The Tower of Babel
Ancient Towers
• Ancient brick towers built in the region of
Mesopotamia are called Ziggurats. The
remains of several can still be seen today.
Ancient Towers
• Chogha Zanbil, in Iran
Ancient Towers
• Chogha Zanbil, in Iran
What’s The Big
Deal About A Big Tower?
• They Directly Disobeyed God’s Command.
– Genesis 9:1,7
• They Choose To Follow Famous Leaders
Instead of God.
– Genesis 10:8-10
• They Honored Themselves Instead of God.
– Genesis 11:3-4
• They Wasted A ‘Once In A Lifetime’
– Genesis 11:5-9
The Big Lessons
from Babel
• Great Leaders Are Men of Faith, Not Fame.
• Great Unity Is Built Around God’s Mission.
• Great Opportunities Are For Honoring The
Lord, Not Self.
• Great Projects Require Communication.
• God Greatly Desires For His Family To
Multiply. (Genesis 9:1,7)
The Tower of Babel

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