eligibility
• Special uses
• How to order
• How to reach us
Our Goals
• Save the University money.
• Encourage compliant use of software.
• Help you find the software you need.
License Types
• Retail Purchase: Full Boxed version.
• Academic: Full Boxed version plus
learning aids.
• University Contract: Full version.
License with separate media.
You must have a license in order to legally install any software.
Just having a CD is not sufficient.
ITSS Software Licensing
What We Do
• Negotiate contracts for campus software
• Distribute software to users
• Coordinate technical support
• Make referrals
Types of Software
We License
• Instruction and research
• Operating Systems
• Databases
• Utilities
• Security
Considering New Licenses
• Broad and continuing interest
• Significant savings from regular academic
• Savings from other campus outlets
• Who uses it
• What do they use it for
• Where do they use it
Groups We Support
• Leland Unix Systems
• ITSS behind-the-scenes
• Essential Stanford Software
• Students
Software for Students
• Selected Microsoft and Adobe products, from the
Software Licensing office in Bambi Modular.
• Specialty software from Software Licensing web
• Other products: buy an academic edition.
• Or... use the software in the campus clusters.
How to Order
• Go to our website
• Look at list of software available
• Fill out software order form
or, fill out inquiry form
• We will contact you for software pickup
How to Reach Us
Bambi Modular, 320 Panama Street
• Submit a HelpSU ticket-
Procurement CWA
What We Do
• Support the iProcurement catalog ordering
purchasing process, including contracted and noncontracted software.
• Negotiate volume contracts, especially Microsoft and
• Provide product keys and serial numbers for
Microsoft and Adobe licensed installations.
• Loan Microsoft CDs for immediate installation.
Types of Software We License
• Microsoft and Adobe Contractual Volume Licenses
• Volume licensing and academic priced software
(Macromedia, EndNote, FileMaker, etc…)
– Lowest price is available through iProcurement catalog
ordering or RPO to En Pointe.
– Buy the academic version or academic volume licenses, if
– Academic software is also available at the bookstore or
directly from the manufacturer for a slightly higher price.
Licensing Definitions
All Languages vs. English/Multilanguage
New License
Software Assurance (SA)
License with SA
New License
Concurrent License (Conc)
Uplift (UL)
Licensing Details
Microsoft & Adobe Licenses
You own the license forever
We only sell the most current version
Downgrades are allowed
Upgrades aren’t available
Cost Comparison
Office 2003 Pro
Doc Set License
Retail (Fry’s)
Microsoft Select
CWA License
• Stanford departments purchasing with a
Stanford PO (not a P-Card)
• Not for sale to individuals
• Install on Stanford-owned computers
• Stanford owns the license, non-transferable
Microsoft in other
Chinese (traditional)
Chinese (simplified)
How can Faculty/Staff
get software for home use?
• Purchase academic edition of
software from bookstore or other
retail location.
• Product Use Rights for Adobe
and Microsoft products.
Microsoft and Adobe
Product Use Rights
If your department bought a Microsoft or Adobe license
for your work computer using CWA/iProcurement
Catalog Ordering, you may install the same product on
one home computer or laptop.
• Work and secondary computer cannot be used
• You must remove the software if you leave Stanford.
No product use rights for Windows operating systemeach machine must be individually licensed
for its own operating system.
How to order CWA
• Find part numbers:
or search on CWA/iProcurement Catalog ordering.
• Volume licensing: determine the number of licenses
needed, determine if a CD is needed.
• Order using iProcurement catalog ordering or an RPO to
En Pointe.
• You will receive product keys or serial numbers by
email, if applicable.
How to Reach CWA
Stefani Fukushima 725-9110
Trinka Gillis 723-0699
Kathy Rariden 724-7154
ITSS Software Licensing
Procurement CWA
Stefani Fukushima 725-9110
Trinka Gillis 723-0699
Kathy Rariden 724-7154

Software and Licensing