Malaria and You
School Name
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A little bit about me.
Why is important to talk about malaria?
What are we going to do today?
Learn something about malaria.
Learn some ways to prevent malaria.
A Few Malaria Facts
Malaria is . . .
A disease of the blood.
Caused by the bite of a female
mosquito that carries malaria parasites
in its saliva.
Similar to the flu in symptoms, but can
become deadly very quickly.
Important: If you have
flulike symptoms,
see a doctor!
Malaria Demonstrations
Let’s learn more about how mosquitoes bite
people and transfer the malaria parasites.
How Can We Prevent the
Spread of Malaria?
Learn more about the life
cycle of the mosquito.
List your ideas about how to
break that life cycle.
Discuss what local or
personal action can be
Learn more about malaria
More Malaria Demonstrations
Let’s learn about
how mosquito nets keep
mosquitoes away and how
to set up and maintain a
mosquito net properly and
Malaria Summary
Malaria is a deadly disease, but we can prevent
it by preventing mosquito bites.
Sleep under netting.
Have room walls sprayed regularly.
Wear pants and long-sleeved shirts if you are
out in the early morning and evening hours.
Clean up mosquito breeding locations.
Follow-Up Ideas
Use the SEED Malaria Home Audit to analyze
mosquito access and possible breeding
locations in and around your home. Bring
back your results for a discussion.
Search the Internet for additional malaria
information and resources.
Think about a SEED malaria project with
another school.
Additional Links
SEED Malaria Web Page
SEED Malaria History
SEED Malaria Symptoms

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